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Santa Clarita: Cracked Heart: 3/? (Shinigami's Angel)

Santa Clarita: Cracked Heart: 3/? (Shinigami's Angel)
by Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

Warning: Continuity errors may exist, but I’m just writing this for the fun of it. I hope some other folk might enjoy it too.

Duo Maxwell particularly didn’t like being a patient in a hospital, but he liked being a prisoner in a jail quite a bit less. He also didn’t appreciate being in a 17 year old body.  He really did not remember thinking about sex this much when he had actually lived through his 17th year. Not that Heero was willing to really do much for that. Leaning against the cell wall, his feet tucked under him as he, at least superficially, tried to read the book the library cart had given him, he tried to remember if his Heero had been that shy over sex at 17.

That had been such a long time ago.  He turned a page he hadn’t read, turned it back, sighed.  Was it ... like child molestation to try to be with his Heero? Technically they were the same age, but practically... and how could it be wrong? Heero was married to Relena, after all. That made him an adult.

But some parts of him just weren’t adult. Duo sighed as he thought about the fragile innocence that was in those blue eyes when they’d kissed at the concert (AKA riot). It was unfair that Heero didn’t get his Duo back, though Duo didn’t want his 17 year old self back. He remembered being 17. The updated memory he’d had installed in the virtual world had somehow actually become a physical object in his own physical mind. Sally tried to get him to remove it.  

If the people in the virtual world had all be in his head... none of them actually real people... then they only existed in his head now and he had a duty to protect them. There was so much he needed to explore and remember about this world. The two actual years he’d been in the computer had brought a lot of chances and yet, not nearly as much technological progress as he’d seen in the 600 in the computer system. Still, the things he’d learned in there worked just fine in the real world.

Maybe the people in the computer had just stopped... faded into digital dust when he woke up. He wondered if they looked for him, missed him? In time, when he and Heero were more... solid, he wanted to go back, see if those people could be brought into this world.

Of course, he had to manage to not get sent to prison first. Real world ethics had never really made sense to him. What was he supposed to do... let them riot and kill each other?


Heero Yuy stared at the screen in the bar as the news played.  Duo Maxwell had been arrested. The commentator was talking about if he had been in hiding for two years, and maybe charges related to the crimes against humanity needed to be revisited, that maybe it was time to send him to adult prison. They were talking about charges of dealing illicit drugs, unlicensed surgeries, violating governmental rulings.

Heero sipped his coffee and smirked. That was his baby. Duo couldn’t not help people. That’s just how he was. The time they were doing emergency response early in their medical internships and Heero had had to hold Duo back from jumping into the stormy sea to save people came to mind.

“Buddy, that is your third cup of coffee. You gonna pay for those? You want a sandwich or something,” Valentine the bartender said while giving Heero a stern look.

The world inside their computer had long since stopped caring about money.  He had come with some money though it was well and truly the product of forgery and now, he found it really hard to pull out of his pocket. He’d also brought four gold coins, so he pulled one of those out.  He wasn’t sure why stealing was less bad than forgery. Maybe when he sat down and stole some money from a bank, well, that wasn’t hurting any particular person, but passing counterfeit bills might actually hurt some normal person. He held the coin up. “I’ll give you this for the coffee if you tell me where I might exchange another like it for cash.”

“I can’t take that,” Valentine said seriously. “Don’t worry about the coffee. On the house. There’s a pawn shop, three blocks down. They won’t give you a good rate though.”

“Fine. I’ll come back and pay for the coffee as soon as I can. Thank you.” He finished off his coffee and picked up his sack.  He needed to find a room, somewhere he could work. He needed to build somethings so he could get Duo out of that jail. Then he’d get him to come home.  

And so it was that Heero found himself in a hotel room on the worst side of town, bags full of electronics that he was gutting and repurposing for his rescue mission when his door knob started to twist, the door shake as if someone were trying to get in.

The best weapon he had was a soldering iron, but he really just wasn’t in the mood, so he went back to building the stealth shielding that he’d been working on all morning.

When the door finally burst open, Heero stared disapprovingly. His stomach growled and he realized he was actually quite hungry.

The young man in his doorway was white with long blond hair and very large semi-automatic pistol. “Gimme yer money!”

Heero arched an eyebrow. “No.”

“Don’t ya see ma gun?”

“I see it. You hold it like it’s the first time you’ve ever threatened anyone with one. How about I give you a credit card and you go get me some sushi. Buy yourself some too. I’ll give you work for a couple of days.”

“I am gonna shoot your skinny chink ass!”

And then he did.

Heero feel over sideways, blood and brains spraying everywhere. His soldering iron swung beside the table.

The little thug was leaning over Heero’s project, eyeing suspiciously. “What the fuck this bastard was making....”

Heero strode back in, shut the door, locked it and made it up behind his attacker before the boy heard him coming. He leaned close and whispered in his ear. “Well, to start with! It’s not yours.”

“Holy shit,” the guy screamed, jumping out of his skin, almost tripping over Heero’s now abandoned former body, “Holy Mary, Mother of God! I shot you in the head!”

“Yes, you did,” Heero said, striding over his body as the boy backed up, speeding up on him just as the boy made for the window.  Heero caught a handful of dirty blond hair and pulled him back up right, “And it was very rude of you. Now it is behooved to see that you don’t do that anymore. I Have so much work to do and I’m hungry!”

“Please Sir! I’m sorry, Sir! I won’t do it no more! Don’t hurt me!” He cried as Heero made him sit down on the end of the bed.

“I am not going to hurt you. What is your name?”

“I’m Bee! That’s what folk call me!”

“What is your name on your identification?”

“I ain’t got no identification. Are you a ghost? Are you going to... eat me?”

“No, and definitely not. Fine, Bee. Do you have a last name?”

“No, Sir. What are you gonna do,” Bee said, staring around Heero, his eyes blue eyes looking at the very dead body of the same man as blood continued to seep out.

“Henceforth, your name is Beethoven Maxwell. Duo shot me the first time I met him too. Now, if you would please look into my eyes for just a moment, I’m going to fix your life.”

“You’re not going to kill me?”

“No, but you are never going to pick up a gun again, Bee. Look into my eyes.”

It was only the tiniest blink as far as Bee was concerned. He only glanced at those blue eyes, but then he felt so much love for everyone, for every human in all the Earthsphere. He couldn’t imagine who he’d ever pointed a gun at anyone. He felt so intensely ashamed for having slapped his mother that morning, taken her cigarettes. Then he was crying and the angel was rubbing his back, soothing him.

For the next week, he ran and fetched for Heero. He bought his mother groceries and some new clothes with the money Heero said he’d earned. He went to church every day. He told the gang he’d been about to join, that he couldn’t join, he’d found God.

The Blue Eyes of the Angel of God had looked into his soul and burned away all the hate, all the anger. He went to seminary. He became a priest.  For those who were very far from the path of God, sometimes he would tell them the story of the Blue Eyed Angel and how God can save you at the very last moment.

Heero worried that Duo was going to find out about Father Maxwell though and there would be hell to pay. He imagined Duo going off on him like, “So the fucker SHOT you in the HEAD and you named him Maxwell? What the hell are you trying to say?”

If Heero was an angel though, he was Duo’s angel. Shinigami’s angel didn’t really want to explain that whole experience. There had to be a lot of Father Maxwells, right?


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