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Fic: The Number You Have Dialed 1/?

The Number You have Dialed By Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing
Setting: About thirty years after Endless Waltz.  Technology is moving crazy slow, so they’re closer to our level of technology than where I’m usually writing.

It was a long time ago.
The wars
At least, in relation to a human life, the wars were a long time ago.  A lot of things were a long time ago.
It was March and it was still cold. Duo got off the bus five blocks from the room he rented because that was as close as the bus could get him. The snow had gone, but the rain lurked along the path in dark puddles that were happy to soak into the rolled up cuffs of his jeans.
He’d never gotten much taller after the wars. Quatre had put on nearly six more inches and Trowa had already been tall. No one knew about Wufei. Duo had always imagined that Heero had gotten taller, broader in the shoulders, maybe a tattoo or something from being wild and joining the yakuza, but no one really knew and if they did, they weren’t telling …

Fic: What Ties the Soul 1 and 2/?

What ties the soul By max
Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam wing
Note: this is slightly au, more tech, cuz that's how I roll.

The hadn't been designed as a cell. All it was was a hastily fabricated cylinder that they’d bolted down to the secondary hanger floor.  The man slumped on the warm metal floor tried to smile up. Half his face was swollen though, which made it hard. His skin was dark, making his brown eyes look warm, soft, hard to look away from.
Duo perched on the top edge of the railing.  The darkness in the unused hangar behind him soaked up the light from the light bar he'd dropped into the makeshift cell cast his slender face in stark shadows, lit up violet eyes with an unnatural burn. He had bits of scrap gundanium sharpened into claws on his fingertips, which he was dragging over the rough texture of the cylinder. “Ima kill you,” he hissed at the wounded man.
The man shifted a little, stretching out his legs, almost purposefully exposing his abdomen, belly.  His …