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Fic: Thank you for Calling 2/?

Thank You for Calling 2/? By Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing, nor do I own the Marvel Universe, or Supernatural...
Note: This chapter is for Laura’s Birthday! :) And likely the next after...

“Thank you for calling Acme Supernatural Supplies and Supplements. My name is Steve. How may I help you?” He sat there on his chair, alert and cheerful.
“I just have some questions,”  a younger girl asked.
“Of course, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. I feel I should advise you thought you must be 18 years old to purchase products from Acme Supernatural Supplies and Supplements. May I have your name please?”
“I’m Karissa. I’m fifteen, but I’m going to be sixteen in two weeks. On the page about spells, it says that, well,” she said, pausing and making odd little sounds like she was chewing her lip. “Well, I just want to know if they work. Do love spells work?”
“Um,” Steve said, as if he were giving her question due consideration, when what he was really doing was trying to think …

Fic: A Wrench to the Heart 26/?

A Wrench to the Heart 26/? By Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing nor Marvel

The colony shook. Duo had never felt an earthquake before and it wasn’t like there were tectonic plates to move, but he thought that had to be what one would feel like.
‘Duo,’ Galen whispered in his mind, ‘The Black Pearl is creating a new docking portal at our location. We are also receiving as much energy as the system can handle.’ Duo nodded, but wanted to touch Heero, hold his hand, and then realized how far he’d gotten from him.
‘Where’s Heero,’ Duo thought to Galen.  
‘He is on the Black Pearl, controlling the docking construction,’ Galen said.
“OH my god! Heero! What have you done?” Duo screamed, expecting Galen to relay his question.

Kurt leaned closer to Jacob.  “He says that a lot.”
Jacob shrugged.
Saphron laced her fingers behind her head, elbows pulling close to her temples. “Wull, we might kinda a been a little bit of trouble the last couple of days.”
“I see,” Kurt said, then smiled down at Roy who ha…

Fic: Thank You for Calling 1/?

Thank You for Calling By Max
#stucky #Captain America #Supernatural

Disclaimer: I do not own characters from the Marvel Universe or from Supernatural
“Thank you for calling Acme Supernatural Supplies and Supplements. My name is Steve. How may I help you?” Steve Rogers sat on a chair that wouldn’t pass OSHA standards, but thanks to a little duct tape, was doing fine enough for the day.  He had one wedge of a six sided desk, which he shared with five other people, all tethered to the same pod of demi-cubicles. There were thirty other little pods, and then some larger desks for the supervisors. He wore a faded yellow polo shirt and khakis, running shoes, and a well used headset that also had a little duct tape. “Hello? Can you hear me?”

The voice in his headset  spoke in clipped, high pitched, “Yes. I can. Hear. you.  You sent me three boxes of wolfsbane, and no astragalus. This is the second time my order has been done incorrectly.”

“I’m very sorry,” Steve said genuinely. “May I please have …

Fic: A Wrench to the Heart 25/?

A Wrench to the Heart 25/?
By Max
Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing.
Note: Continuity... Mercy’s last name is Reigh.

I'd like to think I'm powerful. You know, kick the doors down, save everyone I love and happy ever after.
I make mistakes.
So, fuck ton long ago, like right after the wars when Preventers was hot to have what help they could get, they had me seeing this therapist... She was like.., the truth will set you free. If I could just find all the trauma and face it, release it, then I'd find...okay...whatever the hell okay is.
That was some bad bullshit. But now... I just killed the shit out of my first trauma and ripped out teeth before the dude was dead and ... Nothing. I fucking wasted almost three hundred years when what I should have been doing was thinking about Heero and loving the kids, building cars, doing good things.... All this focus on the past was digging my own fucking grave.
Being okay is laying here with Heero Yuy’s arms around me, even if I don&…