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by Max
February 2014

my thoughts are
my bones the garden
my breath the breeze

they fly
fluttering wings
brilliant iridescent shine

I have no sweet
to entice a return

Vivid in sunlight
each fluttering climb
steals a word, a detail

am less

One day the branches
fluttering down  -
the inverse of
wings to the sky
& the garden will

Being American
by Max
Oct 9, 2013

While some others are dreaming
and dreaming builds
starry eyes
space ships and homegrown hearts
freedom to believe whatever you want
if it’s true, provable, harmful, or not
to look at the stars and long
I pledge allegiance to my Flag
and the
Republic for which it stands,
one nation, indivisible, with
liberty and justice for all.
That’s the original
god came after
built on fear of the red
Liberty and Justice for all
I wish

I wish for stars

August 16, 2013

It’s not the anger
that kills
It’s not the distance to the stars
that keeps us bound
It’s just enough comfort
that waiting
letting go of that last breath
it’s comfort that kills
to just hide away
and drink the dark
as if silence were home
and blindness safety
curiosity and courage
are light and life
them -

Just what I was feeling
August 14, 2013

It seeps across me like a faded scarlet letter
Weeping into my skin
Leaching away the color from my soul
Unforgiving hunger
Breaking atom's bonds
Dissolving being so that
Dissipation is sweet smoke
Who can hold my hand when it is made of vapor?
If I smell of death, sweet and thick,
Who will not see the shaded d on my breast?
No keykeeper
So sun to hold my orbit
The friction of being eats me.

And yet it is the smallest grain at the heart of worlds
Speed and spun
Gaining mass and pulling to
Building worlds, breathing life

I must only find the grain

My thoughts this morning
August 9, 2013
by Max

I believe in reincarnation
with every breath
I am the son of my last breath
thoughts like fireworks
bright and fresh
fade to bring forth new
was is a backdrop to is
in it all
I am the dancer
directing the light
living over in every


by Max

as oak

stubborn as it too

firm and tenacious

swirling as willow

a million thoughts dancing on the  wind
rolling tangles

fleeting as sakura
tender life
blushing pink

thoughts and dreams are flowers
passion branches
love the sap
forgiveness the shape
need the wood
will the roots, deep and  spread

life walks on the bones of death
today is built on yesterday
thoughts flutter down as yellow leaves
their was is fertile ground

I am a tree
each morning my spring
each night the only winter
the stars my sky

by Max

arms out
bathed in rainbow
eyes closed
no fingers touch mine
I used to think
sinking into the water
into the dark
into quiet
would be at  peace
falling into life
is peace
In the light
As a child
everything was wishing
So wishing
full grown
colors are in my hand
I float in the breathing
I have peace
Forever is auburn silk

by Max
The fear entwines 
tangles my fragile lines
unwilling lies
all thought 
already wrought
by others great
your voice impoverish
accept your fate
your intellect a wish

by Max
Copyright 2010
Sweet tension
Lures me
so that I see
your smile alone
the instant
transient beauty
as the world brushes across your soul
not the dark
where my longing
for you
will crush
my heart
my Lorelei  
photo copyright Gheorghe Chesler 2010

by Max
copyright 2009
Yellowing pages.
life's winding stages
witness the sun
see the dust in the bright air
Sol can't hold time
though my fingers try
tears bring not what
ideas on pages
thoughts behind eyes
time yellows pages
held too long
Dust to butterflies
old, crumbling was
could cling
but throw it high
yellowed wishes
fly in the sky
breathe spring
yellowed sunlight
and sparkling new

by Max
copyright 2007
How did these daughters come from me?
Powerful, fragile, hesitant, and free
The center and the reason
the youth and giving season
My season now feels cold
theirs has just begun to bold
I don't want this to be my winter
I don't want my family to splinter
Change feels harder than I knew
My children to adults did grew
I need my meaning to renew
And I have yet to start on this path
Alone with echoes of a past laugh
I'm going to find my way
make this my new spring day

Adonis Not
By Max
copyright 2009
I knew this man
golden smooth
like olive oil
slipping over fingers
warm and thick
Dark eyes
the sunlit edge of the forest
fragile smile
begging for protection
song glittering and
lovely, but icy
like the long fingers of winter
deeper in his eyes
there are lies
his words, pretty sighs
like the lacy surf on sand
rushing around my ankles
tickling, whispering of siren
ware, be ware
the surf swirls with promise
but it’s not me that pulls it
Distant, the moon draws
his ocean heart
the secrets too deep for me
Be ware the man
whose heart is torn between
cold depths and the airless moon
what promises offered
such hints and whispers
hold no treasure for me
I’ve the sunshine

copyright 2006
I can see the twilight
just a few years away
softly blue, promises turned to mist
Where is my love?
Where is everlasting truth?
Somewhere missed
Somewhere of
where I've not been
and my hands
twilight shows on them
little lines like the feathers of time
These hands have done some good
These hands have done some wicked
and tonight, my love
where ever you are
I'm not afraid of the twilight
My hands can type still
and maybe when you pass by
you'll see my words and know
how much I loved you

Jewls the Lucky
by NYD
copyright 2004
Twilight eyes
autumn hair
a smile of ice
flaming frozen flair
a bard of wending smoke
willful magic none may own
song does glamour deep invoke
still the jewel's already flown
House of Fire
Luck's snowy virgin white
Forever is his sire
Dam's lady luck's light
He's chance's jewel
saint of luck
made of Earth a fool
in Erin's bargain struck
like percussion
are spirits
reclaiming the
asphalt as their

 New Flowers
by NYD
copyright 2008
What happens to
empty places
in the dark
and velvety winter
secret and reach
to embrace
life anew
Such beautiful
and splendid
flowers I've
but it is the
of yesterday's
flowers that
make me
I can take
good care
of flowers
there will

copyright 2007
I have left it a shell
this space
where I
was your
The walls bare
floor swept,
windows open
it waits.
A shell
your dishes are sitting
on the floor
in my room
my room
is a
life the golden earth
fleeing back towards the lion
as I run
I am the dancing antelope
the teeth of time
I feel them
so much golden earth
yet remains to me.
I shall run a bit more.

as chill as
dew, collecting
on a breathing rose
being because it is.
is the droplets of life
collecting in
a human
Like the dawn, we must begin again, always.
Like the dawn, we must begin again, always.
rig the dice
keep a soul on ice
run with all the silly mice
minutes of life for daily rice
hidden rage
illusionary cage
tired of the mileage
afraid of the wreckage
my voice I'll see
my dreams I'll be
True love of life is key
A great living, vibrant tree

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