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Comic: Santa Clarita: Alive: Four revisited

Pic: Roses from the old house

Story: Kitten - m/m/m/m... menage, bdsm

Kitten by Max All Rights Reserved Copyright 2012
This story is an adult story, menage, m/m/m/m with bondage, spanking, and happy kinks.
These are new characters. Let me know how you like them, uh? I could maybe do a bunch of stories with them. I'm also working on the redo of The Pet tonight... which I keep thinking about, starting and all that.. but I think this weekend is the real deal :)
The touch was gentle, drawing Dove out of sleep just a little. His eyes opened just enough to see the time display. Just a little after midnight. The hand under his cheek, covering his mouth tightened a little. “Hello, Kitten. Don’t scream now. It’s not time for that.”  Another hand caressed down over his tee-shirt, tugged at the edge of his boxers. “I want to hear you scream when my slides into that tender little ass of yours.”
Dove wiggled, trying to get away from the strong arms  holding him, but they only tightened around him. The man holding him smelled like spice and clean soap, maybe a l…

Story: Khol: m/f, erotic

Khol by Max copyright 2015 all rights reserved if you like it, go toss a little money towards my patreon so I can get top surgery and pay my rent :)

Early September in Georgia is warm, the kind of warm that leaves the air lingering on a person’s lips. He couldn’t see her lips, just her eyes. One hand on his hat, a grey Stetson that had seen better days and, perhaps, wasn’t much fonder of the humidity than he was. He paused, his entire attention lost in her eyes.  Dark brown, lined in a soft black that seemed powdery, impermanent though moonlight had been brushed on just above them. Blue silk framed her eyes, hid her hair, but his breath and maybe a little of his soul were already lost to her.
He licked lips which were still a bit dry from spending the summer laying in the fall crop on his family’s farm. He smiled at her as he managed to get his hat from his head and the door open. “Ma’am.”
Those eyes smiled back at him and his stomach flipped a couple …