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Comic: Santa Clarita: Darkness

I don't own Gundam Wing.   This story is set in my Santa Clarita series, earlier in Duo's stay at the foster home. The other character is Mark, another kid at the foster home. 

Pics: Recent work

Fic: To Love the Moon 1/?

To Love the Moon by Faith Luna

“I don’t think that’s how it works,”  September said, a sushi roll paused halfway to her mouth. “I really don’t believe in all that freaking rubbish. Seriously! Don’t you have better things to do with your time?”
The two of them sat at a picnic table on a cement balcony overlooking a busy road and just far enough away from the office that they both worked in to feel like they were free for the moment.  
Emma had neat silver hair with a long strand of colorful thread and beads hanging from her temple. She glared at September for a moment, then went back to her phone. “Well, I think it matters. You haven’t had even a date in six months and you can’t say - it might help. You never can tell what will affect the world.”
Bite of sushi now in her mouth, September arched an eyebrow. “I can tell you, definitively, that chain letters aren’t going to get me laid, let alone find me my one true love. I don’t believe in love.”
“Bullshit,” Emma said. “Everyone believes in l…

Comic: Tea Party- a Halloween Comic

This is a Gundam Wing fan comic.. .the pairing is 1x2, and likely 3x4.  It's a Halloween story... so.. even though it's late, bare that in mind.