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the ball

Trying different software on the same sketch

Fic: The Light

The Light by Max Written for a prompt given by Brendan Copyright 2015 J. Maxwell all rights reserved
#Donald Trump
The stage was dark. The audience, still at first, simmered into a restless muttering, squeaking of chairs, the occasional muted glare of a lighted screen.
Someone coughed, strong, then muffled.
The theater had been fantastic once.
Maybe a couple of times.
Those ghosts left only the very slightest hint of very proper moldering dust to settle around people who could afford a ticket to live theater.
The light, when it faded in, was yellow, incandescent from bulbs old enough that few in the audience had seen quite that color. The stage was worn brown wood, the varnish worn down from such things that people have done. As the warm circle of light grew and slipped to the rear a single man came into view.
Rumpled black suit, rumpled body below, curved and heavy, not having seen grace in his life. His shoulders slumped. Beady black eyes looked at the floor.
Behind him,…

Comic: Random: Missing You and the Crows from The Problem with Shiny

It was just some pencils I found... I don't remember where it was going, but I felt like coloring it.  I don't own Gundam Wing.   Also... the crows from The Problem with Shiny.

Fic: The Problem with Shiny 1/1

The Problem with Shiny 1/1 Christmas 2015
by Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing.
Note: Oh my gosh... I have so many stories to get done... I’m so torn between original and Gundam Wing.  I guess I’ll take writing when it happens, as it happens.

Life has its paths. Years wind around lives like roots digging deep into the soil. It had been two hundred years since Duo Maxwell had seen Heero Yuy.
Duo sat on the counter, legs swinging to the music playing through his dots. His hair was darker, still brown, but a much deeper sable. His eyes were darker to, more twilight than dawn now. He had a goatee threaded through and knotted just below a small sapphire bead. His jeans were faded, worn, as were his boots. He wore a baggy gray sweater of a fine thread, a new silk type that was soft, water and projectile repellent and never needed to be washed. So there he sat, feet swinging, his grin growing as he watched Heero walk across the port.
The argument they’d had the last ti…

Lady M

Lady M
civilized wild curved caress dark lines a million breaths have drawn and faded to read the light through your eyes and as many to see the beauty of them jaded forest darkest mystery city nymph sparkling human sentience
Max December 2015