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Fic: A Wrench to the Heart 26/?

A Wrench to the Heart 26/?
By Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing nor Marvel

The colony shook. Duo had never felt an earthquake before and it wasn’t like there were tectonic plates to move, but he thought that had to be what one would feel like.

‘Duo,’ Galen whispered in his mind, ‘The Black Pearl is creating a new docking portal at our location. We are also receiving as much energy as the system can handle.’ Duo nodded, but wanted to touch Heero, hold his hand, and then realized how far he’d gotten from him.

‘Where’s Heero,’ Duo thought to Galen.  

‘He is on the Black Pearl, controlling the docking construction,’ Galen said.

“OH my god! Heero! What have you done?” Duo screamed, expecting Galen to relay his question.

Kurt leaned closer to Jacob.  “He says that a lot.”

Jacob shrugged.

Saphron laced her fingers behind her head, elbows pulling close to her temples. “Wull, we might kinda a been a little bit of trouble the last couple of days.”

“I see,” Kurt said, then smiled down at Roy who had just shown up with a plate of food for him. “Thank you, little brother.”

Roy grinned ear-to-ear.

Angry Duo was sending a ripple of tension through the gathered community. A pretty wide berth grew around Duo. The muttering settled to a hushed whisper.

Galen’s energy like midnight lightening danced over Duo’s braid, over his shoulders, violet eyes glaring. “Heero YUY!”

The docking completed and a portal opened a few feet in front of Duo. A simple door that looked just like the door to Duo’s house. The porch and steps formed, windows, as if the front of the house were partially drawing itself, using machines the size of atoms to rebuild while connecting the ship to the colony.

The cloud around Duo built at the same time, little lightening storms of black lightning and violet clouds. “HEERO!”

The space around Duo was much wider down. There are upsides and downsides to people with great power.

Then the door opened and Heero stepped through. His hair was longer and pulled into a ponytail and he wore the same simple clothes that Duo seemed to prefer, jeans and a tee-shirt.

Duo saw the door open and close, but no Heero. Panic ate him inside then like a sinkhole. His hands shook and it felt like his brain was going to slip down his spine like sand through an hourglass. He couldn’t understand a world where he had brain damage that prevented him from seeing Heero. One hand reached back to grab his hair, fingers pressed to his scalp, lips parted and chill. A sudden burst of anger drove off the panic and his eyes sought out Mercy. He pointed at her and growled, “This is your fault!”

Which he immediately felt like shit for because she looked like she’d given birth to the fucking anti-christ or the minotaur. There are consequences for acting out of selfishness.

But then Heero’s hands cupped his head and that lovely voice, raspy and familiar, home and rightness, “Calm the fuck down, Duo Maxwell.”

The electric storm released, floating away as a soft blue mist. Duo’s hands dropped to his sides. “What have you done?”

“When your mother was murdered, your personality split in two. Half of you went to the past to kill your mother’s murderers. We need his mindfile to repair your mind so you can see me. The time it took to get back gave us time to get a lot of energy to save Camelot and provide stronger defenses. This split between the two of you is dangerous and it needs to be repaired.” Heero reached to take Duo’s hand and pressed the yellowed teeth into his palm. “I need you to go talk to him. He’s afraid you’ll reject him.”

Duo stared at his palm, at the teeth. A shudder went through him and he wasn’t sure his other self, that he didn’t really believe in wasn’t right. “What are these?”

“They are teeth from the bounty hunters that killed Mercy,” Heero said matter-of-factly.

“Great,” Duo said, like ‘Thanks for the bubonic plague, just what I wanted!’ He grabbed Heero’s shirt and felt his way back to Heero’s hand and shoved the teeth back. “Thanks.”

It’s like that, when death actually hits you, he expected. That you’re running your race, doing what you do, and then bam, and if you’re lucky you have a moment of freefall before you before the never-ever-after swallows you. In the battle, in all the battles, he’d never really thought he was going to die, no matter what he said. Telling himself that he was ready to die, willing to die, not afraid to die... that was all just a way to not face the fear of death.

He pushed Heero gently out of the way and walked towards that door. His hand felt connected to Heero’s shoulder where his palm had touched even as he walked up the familiar steps that were going to take him about as far from his own as he could even conceptualize. That warmth on his palm was like a promise that he could turn around at any moment, change his mind, pretend he didn’t know what he knew.

All the jokes and laughter and light, none of it existed when his hand touched the doorknob. “I run and hide, but I never tell a lie,” he whispered. He was not going to lie to himself. He pushed the door and a crack of dusty dark crushed his breath. There were floorboards, no carpet. The light came from an emergency lantern, slightly green and flickery. The door open enough, he saw a slender man crouching, slender pale fingers gently clawing at the water damaged floorboards.

“Hello,” Duo said.

“Hello,” Shinigami snarled.

Lightheaded, memories of blood and hunger, of rage, endless rage, and Duo was awash in a sea of memories that were his, but not his. When he stopped spinning, he stood on a small platform in the middle of a hurricane, facing himself.. Not like Julia who was wearing his body, but not him in any way, but this was him, with dark violet eyes, hair darker than his, slightly longer canines, and a dark smile like he stood on the other side of death and feared life not death.

“I thought I wanted to come back and be the hero... to save everyone, to have you love me, to have her love me, but I can’t,” Shinigami snarled, rage and hate turning his blood dark as ink. “I can’t be Dayton. I’m not Dayton! I am Death.”

And Duo saw himself... his melodrama and his fears. “I love everything you did to keep us alive,” Duo said, smiling softly, feeling his fear turn to shadows, and then not even that as he turned up the lights in his mind. “You are my strength and I love you.”

Shinigami tilted his head, one eye twitching. “I don’t think you understand.”

“But I do,” Duo promised. “I’m going to make things right, Shini. For you, for Dayton, and for me.”

Shinigami tried to back away, but Duo had his arms around him, pulling me close, hugging him gently. “Tell me everything, give me everything,” he urged. “I want it all, everything you’ve thought and done. Give me everything you have, my sweet god of death.”


Outside, Quatre finally got through the crowd to Heero, who was standing in that great openness that scary Duo had created, watching the door, holding those teeth in one hand, tears silently sliding down his cheeks.  “Is he going to be okay,” Quatre asked.

“I don’t know,” Heero said.

“I was doing a fine job of protecting him,” Quatre accused, “And then you had to find your way back to him.”

Heero arched an eyebrow, looking at Quatre. “He’s not a house plant.”

“I will be angry with you if he is harmed any further,” Quatre said pleasantly, smiling charmingly. “There are worse things than being Alexander.”

Blue eyes narrowed.

“Hello,” Mercy said, hands on her hips, braid laying on her shoulder, violet eyes smoldering. “Which of you cockshits is going to tell me what the hell is going on?”

Quatre’s jaw clenched.  Heero sighed. “It’s complicated, Dr. Reigh. I understand you’ve had a difficult day and technology must be very disorientating.”

The door started to dissipate then, little bits of it breaking off and floating away like fireflies.

Heero pressed both hands to his face, dropped to one knee.

Little fireflies filled the campground, completing the lovely summer night.

Mercy reached out cautiously to touch Heero’s shoulder, to offer comfort.

“There was too much brain damage,” Quatre whispered, seeking some way to understand, to reorder the world. “It started on The Rage.”

“It started before that,” Mercy said softly. “But look what he did with his life.”

Heero groaned, emotion swelling in him.

“Heero,” Quatre said, shoving at his shoulder, “look!”

Just as the last of the fireflies came into being, Duo stepped back into the colony, a small child on his hip. The boy had wild brown hair, violet eyes. Duo’s strode towards them, a shit eating grin on his face.  

Heero bolted to his feet, running forward.

“I love what ya done with yer hair, ‘Ro,” Duo teased, winking. One eye was Duo violet, the other Shinigami purple. “Ya gonna wear it like that to our wedding?”

Heero threw his arms around Duo and the boy, lifting them off the ground, spinning them around.

People pressed in closer, chattering asking questions.  Duo reached for Mercy though, drawing her close and pushing the boy into her arms. He gurgled in two-year-old eloquence.  Mercy dropped to the grass, holding the boy up, looking him over, turning him around, running her hands over him, hugging him close.

Heero hadn’t let go of Duo. Duo reached out and pulled Quatre close, an arm over his shoulder. “Come on! We’re having a barbeque! No more drama today! Food! Who wants a hot dog eating contest?”

And that was good enough for the moment....


OUTTAKES... Shinigami/Dayton’s thoughts prior to seeing Duo

Judgement day isn’t real.

Not like some god will decide, will pound out a decree.

Camelot.L2 lay dark in space, shielded against detection. The

Camelot is a small colony. It’s not the smallest, but it lays in the darkness like an undiscovered dream. Most colonies have a heat signature that glows a warm summer peach against nice green leaves, just begging folk to come have a bit. They also have standing armies and or agreements for protection from the Earthsphere.

It really should be the heliosphere, not the Earthsphere, but, I guess, Earthsphere with a capital E is about the sphere of human influence not like the range of any given object’s gravity. Camelot lies in the heliosphere, outside of Earth’s reach, but still held by the beautiful yellow sun. When we designed her, we build in safe levels of stealth, practical levels of heat retention, energy recycling.

If we hadn’t gone fucking crazy printing super expensive bodies, we’d have been fine for a millenia. Sometimes I have a drug problem, sometimes I have a spending problem, and I’m gonna go with that’s proof of humanity.

My thoughts are so mundane. I wanted this fantastic entrance back into Camelot.L2. I wanted to be the glorious hero, but....

So it’s like this...  Duo was always part of me too. We were born in the same moment. When we broke... he got some shit and I got some shit and just like a damaged brain can like learn to repurpose area and use it for something else... we’re both almost whole. Duo’s the creative one. He’s the one with the grand gestures and rapid fire ideas that all come together like fucking fireworks. I do other things.

So like I can almost do what he does. I can imagine little androids to fetch my mother... to have her dressed like fucking Maid Marion and I’ll come swashbuckling in in black, with a pirate hat and a great long black feather... I imagine kneeling and offering her these old yellowed teeth. God. That day was so long ago now.  I can’t really plan that party... There are just dots missing between the endpoints.

I don’t love children.

Not the way he does.

I don’t really love, not the way he does. I think Heero understands that and doesn’t expect it of me.  Duo loves him plenty.

I need Heero, but that’s a different thing.


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