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Gin and Pike: Office Work

Office Work
by Nix Winter AKA Max :)

Copyright 2014, 2015
all rights reserved

They probably could have gotten out of it.  By the time they were eighteen, the mood in the earthsphere had changed. They weren’t scary monsters anymore to most people, but heroes and icons of the future. Gin was still pretty sure that he carried a strong streak of monster, but it wasn’t a hungry and angry monster the way it had been when he was younger. For reasons that Pike had never been willing to disclose, he’d agreed to a ten year term of service in Peace Force.  After Allen had taken guardianship of them, he’d been able to hold Une off until they had both graduated college at twenty-two.  Pike was committed to fulfilling his promise and Gin came along too - so there they were three years in, working late, alone, at the Peace Force’s L2 field office - all by themselves.

At twenty-five, there was already a tiny frost of silver at Gin’s temples, but he was taller, firmly filled out in strength and grace. His work space didn’t have a chair because he’d always had too much energy for sitting. Facing inwards, his fingers danced over a hemispherical screen full of data. He and Pike were working on three missions, only one of which was likely to bring about any kind of violence, but all of them provided for much greater social stability in the L2 cluster.  The more he checked data, completed needed reports, the more his mind wandered.  Pike’s body and being filled his mind more than the data of the project they were working on.  Pike was beautiful. His skin was pale honey, darker than Gin’s and it had always had a sweet exotic flavor to him.  

He cleared a space on his workspace and called up a 3d image of Pike, with a focus on his abdomen, the lines of muscles that he could run his fingers over, even feeling the warmth of life in the simulation. The 3D image had lacked real life, but Gin’s imagination could easily supply the warmth and texture of his lover’s skin, the scent of his Japanese soap.

Pike pinged him and a tag box showed up on the other side of work space. He touched it, smiled. “Hey.”

Gin made no effort to hide what he’d been thinking about. He opened  a video feed and winked at Pike. “Sorry for the wandering. I think I just needed a break.”

“I don’t think you’re going to find the source of those political contributions in models of my abs,” Pike teased, a smile lifting his lips. “Seeing you fills my heart with life and joy. Do you want to come to my office or me to yours?”

Gin touched a fingertip to the curve of his upper lip, smirking as all hope of work went away, “Your office. You have a desk.”

“Oh? So you’re in that kind of mood?”

“That okay?”

“I have some ideas,” Pike said, sidestepping Gin’s question. “I want today.”

Gin’s smile was soft, love filling his eyes.  “Then come to my office.”  Hunger stirred in his belly, even though they weren’t going to play the kink that set him off most powerfully. He reached out to caress Pike’s cheek in the chat.  “I love you.”

A few minutes later, Pike stepped through the door into Gin’s work space.  He’d left his tie, jacket, and shoes.  His hair was shorter than when they’d been in college, been on Earth  in Wyoming, trimmed back to a neat perfect darkness. Gin had never accepted the more formal uniform and wore a tee-shirt with his badges and rank sewn on as patches.  He wore jeans, reinforced running shoes, and three pistols. Pike was a non-lethal agent. Even if he needed to and was willing to take that kind of action, he hesitated. Gin was more of the mindset that was safer to put a bullet through someone’s heart and hope medical could put them back together.

“Hey baby,” Gin whispered, moving to Pike even as the door slid shut behind him. Strong fingers worked on unbuttoning Pike’s shirt. Kisses across his jaw worked on unbuttoning inhibitions. “Oh man,” Gin breathed against Pike’s throat as both their hearts sped up.

Pike peeled out of his shirt, pulled his undershirt over his head before dropping it on Gin’s floor. The feather he’d worn in his hair for so many years was inked into his skin over his clavicle, literally, the molecules of the feather having been transformed into an ink that was gray at first but full of rainbow highlights as light and eyes moved over it. His hands rubbed over Gin’s shoulders, down his arms.  “Your heart is racing.”

“Yeah,” Gin admitted, unfastening his jeans. “I’m in a private space with the hottest person in the earthsphere and I’m not fucking dead yet.”

Pike wrapped his arms around him then, pulling him suddenly close, and holding him tight for the length of a slow breath before kissing and licking Gin’s ear, holding him, pinning him as he did so. “Good to know.”

Gin struggled to pull back for a moment, and quickly stowed his weapons in a drawer that opened from the seamless wall around them that was now displaying images of galaxies and space.  While Gin’s hands were full of weapon, Pike knelt and pulled Gin’s jeans and boxers down, kissing hips, belly, biting very gently at his belly button.  Groaning, Gin toed off his shoes. “Gravity off.”

This didn’t actually turn the gravity completely off, leaving them subject to the centrifugal force of the colony, but was just enough to leave them both gently floating in the small tube shaped space.  As they rose, Pike unfastening his slacks, pushing them down and away.

They embraced, hips rubbing, thrusting against each other. Pike got an arm around Gin, holding him close, kissing him, tongue deep in his mouth. Pike’s other hand encircled their cocks, lining them up, activating matching implants in both of them. Gin gasped as a jolt of pleasure shot through him, head tipping back, leaving him balanced on Pike’s arm, connected to Pike’s flesh in tender ways. Pike growled and leaned forward, biting Gin’s shoulder softly. He started thrusting first, moving within the activated implants that made it feel as if he were deep inside his beautiful love.

Gin’s fingers, shaking and warm, buried in Pike’s short hair and he thrust too, hard, deep, awaking the sensors in Pike’s anus. Breath became light and he growled louder, thrusting harder, rubbing against Gin’s slick thrusting cock. They’d taken on a spin as they floated and very distantly, Pike was glad that Gin’s office was torus shaped. There were moments when the point of fucking was to get off as fast as possible, to get on with whatever mission needed completing, but that night in the middle of an empty station, the point was slower, stroke on stroke as if they could paint for each other, speaking a nuanced and private language. Kisses like sentences, breathless near climaxes like pregnant pauses, and slowly emotions opened, data walls fell and they opened deeper to each other.

Still there was no rush to pillage, no lust for knowing, so stripping away walls between them, stealing secrets of the present and the past, as their consciousnesses brushed over each other, stroking with the same tender passion as their cocks found against each other.  Gin’s inner being had always seemed like a rose to Pike, colored in all the shades of night, the glittering galaxies, the deepest shades of desperate and the diamond sparkle of hope.  The center of their barycentric orbit shifted between them, tilting as hunger and emotional need pulled and pushed. Bodies sweated, entwined, rough and as carnal as any lovers on furs, warmed by fire, had ever been. Gin’s hair came undone and floated around them.

Once release had been the point, the real point, between humans, the data transfer and recombination as gametes met and thrived. Release came and went, sweet and sometimes ravenous, stroking and roaring, but always each dance was more of the combination that brought their souls closer, replicating each into the other, bonding them the way the ocean slides into the beach.

Gin’s darkness erupted, ancient wounds in his soul, and Pike held him, kissing, stroking, thrusting, whispering, radiating love as if he were the distant stars in the night that prevented complete darkness and Gin responded, drinking Pike in, writing him into his being deeper than could ever be removed.  For hours they gently rotated through the smooth data edged world of Gin’s office and Pike held him, caressed him, whispered sweet stories as his love finally slept in his arms.  “That’s my love, my beautiful love, the sun of my heart,” he whispered, Gin’s head resting on his chest. They were companion stars and Pike was sweetly content.


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