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Love Imperishable: Chapter One

Love Imperishable by Max Aka Nix Winter Copyright 2015 all rights reserved
Notes: This story is about a non-gender conforming man and the man who loves him.
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Chapter One

If a person wanted cows, Dead Rain was exactly the right town to be in. Cows were in now way in short supply.  Summer turned the town golden.  The last week of high school, the last week ever, Em Lane stood on the steps of the high school searching the herd of jockeying cars and trucks.  The cheerleader’s skirt, half top, fit Em’s body perfectly, stretching over curves in ways that made the traffic go a little slower. Gray eyes scanned though, searching for one beat up ass red pick up truck, with a brown haired boy driving.  Hands on hips, Em tapped a foot, stewing without much in the way of coherent thought, and then there it was.
Em’s grin was bright, toothy. What you see, isn’t always what you get.  With a run, Em left the stairs, landed in a crouch on Mitchell …

Basile :)

Oh my goodness.. I expect he is a wicked, wicked fox. :)  I have also developed a current obsession for cars :)

Gin and Pike: Office Work

Office Work by Nix Winter AKA Max :)
Copyright 2014, 2015 all rights reserved

They probably could have gotten out of it.  By the time they were eighteen, the mood in the earthsphere had changed. They weren’t scary monsters anymore to most people, but heroes and icons of the future. Gin was still pretty sure that he carried a strong streak of monster, but it wasn’t a hungry and angry monster the way it had been when he was younger. For reasons that Pike had never been willing to disclose, he’d agreed to a ten year term of service in Peace Force.  After Allen had taken guardianship of them, he’d been able to hold Une off until they had both graduated college at twenty-two.  Pike was committed to fulfilling his promise and Gin came along too - so there they were three years in, working late, alone, at the Peace Force’s L2 field office - all by themselves.

At twenty-five, there was already a tiny frost of silver at Gin’s temples, but he was taller, firmly filled out in strength and grace. His…

Story: Cinnamon and Sugar: Chapter One

Cinnamon and Sugar by Nix Winter

Copyright 2015 all rights reserved
Chapter One

It was four o’clock in the morning and they were late.  What was worse, was they hadn’t actually slept, though that was part of what was wonderful too. Cora shivered, her back against the door,  one hand trying to reach to the side to enter the entrance code to the back door of their bakery, but her husband leaned against her, kisses down her throat, his hand in her silky hair, another on her ass, lifting her a little. “Wally,” she groaned, dusty blonde hair clinging to her lips, to the fog that was her breath as her fingers stretched to the keypad, “Inside, let’s get out of the alley. It’s cold, baby.”

“I’ve always been partial to alleys,” Wally purred, voice deep and soft like he’d fallen out of a Shakespeare play. “There’s no one here. It’s fucking four in the morning, Mrs. Palmer. I promise we’ll get the cakes done.” His kisses went down her neck, kisses, gentle bites, and a hand that worked to slip under…

Fic: The Fox's Bones

The Fox's Bones
by Nix Winter AKA Max
Copyright 2015, all rights reserved.

Vincent felt the bones under his fingers, some long, some short, some old and smooth. He imagined them stained as a tea bag twice used, but bone dry for the tea had long since gone. Without any real reason, he closed his hand around them, holding to them with firm conviction. Once his hand was tightly around them, he found the courage to open his eyes.
Dry as bones, late summer, a touch of early fall, with dark golds, and then he knew when. The floor stretched out over a ground of the darkest soil, leaves far along their path back into the dance, and shadows laying across shadows of trees hosting the last light of day where no man ought tread lest nature respond unforgivingly. He sat up, reached to his cravat to loosen it, only to find it mostly undone anyway. Frustrated with that, he dropped the bones into the pocket of his waistcoat, then hastily straightened up his cravat. It felt like it had been …