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Fic: Cake of Death 1/1

Cake of Death
by Max

disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

Notes: This is a follow up to Cupcake of Death, is set after the war. The boys are 19.

pic Cupcake of Death:
fic Cupcake of Death:

Wufei, Heero, and Duo shared an apartment. It was two bedroom. Heero and Duo had the master bedroom and Wufei had the bedroom formerly known as the living room, but they still counted it as a two bedroom apartment.  Duo and Heero were in college, both working on pre-med degrees. Wufei had gone straight to medical school. In his opinion, he was smarter than Maxwell and Yuy combined. He’d been of that opinion before Duo Maxwell took up illegal street racing.

Nothing, whatsoever, at all, in anyway, not even a little bit, prepared him for what Duo Maxwell was doing in the kitchen. Of their shared apartment... or where he got the money to be undertaking an endeavor.. or where he acquired the skills for such an endeavor.



There he was.


Violet eyes popped up over the towering edge of layer cake. Black frosting smeared across his face, looking a little like smeared mascara. “Hey Wu! Hand me that tube o’frosting, uh?”

Wufei’s mouth went dry as his eyes moved from the platform near the kitchen floor, up 1, 2, 3, 4, .... 15 layers of cake.  Duo was on a ladder on the other side, his hair all tucked under a plastic cap, as he swirled a diminishing decorator tube of frosting along the smooth and perfect edge of the 13th layer.  “What is... this?”

Duo pushed a bit of frosting out on his finger, stuck it in his mouth, grinned crookedly. “It’s a Cake o’death.”

“Indeed,” Wufei agreed. “Why is it in our kitchen? You made this?”

“Been at it for twelve hours,” Duo said, winking, having another shot of frosting, then went back to the intricate design on the black and white cake.

“Why,” Wufei asked in a kind of horrified, mortified, completely uncomprehending voice.

Duo held out the frosting tube, like Wufei might like a bit of pitch black frosting.

Wufei held up both hands, shook his head as politely as he could when he was thinking about how many ants were going to try to carry this abomination away.

“Well, see,” Duo said, getting down to get the next tube on his own. “See, in the war, Heero brought me this cupcake. Best shit I’d ever eaten. It was like, our first valentine’s, ya know?  He’s always taken such good care o’me and well, today is valentine’s day and I wanted to give’im a cake.”

“You don’t say,” Wufei said, counting the layers again. “You can’t eat this much cake, Maxwell. Not even Yuy can eat this much cake. It’ll cause some variation of alcohol poisoning.”

“Nonsense,” Duo said, finishing off the design he was working on. “It’s low fat, sugar free, low free, just enough protein to be healthy, lots of vitamins, tastes great, and I mighta got a little carried away.”

Wufei ran a hand over his face. “You don’t say.”

“Come on,” Duo said, winking. “Heero gave me the best cake that could be had and I just want to show him how much I love him!”

“By making a hundred pound cake? Duo Maxwell.. you have put a five foot tall cake in our kitchen. There are fifteen layers of fucking cake in our kitchen! I really want a beer.”

“Can’t open the fridge. Sorry. Poor planning on my part. Go buy some.”

Wufei’s lips pursed up, as if he were considering how intoxicating Duo’s blood would be if he just drank that. “Yuy might be a widower if you don’t have this cleaned up real good by tomorrow.”

Duo winked again, as he carried a bowl of bright red fluid gel up the stairs. “No problem, Wu. I’ll clean it up. Chill. Yeah.”

Wufei’s jaw pushed forward, dark eyes narrowing and glaring as he imagined Duo laid out in the morgue. “I am capable of murdering you. It will be a cupcake of death, indeed.”

“Ya might wanna step back, Wu.”  Duo said, as he started to pour the bright red gel, which as it turned out, was packed with pretty red hearts that were carried down the layers like a pretty red valentine’s day waterfall. “And fuck... chill. I ain’t the one with murder in my eyes, ya know?”

“I have PTSD.”

“Yeah. Me too,” Duo said, up on the ladder, his finger trailing through the bowl of bright red gel, before he sucked his finger clean.  “We all deal in different ways. Today it was cake! It’s a Cake o’Death! Ain’t she beautiful?”

“It’ll be clean tomorrow?”


Wufei glared, but spun on his heel and went off to study.

An hour later, Heero slipped through the door, trying to be as quiet as he could. He wore a tuxedo, custom made, that moved with him, graceful as fluid dynamics, but high voltage sexuality with black silk lapels and a hand tied bowtie. In his pocket he had the keys to a souped up red Mustang, an over the top gift that he hoped to surprise Duo with.

Dishes clanked in the sink and Heero stepped into the kitchen and stopped.

Duo turned, grinned, and stopped. His eyes roamed up and down Heero. His heart sped up. A bit of color darkened his cheeks. He licked his lip, held his lower lip between his teeth. He wore rattie blue jeans, a black tee-shirt, no shoes, and black frosting still on the tip of his nose. “Happy Valentine’s, Baby.”

Heero shivered, the sight of Duo’s muscular arms and those soft pink lips and he was so very hungry for things that weren’t cake. “Will you be my Valentine?”

“Yeah,” Duo said, drying his hands off. “I made ya a Cake o’Death. You remember the cupcake and all?”

“Yeah,” Heero said, pulling the keys from his pocket. “I got you a cherry red Mustang.”

Duo pounced then, throwing his arms around Heero’s neck, kissing him, licking his lips. Heero dropped the keys, held him tight, lifting him off the floor, chest-to-chest, heart beat to heart beat. Whatever happened, the cake went over backwards. Heero watched over Duo’s shoulder as it went, slow and cracking it’s smooth frosting walls as it went. He didn’t really care though as he kissed Duo’s neck, making him moan in all the most delightful ways.  A few minutes later  they were on the floor, feeding each other cake, painting with frosting, stripping. It was like wedding all over again, renewal of vows, delicious vows, touches that reinforced intimacy, and sex on a bed of cake was a bit better than sex on a beach.

Happy Valentine’s Day


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