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fic: What Ties the Soul 3, 4, 5/?

What Ties the Soul 3/? By Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing.

“I can hear you,” she said, patient as parents are with errant children.
Duo froze, inching his way along under the midget tree thing. Violet eyes narrowed, watching the woman like he was a great predator. The scent coming from the area was kind of sharp, fuzzy, a little like pizza sauce and it made his stomach jump around like it could grab the food itself.
The woman was strange though, wearing some shirt that went all the way to her ankles and touching everything with a long stick before walking on it. So there were surface mines. He tried to put as little pressure on the ground as he could. The people on Earth were so violent.
She stopped moving right in front of where he was hiding and hit the short tree with her stick. “Come on out now. Are you hungry?”

“Why? You got food,” he asked without moving.
“Indeed I do,” she said. “Come, boy, I’ll give you food.”
“Why,” he asked, fingers hovering above the thick end of her st…