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fic: A Wrench to the Heart 12/?

A Wrench to the Heart 12/?
By Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

Morning brought sunlight through the windows that hadn’t even been visible the night before. Duo rolled over on his stomach and pulled back onto his elbows. Nothing hurt. He had to think about that for a moment. As he thought about it, nothing started to hurt. He took a deep breath, held it, let it out. Nope. Still nothing hurt.

Violet eyes looked to the side, to find Heero Yuy curled up on his bed, the sunlight making a halo behind dark hair, and he remembered everything they did the night before, from the point that he had somehow gotten into Heero’s lap to when their bodies joined for a second time in such a short time.  Fuck. He grinned wildly. Sex with Heero was wildly better than sex by himself. Heero was the cure. THE CURE for everything, and he felt in that moment that he was never going to forget anything ever again, never going to lose time, never feel like dying would be the best outcome, and God, he was hungry. Ravenous!

He jerked up to his knees, rolling back onto his ass, still grinning like a maniac. He studied Heero’s form, still sleeping under the light covers. One hand rubbed his mouth, violet eyes staring at Heero. His fingers rubbed over the stubble that would be a moustache if he didn’t shave soon. This was the outcome he always knew he’d get to, but had somehow given up hope of ever getting to. Somehow it shattered reality though and he found his own normal life to be far away, faded and thin.

It had been a week and a  half since he’d dropped Ty off at The Center. He held his upper lip between his teeth for a moment as he tried to think of some good way to make that okay. So much for promises of visiting everyday. At least it had only been a week, give or take, two weeks tops, given the trip to L1, and back, two and a half weeks, for sure, no more. He bounced off the bed, rubbed at a bit of dried evidence on his leg, grinned like a full moon and half ran off to the bathroom. God! He felt good. “Galen! Have breakfast sent up to my room, eggs, bacon, pancakes, rice, tea, and god, send up some Coke.”

Galen appeared as a translucent figure, wearing a toga and carrying a stylus and what might have been a wax tablet. “Anything else? Your white blood cell count is healthier today. Memory should be stronger. Perhaps you could spend some time in the gym?”

“That’d be good. Have reports on all the kids’ school work updated for me. I want to do burgers for dinner and cake. Tell the house to get that ready. Do I have any urgent messages?”

“The City Council would like to remind you that tomorrow is your in office day. Visa applications for Alexander’s parents are pending. There are five urgent messages from Chang Sung that require a password to open that is not included in your keychain.”

“Who is Chang Sung?” Duo asked as he started the shower, glanced back at Heero, felt all glowy and happy.

“He is the great grandchild of Chang Wufei.  He was a respected medical researcher in neuroscience and epigenetic expression, but was disgraced fifty years ago due to involvement in unethical and dangerous experimentation on unwilling human subjects.”

“Why the hell is he messaging me?” Duo asked, fingers flying through his braid to get it all undone.

“I don’t know. As I stated,” Galen said, slightly irritated, “the messages require a password that I do not have. They are both encrypted and locked.”

“Datso? Great. Reply asking for unencrypted messages,”  Duo said. “Tell the Council I’ll be there. Approve the visas for Alexander’s parents, arrange transportation for them. You’re the bomb, Galen.”

“As you wish,” Galen said, before making the hand gesture that indicated his departure.

Heero was still sleeping soundly when Duo finished eating, so he left the food so it would stay warm for Heero when he woke. He felt like he was walking on clouds as slipped out of the room. Heero Yuy was sleeping in his bed. The world was perfect! He closed the door as quietly as he could.

“You!” Charlie said, pointing a finger at him. “I want to know what’s going on? I’m the assistant, not the primary caregiver.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “I’m not sure that uncommitted sex is a good example to set for the kids.” She tilted her head, eyebrows rising accusingly.

“Wullnow,” Duo said holding up both hands. “Heero’s not really uncommitted. You don’t get much more committed than we are.”

Julia appeared then, hiding behind Charlie’s leg, her eyes big and sad.  Duo pointed his finger at her, “Oh stop that! I have a right to lock my door at night.”

Her lower lip quivered.

Duo straightened up, his own arms across his chest. “You all are just gonna hav’ta get used to it. Heero isn’t leaving. I love him. Do you understand? He’s not going anywhere.”
Julia’s arm shifted, becoming unfinished gundaniam, taking on claws - a little like Shenlong, a little like some weird Freddy Krueger gundam. Her now knife like fingers squeaked ominously as she flexed them.

“Oh, datso,” Duo said, violet eyes narrowing. He unfurled his arms like they were wings, coalescing the same little nanobots that made up Julia’s body to himself. He cloaked himself in a human form of Deathscythe. “Ima get ya now!”

Julia squaled and ran for the stairs. Charlie pressed herself to the wall, eyes wide, her soul about to float to the surface because she was so out of her depth again. Duo shook the house as he ran after her. She slide down the banister and he jumped over the edge, arms out to catch her when she got to the bottom, but he let her dodge and dive behind the couch in the central sitting room.

He roared like what he imagined a bear sounded like, stomped heavily around. She giggled and ran towards the fancy sitting room. He imagined black wings snapping out, great black bat wings that cast a shadow over her as he finally wrapped his arms around her, lifting her giggling and kicking form off the ground.

About then he noticed the very pretty Chinese man sitting on one of the Queen Ann style chairs sipping tea from British style china. The man wore a rich blue Chinese coat thing with knots silver embroidery. His pants were baggy and of the same beautiful blue silk. Black silk slippers covered his feet. He stared at them, his pinky out as he sipped his tea. His hair was done in dozens of tiny braids, each with a glowing little lightning bug kinda thing at the end.  Several of them tracked Duo like creepy little Medusa snake heads.

Duo dropped his costume and stood there with Julia hanging from his arms, her one hand still clicking as she moved her long metal blade fingers. “Who the hell are you and how did you get into mah house?”

Sung sat his tea down, leaned forward, fingers templing just like his grandfather might have. “I am Chang Sung and I have a key, of course. I need to speak with Shinigami, if you don’t mind, Dr. Maxwell.”

“Yeah,” Duo said, setting Julia down. “Go up to your room, Julia. I’ll come for you in a few minutes.”

She glared, pouty and stubborn, then glared at the stranger.  Sung waved back at her. She stomped off.  Once she was out of the room, Duo put his hands on his hips and got right to the point, “I haven’t heard that name since the wars. Is this something to do with the wars?”

Sung sidestepped and after a sip of tea, he asked, “I understand Yuy’s back. He’s always had such a poor affect on you.”

“Okay, dude, I don’t know you and I’m going to have to ask you to leave. Don’t be sending me anymore encrypted messages either. Your granddad was my buddy in the wars, but we really haven’t stayed real close. How did you even get on this colony? Galen tells me you don’t have a visa or a citizenship.”

“What a lovely little chatbot you are,” Sung nearly sang. He sat down the cup and stood. His elegant motion projected as non-threatening, yet carried very threatening energy. “This is a matter of urgency. I need to speak to Shinigami.”

Sung was across the room then, with Duo moving back as quickly as he could and falling into another chair, which tipped backwards only to be stopped and brought back with one of Sung’s black silk slippered feet hitting between Duo’s legs. Light glinted from a small silver blade. “I regret the pain I am about to cause you,” Sung said politely, even as Duo was trying to go up and back over the chair.

A pistol safety clicked off and Charlie spoke calmly. “I will shoot you in the head if you do not back away from him immediately.” She held the pistol expertly in both hands, calm and steady, showing every sign of being very capable of splattering Sung’s brains over the fancy sitting room. “Hands up. Release the weapon.”

“Oh little girl,” Sung said, straightening up, hands held up and wide, though he didn’t back any farther away and used his foot on the chair Duo was in to push it over just enough to keep Duo unbalanced with his own feet off the ground. “Don’t make me hurt you.”

“I was a Preventer field agent. I know who you are and the only reason you’re not dead is my employer asked me not to kill you.”

“How kind of you,” Sung snarled at Duo, slender fingers dropping the blade. “We’re not done here.”

Duo swallowed, face pale.

“Indeed, we are not,” Quatre said, his voice sounding young and strong again. He stood tall and strong, looking no older than twenty-five. He wore a dark suit, a dark blue tie that matched his eyes. Behind him two solidly built Maganacs, both with very seriously looking rifles pointed at Sung. “Sung. Duo is her boss, but I am her employer.”

“Uncle,” Sung said, smiling, looking much more polite now as he set Duo’s chair back down on all four legs. “Fancy seeing you here.”

“Chang  Sung, you are a bane upon my soul,” Quatre said. “Please keep your hands raised. It would be unfortunate if one of my men were to make a mess in Duo’s livingroom.”

“One must have priorities,” Chang said, backing away from Duo now. “I will never abandon him. You don’t frighten me, Uncle.”

Quatre smirked, adjusting a cufflink as he positioned himself between Duo and Sung. “Clearly, you’re stupid as well as morally challenged. Duo is not now, has never been, nor ever will be your lover, Sung. We are greatly looking forward to finding out everything you know about his illness though.”

Duo leaned around Quatre just enough so that Sung could see his face. “Yeah! What he said.”

The expression that fluttered over Sung’s face made Duo’s stomach go cold. “You’re nothing more than a chat bot and I look forward to deleting you.”

“That’s a pretty nasty thing to say,” Duo said. “You’re not as nice as your grandfather.”

“Were you fucking him too,” Sung asked, eyes flashing.

“Well, now that you ask, yeah, once or twice. I don’t remember fucking you though.”

“You’re a whore,” Sung snarled. “You’re not fit to wear his body.”

“Can I shoot him now,” Charlie asked angrily.

“Only if he moves,” Quatre said. “As a heliosphere deputy, I hereby place you under arrest, Chang Sung. Attempts to resist will be met with lethal force.”

“Uncle,” Sung said, eyes narrow while he drew up his hand to blow Duo a kiss. “You have always thought too highly of your abilities and being old hasn’t made you faster.”

And with that Sung was gone, disappeared into the data structure that supported the colony.


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