My Books

Making Merry cover
There are secrets in Sherwood, whispers of story that will never be spoken of again. Meriden de Borne is Marian’s twin brother. While many were gone to the crusade, Merry stayed home. The son of the late sheriff, he protects Nottingham with all his will and strength. Using the fairy blood he inherited from his mother, he heals and guides, which brings its own set of risks. 

Robin has his heart, but the new Sheriff that King John appointed wants everything else. Love seems farther away than he’d ever imagined. 

The secrets that Sherwood holds are going to make him or break him - let alone what they’re going to do to his heart.

Lira has always been obedient and sheltered. Life doesn't always give a person what they deserve. When she wakes up in very dire straits, being rescued by a cowboy and an elegant British man, she finds she's not the only one out of her own time or with desires. Sometimes a person gets way more than they ever thought they'd deserve.

In 1349 the Black Plague ravaged Europe. As many as twenty-five million people would die. Love, even taboo love between a Christian and a Jew, even if they were both men, was even more precious in such a perilous time. Thybaut knew he loved Crispen from the first moment, from the first time he saw him in the markets. In February of 1349 Thybaut knows that the Jewish Quarter is about to be arrested. He knows that pyres are being built outside the city. He must save his love, and his love's family, or die trying.

A collection of Alin and Jody stories. Santa Clarita is going to be about them too, but just
different worlds, different lives. 

Still Breathing

A taunt short story, a ghost story that is both science fiction and a love story. If you loved someone and you could change the entire world to protect them, but it would mean you’d no longer exist? Would you? Cain Perry’s world has no god, no love, only reason and logic. Justice Keys survived the war with him and while the blue haired anarchist is just a touch outside of the lines on everything that Cain trusts and understands, he has a connection to Justice that he can never give up. If anyone would continue after death, it would be Justice, but in the real world there is no such thing as ghosts. Or love.

Taylish has his reasons for hating Christmas. He has enough of them that he's stopped counting. Oh he loves his husband and his father and until his Captain decided to transfer him to homicide, he loved his job. The year before his husband was rescued by some, hopefully, well meaning woman and both he and Taylish's father are convinced that he was saved by the ghost of Taylish's dead mother. 
Tay doesn't believe in ghosts. He doesn't buy Christmas trees. He's so not expecting what's coming. 

This is one of my older stories... The cover here isn't the cover on Amazon either... but I liked this one better.  The story is set during Prohibition... Sunny dreams of owning a theater... in Seattle. He meets a rum runner.. who used to be a teacher.. and they might make it to Seattle.. if they can get away from their employer.