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From the Band Maid Concert

I have this other idea.. the woman whose hair was dancing around... it had such a beautiful red light around it. So I'm going to try again, but this try was also interesting.

Fic: Giving Lancelot 1/?

Giving Lancelot By Max Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved

Note: It doesn’t seem so long ago 2012, and yet it is a lifetime away.  I’m not sure this is a good story. I’m not sure it’s finished. In fact, I know it’s not finished.  So I’ll say that this is Giving Lancelot 1. It was inspired by a real event on February 14, 1349.  Still, I wanted to share it with you.

Madeline Bessette had been strikingly beautiful once with pale blue eyes and silken hair that a lover had once swore he’d mistaken for moonlight. She’d never been a lady, though she’d slept in the beds of ladies, in the sparkling days of memory, sometimes a different lady’s bed each night. She’d never wished to keep those beds, for she wished to own one of her own, halls of her own, brushes and ink of her own, and she had. Fire crackled in her fireplace. She ignored the young man standing just inside her doorway for another moment as she used a small brush to add charcoal shading to the landscape she worked on.
“Mother,” he said …