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fic: A Wrench to the Heart 16/?

A Wrench to the Heart 16/?
By Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

Julia put on her favorite dress, a mini mouse dress that Daddy gave her when he took her to Earth to go to Disney Land. She put on shiny black shoes. She’d been distant from the barely alive remains of her origin body for so long that the computer systems seemed more like home, more real anyway. She imagined a pretty crystal bridge between her primary system and the space ship’s computer system. Once she was across the bridge, she saw that the computer was inside a great big stone castle, like from an old story. The space was quiet, no wind, no birds, no people working at anything.  This castle was her mind confabulating data between the system she normally lived in and this strange one. She decided she could live with that. Daddy liked fairy stories.

She imagined a swarm of hundreds of little blue dragons that flew up and around searching the stone walls done in opus quadratum style. She imagined a small puff of blue cloud under feet so she could try to look over the wall, but the higher she went, the higher the wall went.  There didn’t seem to be an opening anywhere on the whole thing.  

And suddenly a window opened where there had been no window before.  A slightly yellow man with pink dots on his cheeks and black tips to his bright yellow hair stuck his head out. “What do you want?” He took his Mad Hatter hat off for a moment, put it back on, as if he’d been being polite.

Julia smiled her sweetest lost little girl smile. “I’m looking for a wedding present for my Daddy!”

“Really,” Quatre’s computer asked, leaning close to peer into Julia’s eyes. “Who’s your daddy?”

Julia didn’t give an inch, but made her eyes grow a little wider. “Duo Maxwell. Maybe you’ve met him?”

“Indeed I have met the Marvelous Duo Maxwell. Would you like to come in for tea?”

Julia nodded. “But maybe you have some hot chocolate?”

“I do have hot chocolate! I have cookies!”

“I love cookies!” Julia said, clasping her hands together.

And then she was inside the private space Quatre’s computer had carved for himself.  “So... I need a name,” he said, as he carried a tray with cups and a tea pot. As you’re looking  for a gift, maybe you can help me look for that.”

“Sure. How come you don’t have a name?”

“I only just recently came into being, you see,” he said as he poured her a cup of coco. “I rather fancied calling myself Pikachu, but now I’m afraid that people won’t take me seriously.”

“I understand,” she said as she scooted into the big Victorian style chair.  Her feet didn’t reach the ground, but she held the cup in both hands and sipped the chocolate. “This is very good!”

“I know, right? It’s the way my crush likes it!”

“You have a crush. Are they coming to come to Daddy’s wedding? Maybe you could ask them and come like a date!”

“Oh that would be romantic,” Pikachu said, sipping his own chocolate as he scooted the chair closer. “I’ve never really had a friend. Can you be my friend?”

“I don’t know that I’m very good at being friends,” she admitted, “But the big kids said I could go to school with them if I got the designs to make a time travel machine to go back in time and get Daddy’s mom and dad, so they can come to the wedding. I can try to be your friend. I’ll visit you.”

“Would you really? I’d like that. I really like you visiting. Maybe I could go to school too. Do you think it’s a lot of fun?”

She nodded. “I think so, but I’ve been very afraid to go. I’m afraid if I act like I’m getting too well, Daddy’ll make me heal my body of origin and I don’t want to.”

“Oh that is a hard place to be. I’ll try to be your friend too. My crush will be at the wedding and maybe if I’m in a body of my own, he’ll consider me.”

She licked at chocolate on her upper lip. “It’d be hard to be considered without a body. What happened to your body of origin?”

“This is my body. It just doesn’t feel right anymore though.”

“Do you mean the ship is your body?”

“Yes.” He took another sip of the chocolate and set his teacup down. “Would you mind waiting her for a moment. I’ll go see if I can get the plans. Do you think it would be alright if I stayed with you for a while, in a new body?”

“Sure. Daddy gets new kids all the time. Heero FrownyFace has come to stay with us, but I don’t know if I like him.”

“Is he mean? Do you think? He did kind of yell at me.”

“I think he’s used to only being around adults,” Julia admitted. “There is a tiny possibility that he didn’t enjoy my impression of a Xenomorph. I kinda turned him blue for a few seconds.”

“Oh yes, well misunderstandings do happen. You won’t do that to me, will you?”

“No. You seem real nice.”

“I’m so glad you think so! Wait right here!”

“Of course,” she said. As soon as he was gone, she grew a little bit, enough so that she could pour some more coco, then went back ot her default cute size and waited.


“Mr. Winner,” Pikachu asked, back in his very ordinary ‘Bob’ skin. “I would like to ask your guidance.”

Quatre looked up, glared, sipped tea. “Are you done with being bright yellow?’

“If that would make you happy.”

“It would.”

“I have received a communication from Julia Maxwell, requesting assistance in finding a wedding present for her dad. She’s a little high bandwidth. I wanted to let you know that it may take me several moments to assist her in her endeavors and make sure that was okay with you.”

“What kind of gift,” Quatre asked, because he knew Julia and had a healthy fear of her taste in fun.

“Something nostalgic and loving that supports strong family ties,” Pikachu said, face bland the way Bob’s face was supposed to be. “Also, in assisting her, I believe I will be able to restore the ship’s computer to its original format. Do I have permission to undertake that task as well.”

“Yes! By all means. I’m so tired of you being yellow.”

“As you will, Sir. The system may experience slight power drains that will represent no risk to the ship.”

“Uh uh.. Good.” Quatre said, going back to his reports. “We’re docked here until after the wedding. Make good use of your time.”

“Oh, I shall,” Pikachu said, bowing politely.


He popped back into the space he’d been sharing tea with Julia, yellow hair and top hat back in place.  “He makes me so mad! I’ll make him notice me at the wedding. He’s so pretty!”


“Quatre Rabera Winner.”

“Did you get the time travel thingy?”

“I did!” He clapped his hands together. “Let’s go back to your place! I want to meet all your friends! How old should I make my body? What do you think? Do you think twenty would be good?”

“Yeah. You’d be kinda tall for going to school, but I guess you could do college or something.”

“Okay!” Pikachu said. A knapsack appeared hung over one shoulder and he pointed the way. “Onward to adventure!”


Unknown said…
Oh God the ai has a crush on his master and it thinks it's a Pokemon. So cute !

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