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Sermon: Crucifixion

And this is why the current and loudest voice in the Christian sector scares me. This is why I quake in fear and loathing. As far as I can understand... he's an icon for evil and hatred. His little god is evil and mean... tormenting believers..b y this pastor's own admission.

And why do I keep going back to thinking about religious things? Why does it move me so much? Why do I get so emotionally involved?

I think some of that answer was in the article about the Pope this morning.. and in my response, some of which didn't get shared on fb yesterday, when I was fighting with C-chan.

Within Christianity, which is in my religious history, the calling to heal, to help, to restore, to love - a frame work for the idea of service... a shared vocabulary for honor and the tools for a community... the template for forming a community with others... and I long for that.

While Christianity was the vocabulary of abolitionists, it was also the vocabulary for people who supported slavery.

Comic: Pregnancy

fic: Perdition 2/?

Perdition 2/? by Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing
Note: This is not a Santa Clarita story, but one in a different timeline, that may have or have had some brush with the Santa Clarita timeline.  And this chapter is a little short... oh man.

Standing in the hall, he was pretty sure it was just kids in the house. Killing them dead for interrupting his time with Heero seemed like overkill, but so tempting, nonetheless.  Even the thought of life without Heero ruined the edges of Duo’s sense of self, gave instinct over to a much more dangerous and feral Shinigami.
He would not mind planting a group of cheerleaders if it gave Heero a better chance at life. They’d come back to Wyoming for privacy! Didn’t these kids have a better place to be?
Heero coughed though, then whispered his name and it was enough to draw him back into the room, silent and leary.  Heero had his arm out, hand reaching for him, and Duo forgot all about the intruders.
He sank back down to crouch by his  husband, viol…

Fic: Perdition 1/?

Perdition by Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing.

Note: This isn’t Santa Clarita story... I haven’t written much recently... It seems like the only love I really believe in is Duo and Heero. I also have a new job (at an actual aerospace manufacturing plant), so ... I’m just not meant to write full time. Maybe I’m meant to be an engineer. Maybe my Heero’s waiting in in anodizing.

This is a horror story...slasher style.. though it doesn’t start that way. :)  Transhumanist themes.)

Chapter One

Heero leaned his head back against the headrest, thumb caressing lightly over the morphine control, not triggering it, just knowing that he could. The hum of the engine was almost just as comforting. After fifteen years of marriage to Duo Maxwell, his husband’s silence was just as loud as all the endless chatter had been and it too was comforting.  In the passenger seat of Duo’s black Mustang, bound to wherever it was that Duo wanted to take them, he found it pleasant to think about being carried o…