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The Moon’s Permission By Max copyright 2017
All rights reserved

Note: The story is also on Tapas and maybe easier to read there and subscribers help me a lot! :)

“Hello,” Gael greeted him with a cocky smile and sparkling blue eyes. He held out his hand to shake, still grinning brilliantly, “I’m Gael McNeil.”
The other man, looking a little like a tiny boat tossed in stormy seas, stood there with a suitcase in either hand,  his hat sitting crookedly over curly red hair, green eyes wide and just staring. “This is a train station.”
Gael pinched his hat between his fingers, lifted it off his head just a little and nodded. “Why yes it is. Is this your first time here?”
“What do you want?” He shifted his hold on his suitcases and looked Gael in the eyes, kind of like you look at a stray dog so it understands to leave you alone..
“I just want to welcome you to New York. What’s your name?” Gael pushed his hat back “New York is the friendliest city in the world!”