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Camelot: Zombies for Lunch 3/3

Camelot: Zombies for Lunch 3/3
By Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam  Wing

Duo tossed the micro grenade  into the air where it hung for a moment, just long enough for Roy’s eyes to lock on it. Green eyes narrowed angrily. Duo winked. The audio/video drones all sparked and dropped. The medical support team all went next, dropping slowly, just slowly going down to their knees and kind of curling up for a nap.

“Duo Maxwell,” Roy growled, rage flaring in him. Duo smiled at him and that was all he could see as the edges of his vision went dark, that warm and loving smile, that sanctimonious know-it-all smile that always solved all the problems. “I fucking hate you,” Roy said as he felt himself float to the ground. The last thing he saw was Duo putting a big thumb print on the front of his visor. The last thing he heard was Duo very irritated, “Oh Shit!”

Ten minutes later a pre-programmed shot of adrenaline woke him up with a start and a bit of projectile vomit hitting the inside of his visor.  Mouth open, like trying to push his tongue out of his mouth would get rid of the taste was going to help him, he ripped off the visor, his helmet and threw them towards his feet. “Command - This is RM94 requesting status update.”

He got no reply, not that he’d really been expecting one, but kind of. That communications could be out with the government and nothing and no one was going to do anything about it made him even madder. He pulled his protective gloves off, throwing them at the walls. “Galen! I know you’re here. Dad doesn’t fucking go anywhere without you.”

Galen, the personification of Camelot’s primary AI, appeared wearing jeans and a tee-shirt. “Hello, Roy. You’re awake early. What a naughty boy you are.”

“Shut up,” Roy got to his feet, grabbed his medical kit. “Where’s dad?”

“He’s in the captain’s quarters. Now might be a poor time to disturb him.” Galen said.  “If you’d be kind enough to wait another thirty minutes, the rest of the team will be waking and there will be plenty of work to keep everyone busy for a goodly while.”

“Galen, you kinda get a pass, because you’ve never had parents.” Roy wagged his finger at the hologram. “You have no idea what it’s like - always living in his shadow! I just want to live my own life.” As he spoke he was stepping over the still sleeping forms of his teammates, “Without him interfering with my career, my daughter, my life! Why does he always have to be one step ahead of everything? Always have to be right about everything?”

Galen followed along, just walking through obstacles, as was one of the privileges of being not solid. “Perhaps he’s trying to impress you, to win your approval?”

Roy stuck his head out hallway they’d breached into, which was downright eerie with only the emergency lighting and the out of date construction style. “I think your processing must be stretched a little thin there, Galen. Why in the hell would the Duo Maxwell, who respects no one outside of Heero Yuy, give two shits about my opinion of him? He’s arrogant and thinks he knows everything. I’m barely a consideration to him!”

“I think,” Galen said, touching Roy’s shoulder and pointing to a fallen crew member, who lay just inside an alcove, breathing, but pale, possibly from blood lost from some kind of bite wound on her face.  

Roy went to one knee, bringing out his scanner and tools. “These readings are impossible... she hasn’t respawned, but she’s... regenerating. There’s massive cellular damage, and it’s viral.”

“Sequence the virus, match it to Heero Yuy’s DNA,” Galen suggested offhandedly while fiddling with his cuticles.

“What,” Roy asked, glaring up at the hologram. “Something is wrong with your processing. Restart.”

“I actually really like humans. I’m not saying I’d ever go the way Pikachu did, but someone else should also know about this. You’re an excellent candidate.”

“What happened on The Rage,” Roy asked sweetly as he set about doing the comparison that Galen had asked him to do.  As the virus lined up with Heero’s DNA, his eyes flashed to a secondary screen where a readout of the symptoms and progression of the virus. Zombies... mindless soldiers that wouldn’t die, strong, powerful, some regeneration, dangerous, heightened aggression, unbearable hunger, unable to die... Roy’s mouth was dry, the hair standing up on the back of his neck. “Where’s my dad?”

His dad was alone on a ship full of monsters. “DAD!”

“Loud noises are not advisable,” Galen said.

And then Roy had a very solid impression of the corridor, dark walls, red emergency lights in lines along the dorsal and ventral planes, lit up symbols for, just a derelict ship, and then there was an explosion of rainbow light.  Whatever caused the explosion sent Duo flying through the air, straight down the bend nearly in half braid fluttering over his hands, his ‘wand’ spraying colored energy like a hive at the corridor opening.

Duo hit with a wet slunk, pooling from the impact, arms out to the side as his wand sputtered.

Roy was scanning him before he got to a knee, “Void! Dad! Just relax!”  There were spinal fractures, cranial fractures, hemorrhaging, and everything he’d thought for the last few days was gone. “I’m going to take care of you.”

Duo coughed blood, squinted one black eye, smirked. “What the hell are you doing awake? I’m not done yet. Galen! Up! Get me up!”

“No!” Roy snarled. “Those kind of repairs aren’t good for you! They won’t hold and respawning is very dangerous. Dad! Please! We can use real medicine.”

“Now, Galen,” Duo said, coughing, more, “Make fuckin’ fast. This ship was fuckin’ doing human trafficking and there’s more than I thought!” His eyes were locked on the straining barrier that he’d put up and the ... creatures pressing against it.

Galen’s hands disappeared into Duo like glowing roots, the roots of a great tree, spreading through him repairing, pulling bones back into place, binding, repairing on a cellular level. His body convulsed for a moment, but then he jumped back to feet, jumped a couple times in place, shaking out his shoulders. “Oh man! What a rush! Only twenty more to go, Galen. Let’s get it over with!”

“What are you doing? These people are dead!”

“No,” Duo said, looking over his shoulder. His face was much less bruised, but older, tore up by the rapid healing which gave him an appearance of age, of cellular degradation, “they’re not. You can work your whole real medicine shit on’em here in a few minutes. You do your job, an’I’ll do mine.”

A human body that couldn’t die, but that could take damage could make for a very memorable imagine. Watching cadavers who had been chewing on each other for a couple of centuries close on his dad surreal, unreal. His whole life played out for him, the good and the bad, the monsters he’d feared in his youth - his being an adult who didn’t fear monsters - and there was his dad, the glow of light around him. The wand in his hand shifted, becoming a scythe, glowing green when the green blade touched one of the decaying corpses, the thing dropped, falling more like a person. Duo’s movements grew faster, his strikes surgical. A touch here, slice there, and the ravenous, decaying mob around him was slowly laid out. It wasn’t that the mob didn’t get their hits in too.
His dad was something completely different than he was. He was never going to be his dad.  And  then everything dropped - the last of the monsters and his dad went down to one knee as well, his hand on the great scythe. It’s glow cast green over that end of the corridor and for just a moment he could believe that his dad - the maker of shark pancakes and bedtime story book reader was really Death.  

When Duo looked up, there was considerable cellular degradation. His face was lined and slack, his eyebrows silver. His braid hung down silver splattered with muck and blood. He used both hands on the scythe to pull himself back to his feet. Only then did Roy finally understand where Galen had actually gone to... he had become the full scythe. For just a moment, Roy wondered how long Galen had been Duo’s friend.

“There,” Duo said, cough tiredly. “I’m done. The rest of this shit is on you and your team, Dr. Maxwell. I’ll let Anj know you’ll be late for dinner.”

“Dad... are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Duo said, both arms wrapped around the scythe now. “I’m fuckin’ fine. I’m also going home.”


And then Duo was gone, taking his quasi-legal portal home, leaving Roy to deal with all the niceties of working for the new government.


Heero was waiting when Duo portaled back in, catching him in his arms. “Well, you look like shit. Have fun?”

“No,” Duo said, snuggling close. “I hate zombies. They bite. They smell bad. Did I mention they bite? Can I have blueberries?”

“Of course,” Heero said, carrying Duo into the bathroom where a large bath awaited, filled with warm water and bubbles, “And I’ll rub your back and tell you dirty stories.”

“How dirty,” Duo whispered in Heero’s ear, his arms around his neck.

“So dirty,” Heero said, “You’ll need another bath.”

“Good, good,” Duo said slipping out of Heero’s arms, into the water, under the water. When he came back up, his hair was brown again, his face normal, “I think I’m in the mood for being dirty, very dirty. Come here, you splendid man!”


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