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Initial art for Thin as Rice Paper

Comic: Santa Clarita: Post Preventers: Soul Search 1/1

Hi! So this comic took too long... I've got one of my eyes fixed. Maybe it improved my art! :) I've got so much art I want to get done!  The next bit will be original though.
<3 Max

fic: Santa Clarita: Arrivals: 4th of July

Santa Clarita: Arrivals: 4th of July by Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing.

Duo still hadn’t been back out of his room, but he had stopped putting the chair under the door.  The idiot blond man kept coming in through the window anyway.  These people were so strange! They’d just come in and talk  - for no particular reason - for hours.  Sometimes he just stared at him. Sometimes he tried to answer his questions which all seemed like stupid questions. What colors did he like? Did he like ice cream? What was the square root of 3829?  At first the questions had just been noise.  He was used to noise. There had always been noise on L2.  Quiet didn’t exist on a Sweeper ship.  Quite in the war had only been useful to listen for the approach of threats. If it wasn’t the blond guy, it was the dark skinned guy, or the angry woman - talk, talk, talk - like they were interrogating him, except they weren’t.
They told him about their childhoods and their pets and their research projects.  The da…

Santa Clarita: Arrivals: Forth of July