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fic: A Wrench to the Heart 18/?

A Wrench to the Heart 18/?

By Max

“No!” Saphron screamed. “Save her! You can do it! Tie into the computer here and save her!”

Pikachu tilted his head, one eyebrow rising up in curiosity. “But you know or should have known that she dies. I thought you only cared that she was a good person.”

“You fucking idiot,” Saphron screamed, though only they could hear her. “I’ll be your friend forever! I’ll have sex with you! I’ll give you my anything! Just save her, please!” Her face trembled. Her soul cracked. “Please don’t this happen!”

“But it has already happened,” Pikachu said, confused. “Just don’t look. It’ll be over in a minute and we can get the DNA sample and go home.” He smiled comfortingly.

Saphron ran her hands into her hair, her mouth open and she wasn’t aware of her tears or saliva that ran from her open mouth as she stared.  

Daton lay on the ground, his face bleeding, one eye open. Julia squatted by him, petting his hair, murmuring things no one else could hear, kind of rocking back and forth.

Roy seemed taller, though he wasn’t like Julia who could change his shape. He had a physical body that he didn’t want, but hadn’t thought about changing. His face was hard and he spit into an already wet hand and threw spit as hard as he could at the big man bending over Mercy’s bent body. As soon as he’d thrown it, he repeated, on just some small chance that he’d hit the man.  Then closer and dripping slightly green tinted saliva towards the man’s bare neck.

Jacob was pale, but kept scooting closer to Saphron until he had his arms around her.  “Look at me, Saphie.” He was bigger and forced her to turn towards him. She trembled in his grip, shaking like her body was considering turning inside out. “We are going to save her. That’s what we came for. We know that Dad’s alive. Her mind file won’t have this memory. That’s why Pikachu had us take it earlier. Breathe,” he said, his words intelligible only because she was used to the way he talked without his speech assistance. “Just breath.”

The little house crashed down and flame throwers turned the repurposed trash into crackling plastic screams.

“Don’t hurt my baby,” Mercy screamed, her voice ragged and tilted. “Please! Just leave him alone!”

The man with the flamethrower snorted. “Bounty on breeders is for bitch and spawn.”

“Please! I’ll do anything you want! Please! I’m a doctor. I’ve got money. I can give you money. I’ll do anything you want.”

The man behind her grabbed her braid and jerked. “You already gave me what I wanted, breeder bitch. We’ll burn yer bodies up nice though. Ain’t that nice of us? Don’t want no rats nibblin on ya, right?”

“I can get you onto the Fiji!”

“What fun is that?” The flamethrower belched.

Jacob cupped his hands over Saphron’s ears and spoke without making a sound, knowing she could read his lips, “See, now you’re like me. You can’t hear. We’re together here. I’m with you. We’re going to be home in a minute and we’ll have saved Mercy.”

“Why did they do that?”

Roy tugged her shirt and smiled. “When Daddy’s bigger, he fights the monsters. That’s why we’re safe.”

Jacob pressed his hands tighter.

And in a blink they were home, back to the same moment they left from, but nothing was the same.  Feeling a little safer, Saphron rounded on Pikachu. “Do it now! No waiting. Do a full respawn. Right now! Dad!”

Pikachu’s mouth dropped open. “But... what about surprising him at his wedding? Giving her time to adjust to this time period.”

“Fuck that,” Saphron screamed. “Respawn her now!”

Julia disappeared into the computer network and back right at Duo’s feet as he and Heero were walking through the door. She smiled brightly, making her eyes big and innocent. She smoothed her skirt, curtsied.

“Oh fuck,” Duo said, eyes narrowing. Deep under his fragile calm, Shinigami asked for a fucking cigarette. The day had been too long already, really. “What did you do?”

She batted her eyelashes. “Big Sister Saphie has been very bad. I think she might have hurt her mind.”

“Saphron Maxwell!” Duo said, tagging her in the computer system so he knew where in the house to run too.
“Daddy,” she screamed, “I’m in here!”

A message from Quatre forced through and he manifested as a hologram. “Your colony is making a massive draw of energy on my ship and my ship’s computer doesn’t know why. Do you?”

“Not yet,” Duo screamed and ran faster. He was through the door into the secondary study doorway in moments, where he came to a screeching halt and back pedaled.

There in the center of the group was a woman, slender and familiar, a braid just like his. She wore medical scrubs and as she turned, Duo was backing up still, until he ran right into Heero who was still forward bound. She saw him. Their violet eyes locked. She smiled, radiant and joyful.  

He was still trying to back up. Heero was confused and not moving, blocking the door and then she was on him, her arms going around him. He squeaked, heart racing. He felt like he could feel Heero’s heart beating behind him and he clung to that. And her heart beating in front of him and she reached up to touch a long brown bang. “My Daton, my beautiful Daton. I love you so much!”

Duo’s head seemed to implode. She frowned, her fingers reaching to touch the corner of his eyes. “Your eyes are bleeding.”

“Not cool,” he wheezed,  the world going dark as he slid down until Heero caught him.


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