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fic: A Wrench to the Heart 21/?

A Wrench to the Heart 21/?

By Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing. I also don’t own Xmen.

Note: Oh goodness.. I am not sure I’m about to do this.

The word was crayon red against his ear, a brush of fears that never let go.  Julia’s voice whispered deep in his mind, impossible to ignore or disobey. “Hide.  There is a monster.”

Roy’s room was right next to the meditation room, because frankly, he spent a lot of time there.  All of the children scattered, running, when Julia’s warning rippled through the house.  

The hardwood floor was smooth against his bare feet. His heart beat so loud that there wasn’t enough room for air.  He shut his door, back against the door as shaking fingers locked the door. His daddy was too sick to fight the monsters. There was screaming.  Burning.  The monsters were going to eat Juju and Daddy and Jacob. Roy wiped the back of his hand over his face and ran, slipping under his bed so hard that he hit the far wall.  In the dark, he reached, little hands reaching out in the darkness until he found his secret.

It was a small zip top plastic bag. It glowed very slightly when he picked it up, reacting to his touch. As he held it, it glowed brighter, casting green over his face.

The house was so quiet... but he knew Juju was right. There had been fear and anger in her voice. As hard as it was, he crept out from under his bed, from the seeming safety, and ran to the closet. He closed the door as quietly as he could.  He gathered as much spit as he could and held it curled at the tip of his tongue. Carefully as he could, he got the bag open and spit into, making the glow much brighter. He licked his two front fingers, sucking them for a moment, then stuck his fingers into the little back fo spit. Electric danced over his shoulders, made his hair stand on end. “Help me!”

Green mist settled into a small square plane and a golden eye started back at him. Set in a blue face, with stiff dark hair. “Brother?”

“Please! I need you! The monster is in the house!”

The face in the missed pulled back a little. “Little brother, I can come help you, but I need to know where you are and then we’ll come and help you. I promise. What is your address?”
“I... I live in Daddy’s house.”

“Where is your Daddy’s house,” Kurt pressed kindly, leaning a little closer, golden eyes caring. “My friends and I will come very fast.”

“I ... I ... I live on Camelot.” Roy smiled proudly, eyes still glittering with tears. “It’s at the L2 Point!”

A hand pushed Kurt aside and then there was  much bigger man, not blue skinned like Roy’s friend, but brown eyes and spiky brown hair, a brown thing hanging from his mouth for a moment. “Where the hell are ya kid?”

“Logan!” Kurt pleaded, “Don’t scare him. He’s just a little boy!”

“Well, I’m down for kicking monster ass,” Logan said, grinning, “But I gotta know where ya are kid?”

“I’m in Daddy’s house!”

“We can’t help ya if we can’t find ya,” Logan said. “Are there any adults there?”

“They’re fighting the monster! My daddy is sick. He can’t fight right now and Mr. Heero don’t know how. It’s killing my sister Juju. Please help me!”

A woman in the background yelled, “Is he talking about the second Lagrange point? Like IN SPACE?”

“Well, are you,” Logan snapped. “Kid can’t be in space. He’s just a little mutant boy. What country are you in, kid?”

Roy frowned at them, leaned closer to the mist until he could almost smell where they were... it smelled like cinnamon and something weird that made him sneeze.  “Of course I’m in space. Aren’t you? Kurt, are you gonna come?”

Blue hands pushed hard on the bigger man until Kurt was back in front of the mist. “I’m on Earth. I want to come... but how did you get in space?”  

They were so close their noses almost touched. “I’ve always been in space.”

The whole house shook then, timber creaking and breaking. Julia screamed with Duo’s voice, but there was no more connection through the computer... it was like her voice was only one dimensional now. Several more shots fired. Uncle Quatre screamed things in a language that Roy had never heard.

A woman with white hair pushed up to the mist. “Is someone screaming in Arabic?”

Roy looked at her like she was speaking in Arabic. A long gundanium spider leg punched a hole in Roy’s ceiling, once, twice, leaving light and dust falling on him. He sobbed, one hand reaching through the very mist. Kurt grabbed his hand. Both pulled in either direction, but then the angry leg was punching down again and Kurt jumped flowing through the mist into Roy’s closet. The little bag of spit dropped, spraying into the dust filled air, as Kurt wrapped strong arms around him and teleported them a meter to the left, into Roy’s room.

He picked Roy up and ran out into the hallway.  Holes dotted the ceiling. The machine had eight legs, some of which bent and curled. There was a translucent body in the center that did look a lot like a spider body. An unconscious man with a long braid floated in a blue fluid that sloshed as another of those slender legs jabbed at a Japanese man on the stairs.

“Woah,” Kurt said as another man with a long braid jumped from the landing on the second floor, landing on the spider body. He had a blade of some kind and stabbed repeatedly at the enclosure around his twin. A blond man stood at the railing, firing accurate shots at the legs as they tried to hit the other combatants.

“It’s a monster,” Roy said, “And it ate my dad!”

Another fighter was at the legs, moving fast, some kind of glowing skate on her feet, as she moved around the legs, dodging them and wrapping some slender thread around them, weaving her net around the machine’s legs.

Roy looked around, spotted a window that he could see through, then teleported out into the yard, where he set the boy down.  Saphron and Jacob ran over to Roy.

“Where’s Juju,” Saphron asked, grabbing Roy into her arms. “Who the fuck are you?”

“He’s my friend! He helped me after the monsters before,” Roy said, squeaking a little as Saphron held him.

“I am Kurt Wagner,” he said bowing politely. “Can you take care of Little Brother while I help with the monster?”

“What the fuck are you,” Saphron snapped, eyes suspicious.

Jacob held up his communication device which said, “She means, ‘Thank you!’”

“I did not,” Saphron snarled. “He’s got three fingers? He’s not from Camelot!”

Several other kids were running up to them now, clinging to the older kids.

Kurt teleported back in, clinging to the shadows where he couldn’t be seen. It took him a moment of watching before he concluded that the blond was leading the battle. The air popped and he was up by the railing next to Quatre.

Quatre spun, his pistol up under Kurt’s chin as soon as he materialized.

Kurt jumped behind Quatre. “I want to help! I am a friend of Roy’s.”

“Are you... an alien?” Quatre snapped, taking the stranger at his word and going back to putting ballistic balls of energy into Sung’s machine.  “Are you Roy’s relative?”

“No, I’m a mutant, but I’m from Earth. Is the machine taking the long haired man? Do you want me to get him back for you?”

“If you could do that, I’d be extremely grateful.  I will reward you greatly.”

“I just want to help,” Kurt said.

Julia fell then, one of the long flexible legs knocking her off as Quatre had been distracted for a moment.

Kurt, having spent his childhood as an acrobat, teleported into mid air, caught her, then landed, letting her go, before immediately teleporting into the belly of the beast and grabbing the unconscious man.

The Japanese man grabbed one of the legs, held it firmly for as long as he could, which was just long enough for the woman on the fire skates to get her thread around it.  Kurt lifted the man, held him close, and teleported back to where the blond was giving the signal to bring the beast down.  The woman in the center pulled her magic twine and it fell. Tipping like a drunk giant.

The Japanese man fast enough that Kurt thought he might be a mutant too. He wasn’t as fast as Quicksilver, but he was fast. He was on his knees and pulling the unconscious man into his arms. He brushed long wet bangs from the man’s face and leaned to kiss his forehead.  
Kurt backed off, nodding, and then another person with a long brown braid stepped out of a room. Maybe it was a fashion or a religious thing. She ran to the unconscious man as well, checking his pulse, acting like a doctor.

Everything was very different here and he suddenly wondered how far from home he was.  

The spider cracked as it fell and golden firefly like dots rose up out of the broken machine. They swirled together into the form of a man made of light. He touched his palm to his lips and held it out like he was blowing a kiss.

The front wall of the house was down though and  Roy launched a spit covered pebble at the light figure using his slingshot. The figure spun and darkened, flowing towards the children in the yard. Charlotte ran towards them, but had to navigate debris and downed machine.

Kurt teleported again, just in time to be in front of the children and snarl back at the firefly man, using his demonic appearance for all it was worth. The snarling stream of light pulled up at the last minute and seemed to dissipate.

About that moment, a man in an American WWII uniform showed up in a jeep.  He jumped out and pulled his hat from his head. “Christly hell!”  He spun to look at Saphron.  “What happened? The house...”

Saphron stood up straight, lifted her chin, her hands in her back pockets, “Well, see, Mr. Anderson, Dad’s gettin’ married so he had to break up with’is boyfriend and all hell broke loose.”

“You don’t say,” Mr. Anderson said, “I’m here because.. I’m the militia.. But I guess I’m late.”

Mercy followed Heero out of the ruined house. “We have to take him to the hospital!”

Duo was slight in Heero’s arms, his head resting on Heero’s shoulder. The wet braid hung heavy down Heero’s back. “There are no hospitals here. It’s all done through the AI.”

“That’s crazy,” Mercy yelled, turning back to look at the ruined house. “This is all insane!”

“I understand this might all be a little bit of a shock,” Quatre said, having his polite face on again. “I think we’ll be relocating back to my ship.”

“You can all come to our house,” Mr. Anderson said. “We’d be happy to have you.”

Kurt, looking dazed as he stepped out over some debris to get free of the house.  “Is the battle over now?”

“For now,” Quatre said. “I thank you for your assistance. I’m Quatre Raberba Winner.”

“Kurt Wagner,” Kurt said. “Are you all mutants?”

“Not that I know of,” Quatre said. “Where is your ship? How did you get here?”

“Little brother brought me,” Kurt said, pointing at Roy, smiling, “Maybe he would be kind enough to send me home.”

“I don’t know how, but you saved Daddy. You can live here with us! We’ll make you a room when we fix the house!”

As the computer systems came back, Galen manifested. “I require help extracting Pikachu from the lower floor. He requires medical care that I do not have the energy to provide yet.”

“He wasn’t supposed to be alive anyway,” Quatre said resentfully.

“Can you make me a medical kit,” Mercy asked.

“I can, but I can not clear a safe path for you to get to him.” Galen said, looking distressed.

“Can you show me where he is,” Kurt asked. “Then I can take her to him.”

“I can,” Galen said, projecting an image of an unconscious Pikachu who was pinned under a fallen wall.

Kurt held out a hand to Mercy and they disappeared with a pop.

Roy jumped up and down, ran around in circles. “We win! We win!”

Saphron smiled, head tilted. “He’s sexy.”

Jacob crossed his arms, scowling. “I think he’s gay.”  


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