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Fic: Perdition 1/?

by Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing.

Note: This isn’t Santa Clarita story... I haven’t written much recently... It seems like the only love I really believe in is Duo and Heero. I also have a new job (at an actual aerospace manufacturing plant), so ... I’m just not meant to write full time. Maybe I’m meant to be an engineer. Maybe my Heero’s waiting in in anodizing.

This is a horror story...slasher style.. though it doesn’t start that way. :)  Transhumanist themes.)

Chapter One

Heero leaned his head back against the headrest, thumb caressing lightly over the morphine control, not triggering it, just knowing that he could. The hum of the engine was almost just as comforting. After fifteen years of marriage to Duo Maxwell, his husband’s silence was just as loud as all the endless chatter had been and it too was comforting.  In the passenger seat of Duo’s black Mustang, bound to wherever it was that Duo wanted to take them, he found it pleasant to think about being carried off into the peace by Shinigami in a black mustang.

“Hey,” Duo said, voice deeper and mellow. The faintest hint of silver was showing at his temples, though Heero thought that was early. They were only thirty-three. The wars were hard on a body though. “You okay?”

“Hai,” Heero said and he could hear Duo snarking in his head about how if one could count being days away from the terminal end of several kinds of cancer and knowing that your dumb fucking husband was going to follow you into the dark, no matter what you said and you just didn’t have the energy to yell anymore was okay then yeah, yeah you’re just fucking fine. “I’m fine. You’re hungry.”

“Hn,” Duo said. The direction of the car changed. The speed slowed. “We’re almost there. I have food in the back.”

Heero rolled a little in his reclined seat. reached out a hand to touch Duo’s arm and imagined a moment of better health, a kitchen table, and a joining of the physical that was a mirror and sub-chorus  to the way each of the had written into the other’s mental being. He wanted to feel that way again though, even if it was the last thing he felt, the power and penetration and sweat on Duo’s body, the loss of control on that face as the wickedly cunning mind exceeded all bounds of control and was utterly open. “I want to fuck.”

The look of fear passed over Duo’s face so quickly, the held breath so short, and likely no one else would have perceived it, but to Heero it was a rip in his heart. “I used to be stronger.”

“Yeah, well, you will be again,” Duo promised.

Duo had developed a taste for lying, Heero thought, but that was okay with him. They’d had more life than some people ever had and more love too, and he wasn’t sure either of them really deserved it, but moments of their lives brushed over his drug disordered memory and it seemed that deserved or not, he liked the lives they’d had together.  “You’ll lay next to me and masterbate?”

“Yeah,” Duo said, wink while they were at the stop light, licking his upper lip in a suggestive expression that a dead man would have responded too. “Fuck yeah.”


“So where we going?”

“Remember our first kiss?” Duo asked, his illegally fast car moving at a law abiding twenty-five.

“Yes,” Heero said.  And he did. In the memory, Duo was so much smaller, more fragile and yet, so much more dangerous and feral then. Heero had gotten to the house by following a trail of Duo’s blood, cleaning the trail as he went. It wasn’t a safe thing to be doing and even then he’d doubted his own reason for doing so. He didn’t need the American for any strategic purposes. That long hair made it much harder for him to stay unrecognized and he got wildly violent when it was suggested that he just cut the shit. Granted, Wufei shouldn’t have reached for the braid. The American went off on his own too often, took on risky missions that he thought would help civilians, which in the end was probably only prolonging the conflict. If he bled out in some ratty house, it was probably better for everyone, yet, Heero could remember moving into that house, hoping that Duo wasn’t dead. When he finally found him, in a corner a scalpel between his teeth, forceps digging around in his own arm, blood across a shock pale face, Heero remembered wanting to kiss him - a completely irrational reaction to finding him still alive.

The kiss hadn’t actually happened for a few days after that, but that moment was when it started. “Are you going to get shot again,” he teased, brushing too slender fingers over Duo’s arm, feeling the hard muscle under the warm cotton of his shirt.

“Fuck’in hope not,” Duo said. “Not unless Q’s bleeding sister hunts me down for springing you from the hospital.  I don’t think that’s a likely outcome.”

“Anything’s possible, as long as we’re alive,” Heero said. “I want yogurt.”

“Okay,” Duo said, reaching behind Heero’s seat to a cooler with easy open yogurt packs on chill. “So... I had this idea.”

Heero grunted, blue eyes still vivid and sharp as they stared at Duo while he sucked down his yogurt.

“Now, now don’t be that way. You haven’t heard it yet.”


“Sooooo... Pala... one of Q’s sisters... she’s a theoretical physicist.”

“She’s pretty. Do you like her?”

Duo made a half kind of strangling noise, glaring at Heero with the other eye still on the road going through the small little down. “You first, baby. You get all better and invite her over for a threesome. One, I think Q would do us bodily harm. He has a thing about his sister not fucking married men.”

“Well, a widower isn’t married.”

“Just. FUCK. You,” Duo hissed, “I’ll be married to you to the day I die. Now fucking listen to my idea.”

“More yogurt.”

Duo reached back and pulled up two more. “So.... she’s working on time travel.”

“Too dangerous.”

“Well, shit does have its risks, but it’ll get worked out and so like... someone with better tech will come back from the future and get both of us. So you can get healthy and I can that targeting system out of my eye.”

“Why would anyone do that?”

“Because we ask them to. We’re going to write them a letter.”

“And like leave it on the internet for them to find?”

“Yeah. I know there will be good people who want to help.”

“If they were doing that, wouldn’t there be a lot of bodies that were never found? Wouldn’t that lead to the formation of some new religion?”

“No, no,” Duo said, speeding up as they exited the town. “So All they’ll do is take a scan.. and recreate us in the future.”

“So we’ll still die here?”

“Well, yeah.”


“But it’ll be like going to sleep. We’ll wake up.”

“I woke up when I accepted that I love you. When my neural processing stops, it will stop in the process of think about how much I love you and how happy being near you makes me, and if I can wake up on the other side of that with you, then everything is good. I want you to go on living. You live long enough to come back and get me, so you can tell me all about the new world.”

Duo laid his hand on Heero’s leg, just needing to connect. “Maybe we’ll run in to a vampire to turn us?”

“I think the first idea was a better idea. All stories end, Duo.”

Duo didn’t say anything else, but then they were pulling up behind what had once been a lovely three storey Victorian, but now all the bright had long since peeled away.  Staring at it, their first kiss seemed like it was yesterday, like he could feel the elation of being accepted, desired, of having a future just as brightly in that moment as he had so many years before.  He had lost track of Duo until his car door opened and Duo reached into undo his safety belt and lift him out. He rested against his husband, surprised at how much bigger and stronger Duo felt. He couldn’t imagine Duo ever succumbing to anything.

“Over the threshold,” Duo said playfully. “Lights on.”

A path of glowing rose petals lit up winding off to the bedroom they’d shared in the war days. Heero purred. Illogical romantic nonsense was something both of them had developed a near fetish for in the early days. Duo carried Heero into a room draped in satin and roses, lit by only a couple of strategically placed candles.  

“Fuck, why didn’t we do this like six months ago,” Heero groaned.

“Oh I like that,” Duo said, setting him down on a special couch that was hospital grade to prevent any kind of pressure on his delicate body, while still being draped with silk. “Keep thinking about reasons to live, baby.” Duo said, smiling.

Heero rested his hands on Duo’s cheeks, then lifted towards him, but Duo met him more than half way, kissing and it was the taste of Heero as he’d always been, not the taste of various chemicals and medicines. Tongues touched, breath mixed, and if either of them had believed in a soul, theirs would have blended. Heero’s breath ran out though and Duo had a hand behind his head, laying him back against the couch designed to support him.

Kneeling beside him, he brushed bangs back and smiled adoringly. “So you don’t like my plan about waiting for the future to save us?”

“I will be very angry with you if you remain committed to killing yourself.”

“Oh yeah, well, so, I did have a backup plan,” Duo said, lifting Heero’s hand to his lips to kiss the back of skinny fingers, “But it’s kinda illegal as fuck and it’s not as safe as I’d like.”

“Hn,” Heero said. “Promise you won’t hurt yourself?”

“I promise to do what’s best for me,” Duo said, gently setting Heero’s hand down. “Now... the back up plan.” He pulled a small black box from under Heero’s couch and opened it, revealing two syringes. “Pretty ne?”


“So,” Duo said, closing the case again, “So, well, it’s... it’ll make us non-biological, but us still, but well, it works in rats and dogs.”

“What,” Heero asked, sitting up more, licking his lips. “Give me something to drink?”

Duo nodded, reached for a bottle of water that he had on a chill pouch, opened it and handed it to Heero, while still keeping hold of it enough that Heero could drink with it dropping. “It works fast and well, okay, I think we’ll still be us. We’re gonna look kinda gray, but uh, cosmetics...and we’ll be alive... forever.”

Heero leaned back, closed his eyes to let his breathing steady. “You are going to die when I die, aren’t you?”


“You understand that this does not please me and that you would go through a grief period and feel better. You could even love again.”

“Yeah. Understand.”

“I’ll take the shot, if you promise to wait six months, either way. If I die, you wait six months. If I live because of the shot, you wait six months to take yours.”

“Final terms?”


“Deal,” Duo agreed, opening the little box and pulling Heero’s syringe. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”  Duo uncapped the syringe. He had experience finding Heero’s veins and a moment later the illegal and last ditch second plan was in his husband’s blood. “I don’t really want to die, baby. I just... I’m not going to lose you.”

“How long,” Heero asked, sitting back up and reaching out for the water bottle. “I feel.... intoxicated.”

“For your mass, about 3 hours. It shouldn’t be unpleasant. You are stoned. We cut it with some ‘sugar’.” Duo handed back the water bottle and Heero didn’t need help holding it.  

“Give me your braid,” Heero demanded, his voice stronger.

Duo sank down to his ass, laying his head on Heero’s legs, as he tossed his braid up to him.

Heero took it, kissed the cinnamon scented hair, then tugged him closer. “If you break your word to me on the six months, you will remember how to believe in a soul because I will claw my way back from whatever afterlife to make sure you feel my displeasure.”

Duo shivered, a whisper of desire going to down his spine. “Oh Baby, tell me how it is.”

The sound of a car in the front of the house stole Duo’s attention though and he whispered, “Lights off.”

Heero froze as well, but it was Duo that pulled a pair of pistols from under the couch. He cocked Heero’s, making sure a round was chambered, then flicked off the safety. “Stay here.”

“Hn.” Heero leaned back, feeling just entirely too good, better than he had in months, and gods, Duo’s eyes were so beautiful. How did one get violet eyes?

Duo made sure his own pistol was ready before moving out into the hall. He’d already crossed pretty much all the lines civilized people could cross and then some. If they were going to get attacked, he’d give the attackers Shinigami.

Chapter Two


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