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Alternative Santa Clarita: And the Pig Said 1/?

Alternative Santa Clarita: And the Pig Said
By Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing.

Note: So this isn’t part of the main Santa Clarita timeline. In the original Santa Clarita, Heero was able to join Duo on the ranch in Wyoming pretty soon after the first year. In my original time through, Duo thought something was going on with Heero’s foster home in New York, stole a plane and went to investigate, with Joel along to keep him from getting in trouble... The older boy who was harassing and molesting Heero was found out and Joel and Martha dealt with issue. In this timeline, Duo got a head injury and spent a year in a coma. Heero eventually got fed up and dealt with the senator’s son on his own, landing him in prison for five years.  In this story, Heero actually makes it to Wyoming.

He stood there, face passive.
The courtroom behind him had been threatened into silence. None of it mattered. Nothing that mattered still existed. At twenty-one he was lean, muscular, his hair buzz cut by …

comic: Santa Clarita: Raccoon