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Comic: Merry Misunderstanding 3/?

Just a strange doodle


Comic: Merry Misunderstanding 2/?

Okay.. so I started this as two.. and then started a piece that goes before this one... so I guess that will be mm 1.5... Just like programming... leave space between the line numbers! I'm feeling so much better than when I wrote the first chapter of this. Thank you all for being here and being such and awesome community to be part of!


fic: Santa Clarita: Merry Misunderstanding 1/?

Santa Clarita: A Merry Misunderstanding by Max Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing
Note:  If anyone has noticed that the continuity of this story is wonky.... it is. I blame Heero... and the time travel the story started with. Besides, I’m just writing this for fun and personal growth.
This story is set, probably, the first Christmas that Duo was at the ranch, well before Heero shows up.
Chapter One
So there they were on a fine winter break, in the wilds of Wyoming with clearly, and perpetually broken environmental controls. There were days when he succeeded in not thinking about Heero by obsessing about the broken environmental controls. Ice. Falling. From. The. Sky. SOOOO dumb. No matter how much Mary try to explain that Earth was like a very large colony with a weather system that no one was in control of, Duo just wasn’t liking that answer either.  Then Kat introduced him to the idea of tornados and he went back to obsessing about Heero.  
In that moment, he snuggled up on the bed with…

Story: Gravity's Child

Gravity’s Child By Nix Winter Copyright 2014 all rights reserved

We’re all born for a reason.
Often the reason has nothing to do with us.
But then...
here we are.
“I’m a doctor,” Minoru said, one knee on the rough, weathered asphalt, a comforting smile on his face. He was slender, androgynous, with short spiky curls of blue hair, violet eyes, and a red medical cross on his chest and arms, bright against the pure white of his uniform. “I am here to help you.”
The man on the ground, leaning against the bullet pockmarked building at the edge of the alley sneered. “I don’t need any help from a fucking machine. When I die I’ll go to heaven. I’m not afraid!”
Head tilting, Minoru reviewed the man’s vital statistics on a vision layer only he could see.  Pain levels were high enough that all of Minoru’s training said the man should have been unconscious.  His perception swarm swirled within the man, tracing the trajectory the bullet had taken, calculating remaining blood volume, planning repair strat…