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fic: Perdition 2/?

Perdition 2/?
by Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

Note: This is not a Santa Clarita story, but one in a different timeline, that may have or have had some brush with the Santa Clarita timeline.  And this chapter is a little short... oh man.

Standing in the hall, he was pretty sure it was just kids in the house. Killing them dead for interrupting his time with Heero seemed like overkill, but so tempting, nonetheless.  Even the thought of life without Heero ruined the edges of Duo’s sense of self, gave instinct over to a much more dangerous and feral Shinigami.

He would not mind planting a group of cheerleaders if it gave Heero a better chance at life. They’d come back to Wyoming for privacy! Didn’t these kids have a better place to be?

Heero coughed though, then whispered his name and it was enough to draw him back into the room, silent and leary.  Heero had his arm out, hand reaching for him, and Duo forgot all about the intruders.

He sank back down to crouch by his  husband, violet eyes locked on the door to the bedroom where he’d set them up. He gone to great lengths to get them where they’d be safe and he could get Heero to take the ‘cure’.  

Whoever was downstairs, their voices were muffled, but still young sounding, and uncomfortably familiar in ways that Duo couldn’t understand.

Heero, who was already moving better, laid a hand on Duo’s arm. “It’s probably just kids... It’s Halloween and we’re in a haunted house. If it was anything other than kids, you’d have us on the move already.”  Heero smiled, light and energy in his blue eyes.

Duo clicked the safety back on, went to one knee and leaned closer. “How do you feel?” Duo holstered his weapon. Fingers brushed over Heero’s face, feeling more warmth than there had been. “Are you in pain?”

“Less than I was,” Heero said, his hand drawing Duo’s to his lips. Kisses traveled across his palm. “Why is this treatment illegal? Where did you get it?”

“Wow,” Duo said, snuggling a little closer, feeling more hope that this would work, that he wasn’t going to lose his husband, “You are feeling better!”

Heero winced as he sat up a bit more, a hand running over Duo’s hair, smoothing flyaways into the dark braid. “Whatever you did to get this, I trust you. We’re going to have to disappear, aren’t we?”

“Yeah,” Duo said, snuggling into Heero’s acceptance, his touch. “But you need to rest for at least twelve hours. This treatment can go... wrong... really wrong. You have to rest.”

A gun fired below them and a moment later a girl screamed, shrill and echo-y.

The softness in Duo was gone, his hand on the pistol he’d holstered.  He glared at Heero, stern and worried. “You rest. We might be fucking by dawn, but you have to rest. Don’t move. Don’t get your heartrate up. Rest.”

Heero rolled his eyes, leaned back, other pistol in hand.  He pointed to the unshuttered window. “I can control my heart rate. How about you?”

Where there had been night sky, there was now a swirling white mist pressing against the glass, moving as if unseen fingers trailed through it. Breath swirled against the second story window, like someone blowing on a frosted over window before rubbing the frost away. Duo’s hair stood on end and his free hand shot to the little metal cross under his tee-shirt. “Holy Mary, Mother of God.”

The fog jumped back. Footsteps ran across the roof and the room went chill as a hungry January. Whatever was interrupting them, it wasn’t just kids. Chapter One


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