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Pic: Younger Self

Seth did the line art and I colored him and added the text.

Fic: Cake of Death 1/1

Cake of Death by Max

disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing
Notes: This is a follow up to Cupcake of Death, is set after the war. The boys are 19.
pic Cupcake of Death: fic Cupcake of Death:

Wufei, Heero, and Duo shared an apartment. It was two bedroom. Heero and Duo had the master bedroom and Wufei had the bedroom formerly known as the living room, but they still counted it as a two bedroom apartment.  Duo and Heero were in college, both working on pre-med degrees. Wufei had gone straight to medical school. In his opinion, he was smarter than Maxwell and Yuy combined. He’d been of that opinion before Duo Maxwell took up illegal street racing.
Nothing, whatsoever, at all, in anyway, not even a little bit, prepared him for what Duo Maxwell was doing in the kitchen. Of their shared apartment... or where he got the money to be undertaking an endeavor.. or where he acquir…

Fic: Cracked Heart 2/?

Cracked Heart 2/? by Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

Warning: This came out with some religious feel to it... no disrespect was meant to anyone.
Note: The whole Santa Clarita story series has been so formative for me. I expect it’s pretty disjointed to anyone who isn’t me, but in many ways, it’s me growing up... somehow. On my birthday, which is what today is, I want to revisit what I think is the best in me and the best in the world.
The world was still rebuilding after the wars. Torn buildings, torn communities, torn hearts - none of them made for a comfortable peace.

Relena had become president of the Earthsphere in the same month that Heero became her husband. The terms were fair. Each hoped for things and each knew the other hoped for something else. She had funded his search for Duo. She had searched for Heero’s heart.  Both were treasures that could be found. While Heero found Duo and rescued him from the virtual reality prison he’d been in, Relena had also found Heero’s h…

Minerva’s Ink 1/?

Minerva’s Ink 1/? by Max
copyright 2016 all rights reserved
Notes: This is a casually historical story. Please don’t hope for super historical accuracy, but it’s likely to be more accurate than not. Also, this is a supernatural story. It might get scary.

When a man’s heart has gone dark, it isn’t like the dead of winter and one must just tide over the lean months until spring comes again, warming the ground and bringing ready smiles. No. When a man’s heart darkens the hope of returning light is often in vain. Felix Barbatius stared at the approaching shore, elbows on the railing of the ship, and saw no beauty in anything.
Around his neck hung a cylinder that protected a letter from the Emperor Vespasian, which at least was honor, if not light.  An edge of military service still imprinted his posture, his movements, even though his hair had grown out a bit and now danced on the breeze as the ship rushed towards the town. The ocean and his eyes were a deep Mediterranean blue. A whip of a ma…