Luck in the Night

Jewls the Lucky
Bard Risk
Lucky Tree


New August and Anderson
Life and Hope
A Saturday in the Fall
Tuesday Morning
Wednesday to work
Saturday Confessions

Making Merry

General Sci-fi
Gravity's Child


A m/m set in the Egyptian protests
To Know the Dawn
Starts contemporary, touches on a pre-history tsunami, reincarnation

August and Corey Comics
Strip One
When you... 

King Arthur
A Table Like the Moon

Random Personal Fiction
Mouse Brown


Bunny Goes to the Library

About Donald Trump

Decent Dress - a man's right to take

Fan Fiction


Mercury 9 - 1

Two Young Slytherins Saving the World One Victory at a Time.

Harry Potter
Two Young Slytherins Saving the World One Victory at a Time.

Gundam Wing

Down the Rat Hole 1/?
Down the Rat Hole 2/?
Dangerous Valentines (hosted by Shenlong)
Getting Schooled 1/?
Love, Black Eyes... 
Cupcake of Death
Still Breathing 1
Still Breathing 2
Still Breathing 3
Space Boys in Blue (2x5x2, implied)
Frozen Heart 1
Frozen Heart 2
Perdition 1

Santa Clarita

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7


Santa Clarita - Value Series 

of us - 1
Of Us -3
Santa Clarita - Value of Us - Arrivals

Halloween 1
Halloween 2

Santa Clarita - Arrivals
Duo's First Days
Duo's First Days: Dental Veracity
Forth of July
comic: Fourth of July

Santa Clarita - Settling in

The Feather 1
The Feather 2
The Feather 3
The Feather 4

Santa Clarita - Wartime 

Santa Clarita -  Wartime - The Day Duo Fell Into the Sun
Santa Clarita - Wartime - Death in a Pinch 1
Santa Clarita - Wartime - Death in a Pinch 2
Santa Clarita - Wartime - Death in a Pince 3
Santa Clarita - Wartime - Death in a Pinch 3.5
Santa Clarita - Wartime - Death in a Pinch 4
Santa Clarita - Wartime- Comic -4ish

Santa Clarita: Teaching Humility

Cows to Cats First part of the comic
Cows to Cats Final

Satna Clarita Other 

Being Human

Santa Clarita: Preventers

Office Work

Santa Clarita Comics

Jobs 1

Letters to Heero
Chapters 1 & 2
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

Fan Comic
Impulse Control
Duo's Accidental Lie
Don't Drink the Koolaid 1/?
Don't Drink the Koolaid 2/? (prose)
Don't Drink the Koolaid 3/3
Really! Don't Drink the Koolaid
Any Flavor Soda
Sleep Deprivation
Santa Clarita - Duo goes to the Gym

Merry Misunderstanding
Chapter One
Chapter Two - comic


Chapter One
Chapter Two