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Fic: A Wrench to the Heart 6/?

A Wrench to the Heart 6/?

By Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

Duo grabbed the silly chef hat from his head and stomped to the frontdoor.  Hair wild standing on end and lightly covered in pancake mix, he pulled open the door and glared. “What do you want?”

Dr. Angela Ledbetter smiled, a tray of candy apples held in both hands. As she stared at Duo her expression transitioned from forced cheerfulness to complete bewilderment.  “Dr. Maxwell... I.. I thought we might not have gotten off to a great start. I understand it’s a holiday on Camelot... to celebrate the life of Heero Yuy and I thought I might come by and spend some time with you and the kids.”

They stared at each other for a moment.

She smiled nervously.

He took a slow breath.  He had not slept enough.  He had to have the ‘are you staying or going’ conversation with the new assistant and it was the day everyone talked about Heero Yuy. ‘I don’t think he’s really dead,’ was like the last thing one could stay today and if he was anywhere near any kind of a messaging system, he was going to have all kinds of questions he didn’t want to answer. “Yeah. It’s a holiday. We’re going camping.”

“How lovely! I love camping! Is there a place to fish, as well?” Her smile became genuine and confident. “Have you ever been to Earth?”

Duo rolled his eyes. “Yes. Yes, I have. It was an experience I’ll never forget.”

“May I please come with you? Maybe we can talk about Earth?”

“No talking about Earth,” Duo said firmly. “You can come. Might as well. Do you like pancakes, Dr. Ledbetter?”

“I do! Let me cook! You don’t look like you’ve eaten yet.”  She pushed her tray of candied apples into his hands  “I think you’re really doing amazing work. Your name sake would be so proud!”  She smiled, waiting for his permission to talk over the kitchen.

Duo’s thoughts went to Father Maxwell and the man’s guidance and leadership.  In that moment, remembering the older priest was only pleasant. Duo smirked, smiled, shrugged. “Okay. Fine. You can make me breakfast. We’re walking today though, gonna be walking ten miles in, and back. No data connection, other than the first aid kit, and I don’t let anyone else know I’m bringing that.”

“Sounds very intense, but that’s okay with me. What do you like to be called. When I’m not at school, I liked to be called Angela, okay?”

“Yeah, sure thing, Angela. I’m Duo. Pretty much everyone calls me Duo.”

“Very nice to actually meet you, Duo. I’m sorry about my first impression. It was stupid of me,”  Angela said.

Duo motioned towards the kitchen. “Ima take a moment and I’ll be right there.”


Duo closed the bathroom door and leaned on it.  He wanted the day to stop right there. It had started out well enough and he’d had real high hopes, been very excited about it. Walking all day and showing the kids plants, bugs, fishing, looking at start, and just not being in the greater world for a couple of days. After a moment of leaning against the bathroom door, he opened up the first aid kit, “Low nag,” he whispered and the screen resolved into Heero’s face.  “Tell me I’m doing okay.”

“Hi Duo,” the AI said in Heero’s 15 year old voice, “You’re doing good. I’m proud of you.”

“Do you still love me?”

“I’m only a simulation, Duo.”

“Fuck it. Tell me you love me anyway or that I’m loveable that it’s good I’m alive. Do you think the real Heero could have loved me?”

“As far as I understand human intentions, I believe he intended to form a long term relationship with you. I have found a receipt for a ring in your size that he purchased three months prior to his last known contact. The ring was never picked up, but your name is also on the receipt.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this before,” Duo demanded, hands on the wall to the sides of the drab looking med kit.

“You didn’t ask a question to which that was a plausible answer.”

“What is a connection between Heero and the poet Emily Dickinson?”

“I don’t know of any connection between them. You might ask Relena. She has his effects and two books by Emily Dickinson were listed as property transferred to her.”

“Dat so,” Duo said, “Thanks, Heero.” Duo said, fingers brushing over the smooth screen.

The feeling when things were going to fuzzy always started like a buzz in his mind, like the air was a little too thin to really work in his lungs. He pressed his fingers to his temples. “Stop. Just calm down, calm down,” he whispered.

He blinked and he was in a hotel room.  The air was drier, purer.  He wasn’t on Camelot.L2.  Head spinning, he sat down on the bed and ran both hands through his hair.  The hotel wasn’t the best, wasn’t completely skanky either. Written on the mirror, in blue marker, “Alexander Tanaka.”

The flashback swallowed him and he was at the camp ground, back against his favorite big rock. On the surface, he’d been chipper and charming all day, teaching plant recognition, biology, evolution, survival, how to purify water, and by the end of the day, he’d set up the nice temporary shelters he’d build for each of them. One good thing about getting them to walk so far was that they were all out like rocks, or so he thought. He hadn’t had a shelter for Angela, so he’d given her his and he honestly expected her to be in it.  So he thought he was alone when he had the breakdown. He turned the first aid box, back against that rock, thinking he’d just get simulated Heero to talk to him.

Angela wasn’t in the shelter though. She was standing right beside him and the only thing prevented her from getting her nosy ass shot was that Duo hadn’t carried a gun in a long time.

“I know him. That’s Professor Tanaka. I met him when I did an exchange into the L1 cluster. Nice, man, brilliant, doesn’t talk much.”

Duo felt all over the sense of being reborn in the flashback that he’d had the moment she said it. “That’s Heero Yuy.”

“Oh there might be some resemblance. All the photos from that period always show him so much more dignified and noble.”

“Ya think so?” Duo asked, remembering a time when he caught Heero picking his nose. “Nobel, uh?”

“It was a different time,” she said.

From that moment, to making sure the kids were taken care of, getting passage, getting through immigration on this upstart L1 donut - he’d actually had to call Quatre to get him to apply pressure on L1 immigration.  As it was, they gave him a three day visa.  So they were still a little mad about that protest to draw attention to Heero not being dead. Just because there had been public nudity and he took over the colony’s media outlets for nearly an hour. That was at least twenty some odd years before. They really ought to be more forgiving.  

By the time his thoughts cleared enough to function enough again, he’d lost another hour. According to his calendar, he had twelve hours before his visa expired and they were after him. And they would be.

The local map though was good enough to give him the address for one Professor Alexander Tanaka. Duo ran out the door. He’d run all the way if he had to. Once Heero saw him! He’d remember... he’d explain! Everything would be okay!


Lyle Stafford said…
Hey, so I really liked them up to this point. Thee writing is still excellent ,, but the time skips or scene jumps are very confusin.. At this point. I have no idea where duo is or what is going o.. What part of this was flashback, or wha

Thanks for writing and sharing thi,, it's great!

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