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The Shadowed Wish 1/?

The Shadowed Wish
by Max

copyright 2015, all rights reserved

Story Statement: Taylish Morgan relives his life as a way to prevent his death and be reunited with his husband.

Note: So I’m going to write it out, then edit for a paperback version. This should be a whole novel. :)

The voice is soft, a nice tenor voice, a little smoky, and it whispered so close that breath seemed to caress chill skin, exposed cheek, chill burned ear, “Wake up you sorry mother fucker.”

Taylish’s eyes snapped open, cloudy green staring at the ceiling of the morgue. The cold in his bones was as if they’d turned to stone, heavy and dark. Moving his fingers hurt, tweeking nerves all the way up his scalp, but the desire to move was too strong to resist.

Sense of smell returned next, thick and sweet to him with the addicting scent of his favorite cigarettes. Returning life hit him hardest when the memory of his husband spilled into his thoughts, one detail at a time, like some field of wildflowers opening in time lapse film - the red of his hair, fine and lifting on the breeze, eyes like twilight, but the part of the sky that was holding onto the day as if it would never let go, dark amethyst and full of secrets, and  even though he watched Daniel smiling at him, the breeze lift his hair, he could smell the warmth of his skin, familiar and sweet, and fuck, being alive was worth any price.

“You’re wrong,” another voice snarled, “you stupid boy, and you’re weak and you’re stupid on top of it.”  Kai growled, the puffed another small cloud of Taylish’s favorite imported cigarette smoke from thin pale lips.

Taylish forced himself to sit up. The cold metal slab he lay on was about as forgiving as everything else in his life. Stiff sheet fell to his lap and he took a deep shuddering breath that felt like bits of granite exploding in his lungs, ripping throbbing headache over his scalp, and then, without further warning, all the color came back to his vision like a laser to his brain. “Oh. shit.”

“Yeah, yeah, resurrection hurts like a bitch, stop whining. If you get your ass dressed, I'll buy you breakfast. Coffee always helps me.”

Taylish arched an eyebrow. What ever was in place of his stomach didn't fucking want food, ever. “Who the hell are you?”

“I am Kai. I'm your biological father, much to my deep surprise. It has brought me much educational humility.”

“You made me insane.” Tay accused as he grabbed the tee-shirt from the foot of the bed. “I've been in the mental hospital for six years! I don't know what the fuck you are, but I am going to find out?”

“You really are stubborn and stupid Taylish Morgan.” Kai sighed and took another drag on the cigarette. “Who or what I am doesn't matter.”

Taylish grabbed the jeans, glaring angrily at the other man. “Are those my cigarettes?”

“Yeah, but you were dead, so I figured you wouldn't mind. You're gonna want to wait another couple minutes before you stand up, sweetie.”

The last thing Taylish wanted to do was anything this jerk wanted him to do, but on the whole, his legs felt worse than his stomach. His memory was in bits and pieces and he thought he was more zombie than miracle recipient.  “So how did I get into the morgue?”

“Heart attack. You were in here for a week.  My beloved declared a hunt and I didn’t pick up my messages for a few days. Sorry about that.”

“Oh yeah, no problem,” Taylish said, trying to figure out how any of this fit together. “I didn’t mind being dead at all, I don’t think,” he said, sarcastically, which oddly enough helped him feel the edges of himself, of his identity, like slowly making his way down the hall in the dark. Then feeling came back to his hand like some nerve spasmic hangover and he doubled over the bunched up denim. The weight of a whole life pressed down on him, maybe like some perverted hangover where his life was vomited up over his nerves, back out his soul and all he could hope was that he had a fucking good time getting this god damn fucked up. He actually looked at his hand then, at the bent fingers, wrinkled skin, skin that was too big for his bones, and he forced himself back up and stared. His poor broken mind could see the same hand reaching out to brush red hair back from Daniel’s face, strong and young, a wedding ring silver on his finger, but then at the same time, there was this old man hand without even a suntan line from a ring that must have been gone for a lifetime. “What the fuck happened to me?”

“Well,” Kai said, sounding more apologetic and less like the arrogant asshole he probably was, “I tried to save you. I really shit at it. The only person I’ve ever been any good for is Dorian and he’s not like anyone else. Look, get dressed, Tay. You’re going to need some breakfast.”

Shaken, he turned so his legs hung over the metal slab and shook out the jeans. “What year is it?”

“2054. a nice number over all. Two and four is six, which is one more than five. Nice pattern.”

Taylish cocked an eyebrow and glared for a moment for jumping off the slab like he was a twenty year old not fucking old zombie man. “I thought it was 2010.”  His lips went numb and he leaned against the slab as he fastened his jeans. The cold of the morgue floor against his feet actually felt good, grounding, as if he could somehow just pull 44 years out of his fucking ass. “44 years... where’s Daniel.”

“He died in 2010,” Kai said, and he continued to talk.

Whatever he said after 2010 couldn’t make it past the roar in Taylish’s ears. “Daniel.” The tears that slipped down his face followed hot tracks, but felt empty to him, and nothing made any kind of sense. Broken, he turned to the other man, the man who looked like he was 19 and yet claimed to be his biological father and for a moment, Taylish wanted to promise himself it was all a dream, just a really shitty shitty dream. “Why the fuck did you wake me up,” he asked, voice breaking.

“I,” Kai said and he paused, his own history and choices conflicting in his eyes for a moment, “I want to save you. I was born a man of Earth. My heart lies elsewhere. I belong to my king through my soul and bones, but you’re my only blood and I love you. I have a way to fix this, but it’s just once chance and your chances of saving him are obscenely small. The dead are supposed to stay dead.” Kai reached inside his pants pocket and pulled out a small black coin, holding it up between his middle and pointer fingers as if that was supposed to mean something.

“What do I have to do?”

“I don’t really know,” Kai confessed, “But I can send you back to when you met him so you can figure it out. Don’t think this was cheap or I’ll be able to do it again. If you get it wrong, you and he are both dust and I can’t bring you back again. Do you understand that this is one shot?”

“I don’t understand anything,” Taylish said as he pushed away from the slab. He ran his hands over his head, expecting long blond curls and finding only wrinkled skin. He stood proud though in a ruined body, “But I’ll do what I need to to figure it out. What do I need to do?”

Kai jumped up, winked, and shoved the coin back in his pocket. “Well, first there will be breakfast, then I’ll send you back in time. It’s gonna hurt like a bitch. You deserve it, just so you know.”

“You are too weird to be my biological father. My dad’s a preacher.”

“I love Peace. He’s a good man,” Kai said, holding open the door, motioning for Taylish to come along.

“Shoes? Did you bring me shoes?” Taylish asked wincing as he padded across the cold floor.

“I brought you back from the dead. I forgot the shoes. I think I’m more ahead than not. I’m ready for my thank you now.”

Taylish thought that serious disdain ought to look at least more significant on an old face. He did his best to scowl with the gravity that a bald old man ought to have.

“Waaaa,” Kai said, pointing at one of the morgue doctors, who was slumped over a desk, sleeping with his mouth wide open. “He’s about your size. Take his shoes.”

“I’m not taking some poor dude’s shoes!” Tay wrinkled his nose looking around the office space. There was the one doctor stretched out on his desk, a woman on her back on the floor, her coffee congealing around her head and another woman who seemed to have slid down the wall, her phone still clutched in her hand. “Did you hurt these people?”

Kai spun walking backwards with grace and charm, a huge grin on his face, “I was about to wake the dead. I needed them to leave me alone.”  He made a dismissive wave with his hand batting the air above his head. “Don’t worry, they’ll wake up in a couple of days, and my goodness! You are so fucking picky. Insane for 40 years and dead of a heart attack for a week and you’re still more cop that not. I got gangster in my blood and so did your mom. I don’t know how you run to tenth degree cop.” Kai spun back around and strode towards the exit.

“What do you know about my mom,” Taylish yelled, running to keep up.

Once outside, the night was even colder and the concrete made the linoleum seem really kind. “Fuck it’s cold!”

Kai rubbed his forehead, staring out the side of his eyes, as if the idea of cold was just the strangest thing and he couldn’t really respond. “My car will be here in a moment. I’ll order you some shoes. Fuck me, mortals are pathetic.”

“Like you’re not mortal, you fucking psychopath!”

The movement was like smeared ink and suddenly Kai was in Taylish’s face, eyes obsidian black, polished and cold, “The cold doesn’t bother me, but other things in this world bother me a lot. I just brought you back from the dead, boy. Watch your mouth.”

The hair Taylish didn’t have stood on end and his heart felt tight as he leaned back a little. The face, inches from his, was not human. “I’m sorry.”

Immediately, Kai was back in the place he’d been, looking like a slightly sketchy slouch. “Great.  I don’t like you old. I liked you better young.”  When his fingers flicked, for a moment Taylish saw them as long and black, with claws, almost like living wands.

The air left his lungs and he went to one knee, face twisting up and a headache like twenty hangovers in one hit him. When breath came back, he coughed, going down on all fours. His hands were young. They were the hands he remembered. Blond curls brushed his cheeks and in that moment, he could see the likeness between himself and this surreal otherworldly wizard. Things that had never made sense, now somehow did, even if all the puzzle pieces were scattered and tumbled. The worst though was the hunger like his stomach had become the Oroboros and there was never going to be enough food.

A black Mustang rolled and Kai gestured at it. Both the front and back doors opened, revealing and elegant black leather space that looked more like a living room than any care Taylish had ever imagined. Kai grinned brilliantly, eyes sparkling playfully. “Come on, I’m hungry.” He held up one hand, fingers spread. “So much magic use! I’m going to be drained for a decade.”

Whatever else was true... this man had power. Taylish found strength, and rose. He settled into the car. His truth was that while he didn’t understand everything. He knew he’d do what he needed to to make sure he found his way back to Daniel and that Daniel was safe. In the privacy of his thoughts, he whispered his love to his husband as the car doors shut.  Whatever he needed to do. He’d find his way home.


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