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fic: A Wrench to the Heart 11/?

A Wrench to the Heart 11/?

By Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

“Hey, Heero,” Duo greeted him without looking up from the corner he was staring at. “Lights.bliss.”

A soft blue light came on as Heero let himself into Duo’s bedroom. The room had a completely different feel when Duo was awake than when he’d been unconscious. The walls all seemed endless now. The Milky Way stretching all the way around the room. The only reason Heero knew Duo was staring at a corner was from having been in the room before. “How did you know it was me?”

“Charlie knocks and everyone else is loud as fuck,” Duo said, turning to smile over his shoulder. His hair was unbound, flowing over his back, but when he turned, Heero could see bare shoulder, muscular and defined. In the pale light, his hair looked golden yet somehow dark as wine. The blue softened the color of Duo’s eyes too, making them blue and Heero’s heart froze for a moment as his mind was unable to process how beautiful Duo was. “Why ya lookin at me like that?”

“You’re beautiful.” Heero grabbed the chair that Alexander had been sitting in and carried it closer to Duo before sitting down. At some point since dinner, Heero had found a pair of gray sweatpants and one of Duo’s old gray Preventer’s tee-shirts that read ‘Med Corps’ across the front. He rested his elbows on the chair’s arms, laced his fingers together, and stared with an intensity that made Duo blush. “I woke up this morning thinking I’d ask you to marry me after we went to the buffet.”

“I don’t remember,” Duo said. He seemed to pull a kitchen chair out of the wall, spun it around and sat down, arms folded over the back. “We we happy? My head is so full of holes, ‘Ro. I don’t think about it most of the time. I take care of the kids and I paint. I think about finding you. I’m never really going to find you, am I?”

“I’m right here,” Heero said firmly, gently. “Don’t you see me?”

“Sure, I do, Heero. I’ve seen you a thousand times before and you were never really there. When I sleep, the system rebuilds me as much as it can, and I’m always okay in the morning. Sometimes I lose time and then I feel really good for a few days, but you were living as Alexander and you’re safe and you’re happy, right?”

“I was living as Alexander and I was safe, but I am happier now,” Heero said. He non-threateningly scooted his chair closer and reached for Duo’s hand.  He rubbed the back of his hand with his thumbs, focusing on that for the space of a couple of breaths. “You risked your life to save mine. You created Alexander. There is no love greater than what connects you and I.”

“Wow, Heero, that’s too deep for me today. My head still kinda hurts,” Duo admitted.

“I understand. Please close your eyes for me. I’ll make the pain go away,” Heero said smiling sadly.

Duo closed his eyes. “I don’t think this is going to help, but you can keep holding my hand,” Duo said, smiling flirty like.

“I’ll keep holding your hand,” Heero promised. “I’ll hold you all night, like I used to.”

“Really? And you’ll be there in the morning?”

“I will,” Heero promised, right before he stabbed a long acupuncture needle into Duo’s hand. Duo yipped, but Heero held onto his hand.

When those eyes opened, they were dark as twilight. “Heero Yuy.”

“Yes. Hello, Shinigami. How have you been maintaining Duo’s neurological health?”

Shini pulled the needle out slowly, trailed dark red blood over his hand, drawing a dark line up his wrist. “I’ve been fucking Sung Chang and he gives me a very painful medical treatment. It works, but it works less well with each treatment. If I ever call out your name when I cum again, I am pretty sure he’s going to straight up murder me.” Shini winked, flicked the tip of his tongue against the corner of his mouth. “Also.... We’re dying. Where the hell have you been?”  While he spoke, he moved from the chair Duo had been straddling to worm on to Heero’s lap. The black silk pajama bottoms did nothing to shield Heero from Shinigami’s enthusiasm. The long caramel hair fanned around Heero’s knees. “Sung’s going to be pissed that the moment I found you, I ran straight for you. I thought Alexander might like Duo better than me. It seems to have worked out well.”

Heero ran his fingers into Shini’s free flowing hair and pulled him into a kiss. The kiss was familiar and fierce, helium ignition in to hydrogen, the two of them merging greater than either alone. Shinigami tucked his feet under Heero’s thighs and buried his fingers into Heero’s short spiky hair. The time they’d been apart had no meaning. What they’d done to survive in the meantime had no meaning. The time apart was the desert, but kisses were rain, touch-to-touch, lips and tongue, teeth, biting and taste, an urgency that felt insatiable, as if they would disappear when the kiss ended.

As the kiss slowed, Shinigami passed his lips slowly back and forth over Heero’s feeling the wet, the warmth, texture. “He needs to kiss you too.” Shinigami snuggled closer, a hand cupping Heero’s face. “So.. until this moment, I thought I was the real one. I thought I made separate choices. It’s not true. He’s my core being. You’re here now. He doesn’t need me anymore.”

Heero frowned. One hand on either side of Shinigami’s head, loving, gentle, he kissed him again. “I love you. I will take care of all of you. You are part of Duo and you are important.”

Shinigami drew Heero’s fingers to his lips, tracing those strong fingers over smooth lips.  “It seems so obvious right now. I’m just him. We’re dying, so all the days that are left, I just want to be me,” Duo said, one eye dark, one eye light. “And God, that makes no sense. My head still hurts too, Heero and I am so sitting on your lap with a hardon too, just saying.” Duo blushed brightly.

Heero kept his touch gentle, soothing as he caressed through Duo’s hair. “I could take care of that for you,” Heero offered, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

Duo squirmed, bare feet rubbing against Heero’s thighs. “Do I get to give as good as I get?”

“Yes.” Heero said, standing and bringing Duo with him.  Duo wrapped his arms around Heero’s waist while nuzzling Heero’s neck. “I like that.”

“And this,” Duo asked as he gently held Heero’s ear between his teeth, “do you like this too?”

“Yes,” Heero groaned, one knee on Duo’s bed as he carried him, “do that. Don’t stop.”

“Never,” Duo agreed, looking up at Heero, fingers brushing over his hair. “I’ll never stop, not till I die.”

“I’m not going to let you die,” Heero said. And they kissed again, like there could never be enough.


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