Fic: Blood on the Brain 1/?

Blood on the Brain 1/?
by Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

Note: Wartime

“I fuckin’ hate you,” Duo said, hand lying lightly on his pistol. He sat on a crate of stolen ammunition. Another pistol lay in pieces in front of him, on another crate between his spread knees. A bit of gun oil on his cheek, a bit of yellowed bruise on the other cheek, he glared at Heero with suspicion and hope.

Clean shaven and neatly groomed, Heero lifted his chin, blue eyes studying his companion. The suit he wore was one step down from a tuxedo, his bowtie perfectly done.

Their eyes locked until Duo broke away and rammed the cleaning brush down his pistols barrel.

“You’re jealous.”

“Of fucking what?” Duo twisted the brush, narrowed eyes staring at the pistol he was cleaning.

“It’s just a mission, Duo. It’s not the same as what we did last night.”

Duo’s nose wrinkled as he ignored Heero, putting his second pistol back together as a speed exercise. He seated the magazine and racked the slide before setting it down. He looked up at Heero, hands on his knees, pink lips twisting up. “What do you think we did last night?”

Heero leaned over to look Duo directly in the eyes. “I remember you laying down next to me, your hair smelled of lavender and your warmth so close to me, made forget about being a soldier.”

Duo’s eyes widened, tension dropping from his face.

“I remember reaching out and pulling you closer and how you moaned like a big cat as I closed my hand on your cock. I’ve never known you to be naked before, so I believe you came to my bed intentionally. I then kissed you. Do you remember now?”

“Yeah,” Duo said, mumbling, “But, you know, it don’t mean nothing, right?”

Heero’s hand took hold of Duo’s shirt, jerking him closer and their lips. Poetry aside, they froze there with all the elegance of violence innocence. After a moment, Duo softened, pushing up into the kiss, lips parting, not in submission, but in hunger.

In Heero’s touch, the darkness of the world, raging vengeance, isolation, physical scars that went to his soul, all of it dropped away to melt into a glowing light of hope and love. He ran a hand into Heero’s rougher Japanese hair, to feel the firmness of his head.

Heero’s arms went around him, crushing him close, a hand at the base of his head, as Heero’s kisses moved to his jaw, to his neck, kissing, biting gently. Heero pulled back a tiny bit to watch Duo’s face as he ran his fingers over the back of his neck.

Duo’s eyes rolled back, his lips parted as he moaned. Breath fluttery and vulnerable, his hands massaged at Heero’s shoulders, begging for connection, for communion.

Each moment in life that is untouched by love leaves a hunger, a need, a vulnerability.

Duo’s knee rubbed up the side of Heero’s leg, his breathlessness fluttering in his gut, his cock hardening with an eagerness he couldn’t even measure. His voice was uneven, soft spoken, a question about the world about their place in it. “Heero.”

“I have two minutes before I have to leave on this mission. Further delay decreases my chance of success.” Heero’s hand moved to cup Duo’s crotch, to press against the hardness there, rubbing through the worn thin cloth.

The touch was an acknowledgment of selfhood, of physicality and passion, of connectedness, of primal things that humans had been long before there was spaceflight or population-wide wars.

“Will you still like me best when you come back?” Duo asked, pressing forward into Heero’s hands. The work lanterns in their safe space cast his face in shadows, making his eyes look darker than they were, putting more curve to his lips.

“Yeah,” Heero said, smirking as Duo’s ‘birthday candle’ started to drip. “I will love you till the day I die.”

“Whooo, Heero,” Duo said, still trembling in Heero’s arms, not acknowledging or even understanding the warm glow of contentment as he softened in Heero’s steady grip. “That’s intense.”

“You don’t feel the same?”

“Oh I do!” Duo said, emotional intensity spiking so that tears slipped from his eyes, but he couldn’t be bothered to understand that either, “I just thought you were smarter den me.”

“We’ll talk when I return,” Heero said, letting Duo go and then making a subtle show of licking his hand.

Duo just too there nodding, one foot turned inward, his heart in his eyes. “Yeah.”


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