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fic: Santa Clarita: Frozen Heart 1/1

Santa Clarita: Frozen Heart: End of the Arc by Max

disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing.

Note: Oh my goodness... this whole Santa Clarita storyline... from the moment Duo got kicked back in time, raising the cow, learning where meat comes from, raising the Aztec, so many little silly stories - I always thought this story was going back to Heero and Duo’s science center... that they’d come waltzing in victorious and that would be that. In then... I guess that’s not what’s happening. Took me completely by surprise... but this story was always more about my own therapy than entertaining others. I’m deeply grateful for those of you who gave me feedback over the course of this story. I can’t express my gratitude enough.  The last couple years have been very formative and occasionally dark for me, but you all kept me company like the best of human community - so thank you :)

Frozen Heart: End of Santa Clarita

Duo stared at himself in the mirror, toothbrush in his mouth, just paused there as he …

Art: Shadowed

The Shadowed Wish 1/?

The Shadowed Wish by Max

copyright 2015, all rights reserved

Story Statement: Taylish Morgan relives his life as a way to prevent his death and be reunited with his husband.
Note: So I’m going to write it out, then edit for a paperback version. This should be a whole novel. :)

The voice is soft, a nice tenor voice, a little smoky, and it whispered so close that breath seemed to caress chill skin, exposed cheek, chill burned ear, “Wake up you sorry mother fucker.”
Taylish’s eyes snapped open, cloudy green staring at the ceiling of the morgue. The cold in his bones was as if they’d turned to stone, heavy and dark. Moving his fingers hurt, tweeking nerves all the way up his scalp, but the desire to move was too strong to resist.
Sense of smell returned next, thick and sweet to him with the addicting scent of his favorite cigarettes. Returning life hit him hardest when the memory of his husband spilled into his thoughts, one detail at …

comic: Black Blood 3/3