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Fic: Santa Clarita: The Path Forward: Black Blood 2/?

Chapter One: (obviously.. .didn't turn out to be a one shot...

Fic: Santa Clarita: The Path Forward: Black Blood 1/1

Santa Clarita: The Path Forward: Black Blood by Max Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing. Notes: This is au... it’s more more current sci-fi than Gundam Wing was.  This is set several hundred years after Bad Parenting.
Warnings: Sex and character death, not one of the boys, mind you, but it still made me cry.

Strong fingers, calloused, the middle finger bent from a break that didn’t heal right, those fingers slowly caressed down glossy black hood.  Lean hips covered in worn denim pressed against shiny new metal and then the man boosted himself up to the hood, pivoting and leaning back against the windshield. One back boot rested on the hood of his favorite, the other leg hung lazy off the side, comfortable with a reckless kind of grace. A bit of dark grease lingered on the hard edge of his jaw and matched the smear on his dark blue Maxwell Salvage tee-shirt. His braid rest on his shoulder, trailed down his chest to his belt, shorter than it would have been, but there had been a fire and h…