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The Moon's Permission

Heart of Magic

August and Anderson

Minerva's Ink
Chapter One

To Kiss the Queen of Hearts

Blue and Violet
Hello Mars !

Love Imperishable
chapter one

Cinnamon and Sugar
Chapter One

Gin and Pike

Office Work

Luck in the Night

Jewls the Lucky
Bard Risk
Lucky Tree


New August and Anderson
Life and Hope
A Saturday in the Fall
Tuesday Morning
Wednesday to work
Saturday Confessions

Making Merry

General Sci-fi
Gravity's Child


A m/m set in the Egyptian protests
To Know the Dawn
Starts contemporary, touches on a pre-history tsunami, reincarnation

August and Corey Comics
Strip One
When you... 


Air 1

King Arthur
A Table Like the Moon

Random Personal Fiction
Mouse Brown


Bunny Goes to the Library

About Donald Trump

Decent Dress - a man's right to take

Fan Fiction


Mercury 9 - 1

Two Young Slytherins Saving the World One Victory at a Time.

Harry Potter
Two Young Slytherins Saving the World One Victory at a Time.

Gundam Wing

Alternative Santa Clarita: And the Pig Said

Dark Poetry

Camelot: Zombies for Lunch
Chapter One
Chapter Two

Camelot: Corvette
Two hundred years after A Wrench to the Heart.... Duo has, hopefully, perfected the time travel technology and to test it.. he has talked Mr. Anderson into going back to 1955 Earth with him.... and while there... Duo just happens to want to look for a 1955 Corvette... but there are so many other cars.. and what kind of trouble can he possibly get into in 1955 Kansas?
Chapter One
Chapter Two

A Wrench to the Heart 1/?

A Wrench to the Heart 2/?
A Wrench to the Heart 3/?
A Wrench to the Heart 4?
Down the Rat Hole 1/?
Down the Rat Hole 2/?
Dangerous Valentines (hosted by Shenlong)
Getting Schooled 1/?
Love, Black Eyes... 
Cupcake of Death
Still Breathing 1
Still Breathing 2
Still Breathing 3
Space Boys in Blue (2x5x2, implied)
Frozen Heart 1
Frozen Heart 2
Perdition 1

Santa Clarita

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7


Santa Clarita - Value Series 

of us - 1
Of Us -3
Santa Clarita - Value of Us - Arrivals

Halloween 1
Halloween 2

Santa Clarita - Arrivals
Duo's First Days
Duo's First Days: Dental Veracity
Forth of July
comic: Fourth of July

Santa Clarita - Settling in

The Feather 1
The Feather 2
The Feather 3
The Feather 4

Santa Clarita - Wartime 

Santa Clarita -  Wartime - The Day Duo Fell Into the Sun
Santa Clarita - Wartime - Death in a Pinch 1
Santa Clarita - Wartime - Death in a Pinch 2
Santa Clarita - Wartime - Death in a Pince 3
Santa Clarita - Wartime - Death in a Pinch 3.5
Santa Clarita - Wartime - Death in a Pinch 4
Santa Clarita - Wartime- Comic -4ish

Santa Clarita: Alive

4 revisited

Santa Clarita: Teaching Humility

Cows to Cats First part of the comic
Cows to Cats Final

Santa Clarita Other 

Being Human
Render Assistance
Santa Muerte 1
Santa Muerte 2

Santa Clarita: Preventers

Office Work

Santa Clarita Comics

Jobs 1

Letters to Heero
Chapters 1 & 2
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

Fan Comic
Impulse Control
Duo's Accidental Lie
Don't Drink the Koolaid 1/?
Don't Drink the Koolaid 2/? (prose)
Don't Drink the Koolaid 3/3
Really! Don't Drink the Koolaid
Any Flavor Soda
Sleep Deprivation
Santa Clarita - Duo goes to the Gym

Merry Misunderstanding
Chapter One
Chapter Two - comic


Chapter One
Chapter Two

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Heart of Magic Chapters 1 & 2

Heart of Magic By Max All Rights Reserved Copyright 2017

“Are you lost,” he asked, voice amused, deep and as comfortable being in the shadow. Panting, the red silk of her gown moved against the curve of smooth breast, The same gown hugged her waist, slowed down behind her almost like a wedding train, but in the brightest red. Violet eyes stared up at him, trying to decide if he were a friend. The question was hard to answer. “I....” He leaned a little, his smile confident, engaged. Dark eyes seemed to swallow her whole as if she were a sugar cube melting in his champagne. “Well, what is it, my pretty cardinal?” Almost as if compelled, as if tell him the truth were her most sweetest desire, she admitted, “I came in with the offering girls because I’m looking for my brother. I think the king is holding him because he’s a journalist and an activist for democracy.” Both her hands covered her mouth, those violet eyes wide with shock. “You think the king keeps political prisoners,” he said, on ha…

Fic: Not Quite Single 1/?

Not Quite Single by Max
Disclaimer: I own neither Gundam Wing nor Captain America
“You’re right. There is definitely something there,” Hilde said. On the bridge of their little salvage craft, she touched the data display, the 3d image of the ice shelf they were exploring.
They were, technically, getting paid to disperse oceanographic sensors for the University of Tokyo. Doing a little salvage on the side was just a perk.
“What’cha think it is?” Duo asked, pulling his wet suit up over his shoulders. His hair was growing out again and was down past his shoulders if it wasn’t in a ponytail. Silver touched his temples, metallic and shimmery. Anti-aging technology kept him in peak condition, looking early twenties, at oldest. Anticipating his swim, the gills on the side of his throat opened, tingling pleasantly.
“Early plane, like fuck,” Hilde said. While she had always had a couple years on him, it didn’t show at all. Her hair was flame red curls now. One eye was completely artificial, thoug…

fic: Blood on the Brain 2/?

Blood on the Brain 2/?
by Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

As a side note, my blog now has all 13 chapters of Dark Wolf in one post.

The current ‘safe house’ had been a shipping container at some point in its life. Now buried under a landfill like a hobbit hole with door that used to be a refrigerator it had made a fine home for several months. Power came from solar collectors as well as thermal from sensors sunk deep into the raging pile of trash. The floor was a mosaic of broken glass grouted with some strange gunk that Quatre had mixed up, which made it smooth and pebbly.
The table had the top of a boxy car from way before any of them were born, cut off and mounted in the floor so that it looked like the had just sunk into the floor. Duo and Quatre had been drunk when the table got made. It still generated snickers.
They had a washing machine made out of a large spent artillery casing and an engine from something that had…