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Santa Clarita: Settling In: The Feather: 2/?

Santa Clarita: Settling In: The Feather: 2/?

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

Note: This is part of a larger arc called Santa Clarita - in which after the boys won the wars, they were found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to probation and high school... or at least fitting into their respective societies.  Wufei became Emperor. Quatre the head of a business empire with Trowa as his companion. Duo was sent to America and they sent him to Wyoming. Heero then claimed he was American too, and while America had tried to claim Duo wasn’t American, they were happy to take Heero. Heero was sent to a stay with a New York member of congress. Duo got sent to some hippy scientists in Wyoming, but honestly, Duo got the better deal out of that.

This chapter is kinda prose and comic. I wanted to draw the whole thing as a comic. I’m just not that good yet and it takes so long to draw - while writing is so fast.

In Chapter One, Zip shared a voice mail she’d received from Heero.  It was illegal for Duo or Heero to contact each other, but Zip could email her cousin, who lived in New York too, who could then slip Heero a note, with Zip’s phone number and a bit of info. And oh man.. now I want to write that scene... so I think I will. :)

Chapter Two

Heero didn’t really care for sports. Duo liked basketball, playing it at least, so he felt more positive towards that. Sitting in the bleachers, his mind wandered to Duo’s ass in shorts.  He understood, now more than ever, how inappropriate it was to like a person’s body while being disconnected to their self. That was the worst kind of sin - to disconnect a person’s body from the real being of the person.

His foster brother leaned close, from behind him, a hand on his shoulder, and whispered, “Hey Buddha. You don’t like the game or are you just completely overwhelmed by the sheer awesome of our view. You thinking about that cheerleader’s ass?”

The calculations when through Heero’s mind so quickly. Breaking the other boy’s hand would be so easy, wouldn’t even require effort, but what he wanted more than anything, wanted more than he could measure, was to be with Duo again, to be free, to be safe, to have Duo smile at him with those violet eyes all full of joy and plans for all manner of things. Assaulting the Senator’s son after they’d taken him in would result in prison time. Charles had only had to remind him of this once. Going to prison diminished his odds of being with Duo again, of Duo forgiving him, of Duo even healing beyond the death that was consuming him.

Charles’ thumb ruffled over Heero’s dark hair and those pink lips brushed against Heero’s ear. “Oh, no, don’t worry, I know you’re not thinking about that girl’s ass. You’re thinking about me, aren’t you? Just nod now.”  The thumb that had been in Heero’s hair moved to push his head forward. “That’s my good little Buddha boy, so sweet.”

Bile rose in Heero’s throat. He knew how many days he had until he was free. It just didn’t matter what happened in between. Only Duo mattered. If Duo didn’t want him back, then nothing mattered.

What he hadn’t expected in the least was the red headed girl who was suddenly leaning over, smiling at him, almost in his lap. She had green eyes and freckles and the most brilliant smile, easily as big as Duo’s smile. “I know you! You’re Heero Yuy!”

“Hai,” he whispered.

Charles leaned back in his chair, then his foot kicked Heero’s chair, bouncing him forward, face almost right into the girl’s soft curves.

Heero gritted his teeth, but then the girl had his hand, and there was just something about her that promised she actually had a reason for talking to him, some thought behind it, and that alone made him curious. For a very short flicker, he wondered if she were an assassin who was going to bring the eternal darkness. He didn’t think she looked strong enough to put a blade into his heart and a pistol would be too loud, unless she was a suicide assassin, so maybe a blade to the back. He’d have to be really quiet or they’d find him and save him. Maybe the carotid would be a decent target?  

He realized his eyes had glazed over, but she was still staring at him, her hand in his, tugging on his hand. “I can’t go anywhere,” he said, just fact, hopeless.

“Oh?” She pouted, looking up at Charles, back at Heero, “But I really want to show you something,” she begged, squeezing her arms against her breasts, pushing creamy skin up against the lacy edge of her sweater. “Please, just for a couple of moments?”

“Don’t leave the stadium, Buddha,” Charles said, amused, giving Heero’s chair another hard kick. “Give the girl something to be happy about!”

Heero’s head tipped forward, blue eyes staring at the concrete floor.

She kept hold of his hand and pulled him from the chair, down the stairs, and towards the girl’s bathroom.  There were women everywhere, but she pulled him into the crowd of women waiting for the bathroom, pulled him really close, furtive,  Maybe responding to her behavior, other women just surrounded them before Heero really understood what was happening.  She pulled out a scrap of paper, “Here, so like, I’m Jet Halley. My cousin, Zip, is Duo’s friend and he’s been really like, missing you so...”

Heero’s eyes lit up, chin lifting. “He misses me? He’s okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, he made cheer squad! Zip says he’s great, but talks about you like fuckingnonstop! So, her number is on this paper. You can.. uh.. call sometime?”

“I’m not allowed to have a phone,” he said, holding the little scrap of paper like it was a divine pardon.

Jet arched an eyebrow. “You brought down the government and you can’t have a phone?”

“Yeah,” Heero said, blue eyes wide.

“Yeah,” she said, pulling out her own phone, “And that asshole who’s sitting behind you, he’s bullying you. You don’t gotta put up with that shit, you know? Don’t you got like foster parents?”

“He is their son,” he said, staring at her phone.

“I don’t give a shit. He gives me the creeps.” She said firmly, as she dialed her cousin’s number.

A shiver danced over Heero’s shoulders.

“Here. It’s voicemail, but like, leave Zip a message. She’ll share it with him,” Jet said, holding out the phone.

The woman’s voice on the other end said, “Hey! Heero! So like Duo’s in love with you and he wants to marry you. I want to be the best man, so you should totally agree. You can call me at this number any time, okay? I drive Duo to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at like 6 AM, just so you know,” she said and then there was a beep like it was actually voice mail and Heero wasn’t sure what to say, so he stumbled along and said, “Thank you for calling me, Zip. I appreciate the offer and if Duo ever asks me to marry him, I will be happy to do so, but until such time as he is able to make the offer himself, I will just wait. Please... tell him....” and he just stood there, wishing he had some way to tell Duo what was going on, to apologize for not making it to the end of his probation, not making it to all the things he wished he and Duo could do, because he just wasn’t going to make it, “tell him that he should... live.”

He ended the call and handed the phone back. “Doumo arigatou gaizaimasu.”

“Dou itashimashite,” Jet said, pocketing her phone. “Hey, so like, are you okay? Is that guy hurting you?”

“Honey,” a woman right behind him said, a foot taller than Heero, with a really strong jaw, “Someone’s hurting you?”

“No,” he said, heart racing, “It’s not.. I mean.. I just... I’m ... I can take care of it.”

The tall woman gave him her number too. “Honey child, I’m a therapist. You should call me.”

“I have a court ordered therapist,” Heero said, even though he pocketed her phone number.

“That’s nice. You call me.”

“Buddha,” Charles yelled, “You’re in the wrong line, idiot! We need to get back to our seats before Dad gets here! You don’t want me to get in trouble, do you?”

Heero shook his head, chin tucked as he slipped out of the line.

“What are you looking at, you freak,” Charles yelled at the tall woman.  “You’re in the wrong line too, aren’t you?”  Charles pushed the back of Heero’s head, shoving him back towards their seats.


Duo replayed Heero’s message five times. “I have to go to New York.”

“That’s not possible,” Zip said as they pulled into the high school parking lot. “Look at the map on the phone, uh? Do you see how far away that is? I can’t just loan you my car until lunch! How are you going to get there?”

Duo’s shoulders suddenly itched and he rubbed them as he tried to block out Allen’s face, Didi’s and how much he was really liking just being part of the family. Sandy had such big brown eyes and he could tell her anything and he didn’t want to lose any of that. “I’m going to borrow a plane and I’m going to be back by end of school. I’ll be at the game. I just ... I HAVE to go to New York. Sometime’s not right with Heero.”

“God, Duo... then you tell Allen or Martha. They’ll yell at us for contacting Heero, but if there’s something really wrong, they’ll get it fixed.”

Duo’s stomach rolled and as much as he wanted to believe that, he didn’t. “Okay, so if you wouldn’t help me, I’ll just take the anklet off and make a run for it. I wouldn’t be back.”

“Damn, you’re a sonofabitch,” Zip growled at him. “How do you just KNOW there’s something that wrong with him? He’s Heero Yuy, you know? He’s not like... it’s not like he’s not able to take care of himself!”

“I just know. I can hear it in his voice, his word choice. Please, please help me. I don’t want to... leave.”

“And you can really do this thing?”

“Yeah. I can go and be back. I promise.”

“And we’re not going to get in trouble?”

“No getting caught, no getting in trouble.”

“Point,” she said. “Alright! I’ll do it.”

Duo bounced in the seat, grabbed her, kissed her cheek, then grabbed her nail file out of her bag, disabled the security on the the specially made house arrest anklet he’d been fitted with, bounced it in his palm like a victorious general, and grinned triumphantly.

“Yeah, okay,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Now put it back on. You said you’d go to practice first.”

“Oh.” he said, brows drawn down as he looked for some excuse or path to get out of what he’d said, “Right.”  He put the anklet back on. “Practice it is then!”

She pointed her fingers at him. “We don’t take cheer squad lightly!”

“Never!” he agreed.


Joel’s phone vibrated with the special pattern he’d set up for that warning, but he rolled over in Allen’s bed and pretended he didn’t hear it. He knew he was going to be putting the insane little bastard in the ground, but he didn’t want to do it. There were many reasons that the government had picked their family for Duo’s home and Joel’s abilities were one of them. Not like he was ever going to tell his lover that though.

You don’t get caught. You don’t hurt the ones you love. You don’t get in trouble. It’s a good plan.

The others were all up, all doing their part to run this no huge family, which he mostly didn’t want a lot to do with. There was no way he was making food for like.. ten, twelve, fourteen kids, or however many they had now. Three wives and a husband was way more than he’d ever planned on. At least none of the kids were biological kids, at least not his, and well, fuck, he guessed, laying there half asleep, that he kind of liked Duo Maxwell, and killing him seemed like it would be an unpleasant task. Allen was going to be so pissy when the little shit head went missing.

After another few minutes, Joel pulled out his phone, stared at the readings with one eye still closed. The little shit had opened his anklet, then put it back on, and he was actually still on the campus.  Maybe he’d survive the day.  Joel set the phone in the drawer by the bed and went back to sleep.

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