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Camelot: Zombies for Lunch 1/?

Camelot: Zombies for Lunch By Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing
Note: This takes place before the Camelot: Corvette.

“Seriously, Dad... you can’t actually tell me what to do,” Roy said, slightly irritated. “I’m two hundred and eight years old, an accomplished doctor, and if I want to work as a Commonwealth consultant, I will.”
Duo lifted the edge of the pancake, testing to see if it were the right color, head tilting, violet eyes narrowing. “No.”
Roy was taller than his dad now and had been for a long time. His bite was still poisonous, but he wasn’t really biting anyone’s ankles and his wife took a daily antivenom.  Much to Duo’s enjoyment, they were having an interesting parenting experience with their five year old daughter, Moody Maxwell.  Roy’s problems were more centered on his dad at that moment though. Hands on his face, upper lip drawn back in a snarl, his slightly longer than normal canines shiny with green saliva, he groaned, took a deep breath. “I don’t think you understa…

Camelot: Corvette 1/?

Camelot: Corvette  1/?
By Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing
Note: This is set like a hundred years after A Wrench to the Heart.
Two hundred years after A Wrench to the Heart.... Duo has, hopefully, perfected the time travel technology and to test it.. he has talked Mr. Anderson into going back to 1955 Earth with him.... and while there... Duo just happens to want to look for a 1955 Corvette... but there are so many other cars.. and what kind of trouble can he possibly get into in 1955 Kansas?

Mr. Anderson rubbed his eyebrow, squinting at Duo. “I’m not sure this is a good idea.”
Duo tilted his head back, sighing dramatically. It didn’t stop him from moving little shapes around on the, setting the time travel portal for his experiment. “Oh come on, I’m sure the return will work. You talk about 1955 like it’s the best place ever. I’m sure I’m gonna love 1955!”
“Yeah... about that. I’m not sure this is a good idea,” he stressed again, scratching the back of his head with both h…

Story: Pompeii

By Max Copyright 2016
All rights reserved
Note:  A slightly longer version.
“You’re stubborn,” Marcia snapped, holding her soot smeared hands out for her son. “Give him to me. Now.” Smoke, ash painted the villa’s walls, muting paintings, dimming the very air. The servants were gone. The guests gone. Adrasteia wrinkled her nose, dark eyes staring at her daughter-in-law. Her back hunched over her sleeping grandson, shielding him from the heat and smoke. Resolutely, she lifted her chin.  “Δεν τρέχει από τη φωτιά.” “Grandmother,” Marcia cried, shrill, at the very end of her reason with the old woman. “The mountain cries fire!”  Ash weighed down her grown, pulled her elaborate curls down as if nature herself were done with the niceties of the culture. “If you won’t leave your house, fine! I have to get Caelius to the boat. I won’t let him die! Your son is dead! Do you want your grandson to be dead too?” Her walking stick pounded the floor in reproach. Finely carved of hard oak, it was the…