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Fic: Ascension 1/1

Ascension By Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything in the Final Fantasy franchise. Final Fantasy has been important to me for many years though, about the same time I found myself in Duo Maxwell, I found my voice in Seifer. Final Fantasy XV is fantastic. I love it a lot. So I’m gonna write about it, but I still don’t own it.
WARNING! This story has spoilers!!!
* * Also ... this is a m/m story :) * *
* *

“Wait!” Prompto screamed. On the steps above him, his voice reached after Noctis. He reached out for him, dodged Gladio’s big hand and ran up the stairs towards the palace. He’d never belonged. He was nothing, empty, except when Noctis... He slipped, his knee hitting the stone, slowed, he scrambled up the stairs. “Noctis! Wait!”

On his hands and knees, staring up at the slender dark haired haired prince, dressed formally, dark metal and scuffed black clothes, scorched from battle.  Noctis squatted, emotion tight on his now thin face. Still unshaven, so much older and more distant than he had bee…

Chocobo and Dark Wolf art

fic: Air 1/?

Air By Max

Disclaimer: This is fan fic of a game my friends play.  The website is:
Note:  Good heavens, I’m nervous about this.  So I think I’ll just write as I write and let it be bad and improve it later.

Darkness does not care who passes nor does it give pity to the desires of a soul. Paving stones care nothing for what is spilled upon them.  Lucian Fennic did not much like the dark, nor the uneven hardness of cobblestones. Cloak pulled around him, he stayed close to the skinny little servant boy and the watery circle of light the oil lamp gave them.  Houses were dark, shutters pulled against the chill of early winter.  The servant boy turned to see if he were keeping up. He had dark little eyes, features made sharper by shadows and the splash of  flickering light. His nose wrinkled, eyebrows drawing down, then a shudder went over him, and he spun back around, hurrying down the street.  Fennic kept up his pace, soft soled leather boots just as silent as they’…

comic: Santa Clarita: Miracle

I hand colored it... I need to do it again, color it digitally, maybe ink it digitally too. The thing looks really cool in person, but I have trouble translating that to the computer... the colors are just too pale.  Max