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Fic: Santa Clarita: Santa Muerte 2/2

Santa Clarita: Santa Muerte 2/2 by Max

Disclaimer: I still don’t own Gundam Wing and I think I get a little older every day, but my hair is still blue :)
Warning:  There is a lot of world building on this and I guess, Santa Clarita has always been AU.. but it’s getting pretty far afield from GW as I start to explore the adult’s lives.

Joel’s strongest connection to another human being was to Allen, but his connection to M2 was a whole different kind of connection, maybe it would even be a deeper connection, but in all honesty, even ten years after opening his eyes from what he had thought was certain death to staring into hers, he wasn’t sure he’d even really fully started exploring how he felt about her.  If his rebirth had been baptism, Allen had lured him into the water and put him under, but M2 was the one that pulled him up and into the air again.  Allen made him want to be a better man, but M2 made it actually happen.
As they glided silently into the quaint 1800’s looking Wyoming …

fic: Santa Clarita: Santa Muerte: 1/?

Santa Clarita: Santa Murete: Chapter One by Max

disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing Warning: I’ve wandered pretty far afield from Gundam Wing. My Santa Clarita stories are wide and vast and primarily serve to entertain me. I hope others wil be able to enjoy them, but if I could write solid commercial fiction anymore, I’d probably have a nicer something.

Notes: This follows Alive... it might be interesting to note that there is another story in this series that I haven’t finished ... right after Alive, Wu was miffed that Duo did something he hadn’t done, so he cooked up a dinosaur.. which proceeded to chase them around... I really should finish that one. I’m pretty sure Duo would be fine with dino steak after they killed it in fair combat. Then there was a story that came from pure depression about how Joel, Martha, and Allen got together. Sometimes the darkness scares me.  So here we are, another new job and the stories are a little less dark... given that Duo, Heero, and Wu are about to…

Poetry: Bluebells

Bluebells by Max 2015
I have stood vigil at her grave the turned dirt dark and wet In the snow and when the bluebells grew There I stand there can be no road forward The man dancing in the tunnel blue headphones and red backpack he’s a ghost. it wasn’t when grandfather hurt me that I died. that memory came back sooner than she did but pain is like a scream vibrating over nerves It leaves an echo scaring the soul and in that scar the fare across Styx is paid Her pain was not mine Her pain paid no fare for the river was not crossed
Today I ride the train but part of me stands at her grave