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Fic: A Wrench to the Heart 17/?

A Wrench to the Heart 17/?
By Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing nor do I own Pokemon.

“Oh god,” Jacob said, signing dramatically and speaking with his natural voice, such as it was. “Dad is not going to like this.”

Julia crossed her arms, lifted her chin. “Sure he is. He can bring a guy home and keep him. I brought a friend home and I get to keep him.”

“JuJu has a boyfriend,” Roy said around his thumb.

“I do not!” Julia stamped her foot. “I have a friend now! Pika is my friend. You’re just jealous!”

“I’ll bite him,” Roy snarled.

“Now, now,” Saphron said. “Roy. Do not bite people. Someone might hurt you. So. Pikachu,” she said, giving the taller blond the eye. “Do you have the tech, or don’t you?”

“Can I live here and be friends with everyone?” Pikachu asked, templing his fingers, solid black eyes giving her the eye right back.

“Sure,” Saphron said, smiling like that time she swore to Caprise Hilton that Roy had not licked her pet snake. That snake was never quite the same. “All ya gotta do is get Dad to say it’s okay and I’m sure when you help us save his parents, that he’ll be so happy to have you here, he’ll beg ya ta stay.”

Julia smiled, genuinely happy, “See? I told you it would be okay! So do we go after dinner?”

“Imhungry,” Roy said.

Saphron pulled a meal bar from her pocket and tossed it to him. “We could go anytime, I guess. We have to find the right time. We want to be careful not to interfere with the timeline. We simply want to get a copy of DNA and mindfile, of both parents. We need to make sure that child Dad doesn’t see us. He’s got a memory from hell, so he can’t see us. We all need to pick a different skin before we go. Do we want to go after dinner?”

“Well, it’s time travel,” Jacob snapped. “Why don’t we just go now and be back by dinner?”

“That is an excellent idea,” Saphron said, smiling at him gloriously.

His eyes widened as she’d completely missed his sarcasm.

“So! Let’s go!” Saphron smacked the side of her fist against her palm.

“Yes, so I have some stipulations,” Pikachu said as he opened up his bright yellow frock coat. “Quatre,” and he said that name like he was speaking of his beloved, “told me to make good use of my time, so I am going to take charge of this endeavor. Which of you will be coming?”

Saphron raised her hand.  Julia did too. Roy raised his hand without taking his thumb out of his mouth. Jacob sighed his eyes locked on Saphron for the time it took him to take a couple of breaths, then raised his hand as well.

“Fine,” Pikachu said. “To make the best use of our time, I will equip everyone with a device that will prevent any damage to the time line and bring us all back to one minute past our departure time to this physical location. I will track Duo Maxwell’s matrilineal progenitor and hope to acquire his patrilineal progenitor by that link.”

Roy’s thumb popped as he pulled it from his mouth. “And we gotta find his mum and dad.”

Pikachu gave him a cockeyed look. “That is what I said.”

“He’s a little kid, idiot,” Saphron snapped. “Give us stuff so we can’t break anything in time and lets go. We’re going to have to grow new bodies for them and that’s gonna take at least a month.”

“Why not just reprint bodies?”

“Well for one, genius,” Saphron said, jockeying for dominance in the group again, “Heero and Uncle Q reprinted a few days ago which put a strain on the stored energy of the colony. If we did two or three more bodies that way, Galen, and then Dad, would be on us in a heartbeat.  I want to surprise him the morning of the wedding. It’s not much of a surprise if he finds out a month before, right?”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure he’d be surprised enough a month before,” Jacob said smiling apologetically.

“Besides, it’s his mom and dad. I want to give them a few days to get their minds around being here.”

“I bet she’ll be glad to know her kid’s not dead,” Julia said, sitting on the edge of the desk swinging her legs. “She’s gonna be real happy.”

Jacob sucked in a deep breath, hands out, palms up, “YOU don’t know that she’ll be happy. We don’t even know that she didn’t willfully abandon her baby. People do do that, you know? You don’t know she didn’t put him in a bin and walk away.”

“Ima smack yer stupid face,” Saphron snapped angrily. “Same genetics! Do you see how much he loves all of us and we ain’t even his kids, but he’d die for us.  Something happened to her. She didn’t abandon him!”

“I’m just saying! You don’t know. Ty’s mom was a drug addict. Dad was even addicted for a while. You don’t know.”

“She’s good,” Saphron said stubbornly. “She loves him.”

“What if she’s not,” Jacob asked.

“Then I’ll kill her a second time,” Saphron hissed, voice low.

“If we find out right away,” Julia said.  “And she’s bad, we’ll let Roy bite her and we can get Dad a pony. I bet he’d really like a pony. A blue one. Can we also get him a pony?”

“Dad doesn’t want a pony, JuJu,” Saphron said firmly. “Are we going now? I want to go now. Don’t bail on me, Jacob.” She held out her hand  for whatever Pikachu had to give her.

“And we’re all going to be friends and I can live here,” he asked her watching her face with squinting eyes.

“Sure. We’re friends. Ya gotta ask Dad to live here, but that’ll go better if he’s happy. You want him to be happy, right?”

“I do,” Pikachu said. He was well aware that some of his own newly formed neural patterning was an imprint of Duo Maxwell’s neural patterning. He did very much want him to be happy. Who would know how to do that better than the people who had been living with him? He pressed his thumb to Saphron’s wrist, right above her pulse.  A small blue circle of words written in swirly elegant lines appeared.

“What language is that,” she asked, “and what does it say?”

“It’s Elivish and it reads, ‘I do solemnly swear I am up to no good.’”

“I’ve never heard of Elivish before. Folk spoke it on Earth?”

“Quatre tells me no one spoke Elvish, but I like it. It’s from a book.”

“I like books,” Julia said. “Will you read the book to me.”

“I would be happy to,” Pikachu said as he gave her tattoo.

Roy licked his wrist and held it out. Pikachu put the tattoo in the center of his forehead and turned to Jacob, who was holding out his wrist.

“Excellent. Shall we go?”

“But maybe,” Jacob started and then they were standing in a dimly lit room.  “Shit. That was fast. I didn’t even feel it. Oh shit, can they hear us?”

“No, they can’t hear us,” Pikachu said. “They can’t see you and you can’t touch anything either. That way no one can accidentally affect the timeline.”

Jacob gave a relieved sigh.

“Well, how am I supposed to do anything,” Saphron snapped.

“You’re not,” Pikachu said.

“Daton! Put that down,” a braided woman said, rushing to pick up a small boy who had been in the dark corner.  He snuggled into her arms, even as she prised some soft translucent object out of his hand. “That’s nasty. Did your nanny bot run out of power again?”

She was slender, with a long braid of brown hair, wearing medical scrubs, a hospital badge clipped to her pocket. She tickled his nose with her braid and he giggled a little toddler laugh. “Didn’t I tell you not to come into the building? You know I did, right?”

“Uhhh,” he said, one chubby fist holding onto her scrub, “Mama!”

She petted his hair and carried him deeper into the ruined hallway.  

Saphron followed as if drawn. The building was ruined cement and steel, more the kind of construction history books talk about  on Earth. It was surreal to not feel the ground beneath her thin sneakers. The ground was smooth and safe on Camelot. The ground in the ruin though was cluttered with bits of broken building and dust... not of which she could feel. This wasn’t Camelot. They’d moved in space as well as time. This place was so old. Nothing like this existed on Camelot. Even the family craft she’d been born on hadn’t been this... disgustingly dangerous.  At the end of the hall, a bright light lead into a different kind of space.

The roof was gone, letting in the artificial light which was old and harsh compared to what she was used on Camelot. Holding her hand up to cover her eyes, she moved out of shadow into the brighter space. The hum of the old and early space station soaked into her now that she was less sheltered by the thick concrete walls. As her eyes adjusted, she found herself in garden type space, maybe the ruins of something that had been a green house. There was a shelter, what might be a shelter anyway, but it was made of repurposed shipping crates and what Saphron felt was garbage. The thing had edamame vines growing over it. There were hydroponic tomatoes and strawberries.

Little Duo came running out of the shelter at full toddler giggle, a huge grin on his face and his  his mom caught him up again, tickling him and as she sat down on moss.

Not being able to feel the ground, Saphron hadn’t realized the ground in the open square was covered with moss. It was such as strange place. It was like he’d come from a completely different world to anything she knew.

His mom, opened up a small basket and pulled out a block of cheese and a small knife, which had a wooden handle, nicked and used, but real wood. She squatted down and just stared at them as his mom cut little bits of cheese for him and he gobbled them up. After a couple, she held one back and said, “Dayton. Daaaay Tinnnn.”

He held out both hands and said, “Mama!”

She booped him on the nose with the cheese cube and said, “Dayton,” before setting the cube of cheese in his mouth. “You have to say something other than Mama you know. It’s really not good for you to be out here by yourself most of the time, but soon we’re going to be on the Fiji and I’ll be able to be with you all the time. Then I bet you start talking in no time!” She held up another bit of cheese and said, “Say Dayton!”

“Mama,” he said and held his mouth open for the cheese.

“What’s her name,” Julia asked, her hand in Pikachu’s.

“Dr. Mercy Reigh. Next week, she is planning on shipping out on an outward bound miner as their medical staff.”

Jacob stood with his hands tucked under his arms, as close to Pikachu as he could get without actually touching him. “Why are they living like this?”

“You needed a license to have a baby on this colony in this decade.  She couldn’t get one,” Pikachu said.

“But she had a baby,”  Saphron pointed out.

“Yes, she did,” Pikachu said neutrally. “You should take the mindscan now. There isn’t much time left.”

“What about the DNA?”

“That’s not going to be a problem,”  Pikachu said.

“What’s going to happen,” Saphron said, growing agitated. “What happens to her? Why doesn’t she get on the ship!?”

“You need to get her mindfile scanned or would you rather Jacob do it?”


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