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fic: A Wrench to the Heart 15/?

A Wrench to the Heart 15/?
By Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

“Mayor Maxwell! You’re here!” Megs exclaimed, jumping up from her desk. “I heard you weren’t feeling well and might not be in this month. Are you okay?”

Duo rolled his eyes. “I’m fine. How many consults do I have this afternoon?”

“Only three, but there are seventeen visa applications.”

“Great,” Duo said, making a face. “Make sure the Tanakas are on the top.”

“Why,” she asked. “They’re file didn’t seem... exceptional. They’ve never even been off Earth before and they don’t have any specials skills.”

Duo pointed to Heero who was following him and had been unexplainedly sulky since visiting Ty. “They’re his parents. They’re going to be citizens if they want. Him too. Get me his visa application. We’re getting married. Can you please find me a wedding planner, in house. I don’t want any more externals than needed.”

“Married? You’re getting married? Duo! Can I plan it? Please?” She jumped around, grabbing his hand dancing and he gave in and danced with her, spinning her and giving her a dip before setting her on her feet. “Please? I’m so happy for you.”

“Yeah, Megs. Fine.  You can plan the wedding. No media. Everyone in Camelot is invited.”

“Everyone?” Heero asked.

“Yeah. I don’t wanna leave anyone out. We’ll have a big ass barbeque.” Duo pulled a large glass tablet from the drawer. “My consults are waiting for me?”

“Yup,” she said, focusing on Heero. “So! Hi! I’m Megara.Camelot, but everyone calls me Megs. Welcome to Camelot! We’re excited to have you as a citizen.”

Heero rubbed his temple. This woman’s eyebrows were pink and her pupils were slits like a cat. Neither he nor Alexander had any real context to put someone like Megara.Camelot. “Does everyone who is a citizen here have Camelot as a last name?”

She tilted her head, an eyebrow raising, an expression clearly picked up from Duo. “No. Why would you think that? Only those of us born here from ectogenesis do. I saw your file. You’re Alexander Tanaka, right? How did you meet the mayor?”

“I am Heero Yuy. We met when we were young. Why is that relevant to you?”

“I’m his assistant. I’m planning your wedding. Are you really this much of an asshole?” She pulled a screen up over her left forearm, scanned him. “Yer ID says yer Alexander Tanaka.”

“Yes. I need office space. Can you provide me with office space?”

“Yeah, I guess. Duo’s gonna be busy for a couple of hours.”

“Thank you.” Heero gave her a sweet and gentle smile. Duo saw him give that same innocent smile to an enemy guard before shanking him in the war.

“So what’s yer favorite color,” she asked, leading him to a room he could use.

“#7 Alpha 5 Delta Charlie 7,” he said, looking over the room. “Have a nice day.”   Then he shut the door and turned up all the security measures.

Megs made a face at the door. “Oh like that’s gonna be a durable marriage. Crazy bastard.”


In his own office, Duo put the final approval on Alexander’s parent’s. He assigned them land by his own estate and then assigned Heero another parcel near both.  With that he let in the first of his consults.

“Mr. and Mrs. Anderson,” he said reluctantly. “Didn’t we decide you guys were divorcing last month? I moved both of you to new parcels on the colony, didn’t I?”

“Yeah,” she said, “But you won’t believe what he did! He tried to take Mr. Jefferson!  That’s my dog and I will not part with him!”

“That dog likes me better.”

Duo sipped Irish coffee from his coffee mug. The Andersons had married in 1951, after he’d come back from WWII, which was so long ago that Duo had a lot of trouble really conceiving of the concept. Like many of the folk living on Camelot, they’d been brought to him by Quatre’s people. He’d just been living along as well as he could while his mind decayed whilst he was still trying to use it, but sitting there looking at them argue over a dog he’d already told them he could clone for them, he realized he’d never really believed they were from that long ago. Remembering when they’d first arrived and they’d thought they were in heaven. Ernest Anderson had said he lived without cigarettes and whiskey for 30 years so he could to heaven and he damn well expected streets of gold. Duo had tried to explain that while they had that much gold, as they could synthesize it, gold was very heavy and it would destabilize the colony, make it much more difficult to maneuver, if he ever needed to. That had gone over well.... Duo had the streets in their neighborhood painted gold. It had been several years and they had come to accept that this wasn’t heaven. Sitting with them now, Duo realized they really were from fuck tons forever ago and that Quatre had been playing with time travel for a long time. That seemed so damn obvious now. How had he just glossed over it before?  Everyone knew time travel wasn’t real. Next he was going to find out that Heero was a werewolf. He propped his chin in his palm, nodding and staring as Mrs. Anderson expounded on the evils of doggie thievery. Heero... as a werewolf...  a foot taller, dark hair down to his shoulders, tight little waist, big cock, a big cock that knotted.. .Heero’s hands on his shoulders.. In the forest.. They’d be in the forest - there would be struggling and crying - Heero growling, something about being his forever.

“ARE you listening to me? Mayor Maxwell! Did you hear anything I said at all?”

“You should listen to her, boy!” Mr. Anderson said, “She was a teacher and she deserves to be respected!”

“Uh,” Duo said, “Uh.”

“That’s right. Now you apologize for not listening to Mrs. Anderson.”

She gave him this shy little smile, sweet and adoring.

“Uh. I’m sorry.” Duo said, really wanting another long drink of his ‘coffee’.

They reached out to each other, hands locking together. He smiled at her, this love like he’d fight through rattlesnakes to bring her a rose.

“So,” Duo said, having a sudden and he hoped, brilliant idea, “I was thinking about starting a militia. You’d have to de-age a little, but I’d love to have you in the squad, Mr. Anderson. We really need a sergeant with experience.”

“OH I couldn’t.. Not unless Agnes can also.. Have such an expensive treatment too. You understand, of course.”

“Oh yes,” Duo said, nodding seriously. “I’ll arrange treatment for both of you and Mr. Jefferson, of course. I know how important he is to you both. I believe, Mrs. Anderson, that you once expressed interest in being a nurse. You’re welcome to attend university here to become a nurse. The militia will need one.”

“Oh, Dearie, I’m much too old.”

“Well, take the treatment, because we really need Mr. Anderson’s assistance, for the protection of the colony. You know we have school children here too. There’s no pressing danger, but it’s never too early to be prepared! Maybe after treatment, you’ll feel more like taking some studies.”

“Well, maybe, maybe that would be okay,” she said as her husband took both her hand in both of his.

“Lovey, I think I’d really like to do this. To protect people, you know.”

“He was a police officer for twenty-five years,” Agnes said proudly.

“As I understand,” Duo said, speaking as much bullshit as he thought he could get away with,”he served with great distinction. I’d be honored to have you help me form the militia, Mr. Anderson.”

“Do you think it’s a good idea, Agnes,” he asked, a bit of light coming into his eyes, nervous energy about him.

“Why yes, I do think it’s an excellent idea. I think you should do it, Ernie! I do.”

“There. Then that’s settled. I’ll send a letter over within a few days with more information,” Duo said, standing and holding his hand out. “Thank you for coming to see me today, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson.”

Mr. Anderson took his hand shook firmly. “It was lovely to see you, Mayor Maxwell. I hope you’ll forgive me for being rough with you. I just had to protect my lovely wife.”

She tittered into her hand, snuggling close to  him.

Duo’s face was polite, professional. His lust for Irish coffee was high hand his dislike of antique gender roles higher. “Of course, I’m glad I could see you both. Have a lovely day!”


Saphron pointed at the small screen they were all watching the video on. “There, right there. Do you see dad’s face? What the hell is blondie saying?”

Jacob touched the screen, slowing it, zooming in. “He says, ‘I am never telling you that, ever.  I will not have you trying to rescue every waif in all of history.’ So.. you’re saying that Dad’s friend has actual time travel?”

“That’s what he said,” Saphron said. She pulled one foot up under her leg. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

“I don’t know,” Jacob signed, thinking about law school a whole lot more than he thought she was thinking about prison, but he was pretty sure that was where they were headed. “What are you thinking?”

Roy sat under the desk, sucking his thumb, listening to both of them as if they were explaining the meaning of the universe.

“Well. Heero’s parents are going to be here for the wedding. Don’t you think it would be good for Dad to have his parents?”

“So, dad’s parents are dead. I don’t think it’s okay to bring corpses to weddings and how the hell are you sure that they’re getting married. Just cuz dad got laid, don’t mean he’s gettin married.” Jacob tilted his head and arched his eyebrows.

“Yeah? So why did Megs order 250 blue roses and 250 purple roses and 500 kilo of white cake?” Saphron smirked, victorious.

Jacob held up his hands, signed as dignified as one could when being herded by Saphron. “Just because Winner Corp has time travel, doesn’t mean we do. He’ll never agree to letting so and get some people no one has actually met. Maybe they’re perfect assholes or something.”

“Nope. Dad’s parents are good people. It’s genetic and they deserve to see how their son came out.”

“What if dad came from ectogenesis,” Roy asked around his thumb, “And he ain’t got no parents. I ain’t got no parents.”

Saphron ruffled his hair. “You got us. I’ll boss you around some, if you want.”

He sucked his thumb and ignored her, staring at Jacob.

“If that’s the case, then at least he’d know,” Jacob allowed.

“That’d be a good wedding gift, right?”

Roy nodded.  Jacob reluctantly nodded, “But how are you going to get the technology to do that? If Mr. Winner wouldn’t give to Dad, he’s not giving it to us.”

Saphron held up a finger, smirking with satisfaction. “Watch this!”

Jacob watched. Roy curled up under the desk.

“Julia!” Saphron yelled. “I know you’re here. I know you heard everything we said.”

Julia did, in fact, manifest in her youngest form, sweet and cute, looking a little like Shirley Temple. “Yes, big sister?”

“You wanna go to school with us and hang out with us and be our friends forever?”

“Yes,” Julia said biting her lower lip.

“So go get us the time travel control tech out of the L4 ship that’s docked.”

“I can’t! I don’t know how!”

“Sure you do. You’re more than half computer anyway. You wanna hang out with us all the time, right?”

“Yeah, but Daddy’ll be mad if I steal!”

“This is for Daddy. You want to meet his mum, don’t you? You want to make Daddy happy, right? I know you can do it! Just get in, get out, don’t get caught.”

“And then I can come to school with you? Everyday?”

“Everyday. You have to make an older body though. Can you get the tech for us?” Saphron gave her a worried look.

“Okay! I can do it!” Julia said, already dissolving her current body and heading into an infiltration into the ship's computer.

“We’re gonna get in so much trouble,” Jacob said softly.

“Naw! This is gonna work great,” Saphron said proudly.


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