fic: A Dark Wolf 1/50ish

A Dark Wolf 1/50ish
By  Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

Note: This is set way after the wars... like Duo’s 175.  Technology is advanced as I like to write it, but he’s not using it all in this one, he’s a little more nature bent this time around. There is a chance that Heero’s body may have been altered in ways that his handlers thing will lessen the chance of a union between Duo and Heero, if this turns out to be the case, it will be resolved by the end of the story. I actually know how this one ends and I think it’s going to be my Nanowrimo this year - well, what I get started after the 1st, anyway. Anyway, I hope I tell you a story you’ll find some pleasure in.

Rain darkened the little cabin, ran like little rivers off the green metal roof.  The clearing around it was just big enough for his truck, marked black and white, sheriff in large letters on both doors and the tailgate.  The steps leading up to the front door where thick and uneven, hand planed from found wood.  Inside the space was well laid out, organized, compartments for everything.  In the compact loft, a thick mattress lay on the unvarnished floor. On that mattress lay sheriff of Wolf Ridge.  

Above him a skylight let moonlight filter down over his bare shoulder, the firm curves of muscle, the thick bundle of hawk brown hair that trailed down and disappeared under the black sheets where his hips narrowed, the curve of firm ass. One knee bent, he lay half on his stomach, half on his side, one hand holding to the edge of the bed.

Distantly, he realized his phone was ringing. He really did not want that to be true. He pushed his tongue out of his mouth for a moment, one eye squinting as he reached for his phone. As soon as he set the marble against his ear, it spread out like lace and settled down against his skin, almost invisible. “Maxwell.”

“Sorry to wake you, Sheriff!”

“No issues,” he said, rolling onto his back, arms flopping out to both sides, legs twisting in the sheets, “What’s going on Case.”

“So something set off some of my motion sensors out by Highway 34,”  William Case started.

“Point, Case. It’s fuckin’ 2 am and I ain’t been asleep that long,” Duo growled.

“Car accident. Scared little girl, and we’re gonna need the coroner. Does this town even have a coroner,” he asked.

Duo sighed, eyes opening wider. “We got a coroner. It’s me. Send me the location. I’ll meet you there.”  As soon as he had the location, he opened up the map in the air above him, “Thanks, Case.”  

Duo ended the call, sat up. His pants were where he’d dropped them from the night before, from three hours before.  “Merlin, make me a fucking coffee.”

A beautiful Celtic woman appeared, holly in her hair, a rune bouncing in one hand. “I want to help with the investigation!”

“It’s an accident,” Duo said, “not an investigation. Throw a couple shots of protein in my coffee.”

“I’m more than just a coffee maker!”

“So take up a fucking hobby, Merlin. This is just some folk got lost from the freeway and ran into a tree. It’s an accident,” he stressed as he slipped over the edge of the loft. He hung from the edge for a moment before doing a couple pull ups then dropping down to the floor. He landed in a crouch, fingertips on the floor. He rolled his shoulders, trying to pinpoint what felt... off. Something felt off. There was a scent touching the air that was familiar, yet not.  He decided it was just not enough sleep. It could make a person a little crazy.

He pulled his tee-shirt and shirt out of the closet, where they’d been cleaned and pressed for him. By the time he had his badge and pistol on, his coffee was waiting on the counter.  “Open the window for Mox when she comes home,” Duo stressed for his personal assistant. “I don’t care if she’s muddy or wet. If she wants in, let her in.”

Merlin blew air in her cheeks, shrugged. “Of course.”

He winked at her.

“If the King comes, I’ll let him in too.”

Duo’s face fell. He stared at her, considering, as he took a long drink of his coffee. “Not in the mood. Think about other people’s feelings. Heero’s never coming back, Merlin, so don’t say things like that. It makes me sad.”

She opened her mouth. He held up his hand. “And I have to go do my bit as coroner, so just let it go.”

As he walked away though, she drew up her own data panel. She hadn’t asked his permission to make and set up the sensors or put them as far out as twenty-five miles from the town, but there were a series of sensors triggered by Heero Yuy’s DNA and he was headed straight for town. The King was coming home.


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