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Fic: Santa Clarita: Wartime: Death in a Pinch 2/?

Santa Clarita: Wartime: Death in a Pinch 2
by Max
aka Nix Winter and Pinkwhirlwind

Warning: AU tech.. I like my tech.  Also, Heero and Duo are lovers. This is probably set before The Day Duo Fell Into the Sun.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing - they just seem to be the best way for me to see myself sometimes.

Chapter Two

As it turns out, ten miles in a battered yellow bus with a couple handfuls of seemingly mentally challenged children who are divided as to if they’ve just seen a miracle or if they’re watching their favorite teacher die is a lot longer than ten miles run barefoot with a mild bullet wound. Duo, who had now had both experiences, preferred to run barefoot. Just as they were pulling into the sad little town, the one girl who had taken on being the ambassador between him and the group huddling farther and farther in the back of the bus came forward and grabbed his sleeve, tugging impatiently.

Wufei had once made a joke about Christian crusaders eating children, and the best thing about that was that it put a smile on Duo’s face when he turned to her. “Yes?”

“Didi is puking and she’s been for a bit and I think it’s bad and you should get her away from us.”

Duo’s brows it together. “It’s not contagious,” he said as gentle as he could. “She probably just got some internal injury or something.”  Then he felt even worse for how he’d moved the bus.

“She smells bad.”

Duo’s eyes darken when he gets mad. “That so?”  

The girl backed away, but she lifted her chin. “Yeah.”

“Well, look,” Duo said, stopping the bus right in the road where they were. “We’re here. Get off. Anyone else want off?” It took him a moment to bumble the door open as the mechanism was unfamiliar, but almost as soon as he did, most of the kids tumbled off the bus, running for wherever they thought home or parents were.

The teacher hadn’t woken up and Duo didn’t think that was much of a good sign, but at least, as far as he could tell, shit didn’t hurt when you were unconscious.  There was a little boy that looked a little like Heero, with an obviously broken arm that hurt too much to move. Duo went to one knee before where he sat and smiled a little more genuinely. “What’s yer name?”


“So yer arm’s busted,” Duo said, pulling a small screwdriver out of his tool kit, “Want me to fix it up?”

The boy’s eyes went wide store doors on Black Friday. “No. Thank you, sir.”

“Okay, okay, just kidding. There’s gotta be a real doc in this shit hole somewhere, so how’bout I put that arm in a sling and you go find one, uh?”

“But I don’t know where I am or how to find a doctor,” Tran said softly.

Duo had never actually been around any mentally challenged folk before. Most had died off in the plague and sweeper folk didn’t seem to have that issue. Duo had never really stopped to consider why. Now that he was thinking about it.. his first guess was higher gravity was bad for ya. “Okay, so let’s get you in a sling, then you can come with me and I’ll see if we can’t find you a doctor. ‘Kay?”

“Yes, sir.”  

Duo fixed up a sling out of a piece of emergency blanket, all shiny and crinkly.  The other person on the bus was DiDi who turned out to be a tiny little girl with dark skin and huge brown eyes. She was nearly unconscious and curled in a ball at the back of the bus.  “Hey, chicky,” Duo said gently, petting her arm. “Come’ere.”

She wiped her nose with the back of her hand. “Owwwwieee.”

“Yeah, I know.” he held out his arms and she tried to move towards him, so he picked her up. She weighed less than the tool kit he’d brought and he was afraid he’d break her. She clung to him though and he tried to pet her comfortingly as he made it back to the front of the bus.

The big guy was starting to wake up by then. He was gonna need more stitches than Duo was ever going to want to do. That’s what happens when you put ya head through the windshield.  Duo stepped over him then squatted down a bit. “Yo. We need to find a doctor. Didi’s got a fucked tummy and Tran’s arm is busted, and you don’t wanna know what I think’s wrong with your ass.”

Allen sat up and reached for his face. Duo caught his hand, before it reached where his eyes had been. “Yeah, like I said, you uh might wanna give it sometime. That shit can all get fixed though. So where do we find a doc around here?”

“The hospital is taken over by the soldiers, but the only other option is Doc Murphy and he’s a tory.”

“That mean he don’t like rebels?”


“Well, good. You and the kids aren’t rebels. I got a feeling the bus ain’t gonna start again. We’re on the first street coming into town. I just turned the bus around and headed back. He’s close?”

“Yeah. A couple of blocks. I think I can walk. Where... where are the rest of the kids?”

“I let’em off the bus. They went where they thought was best.”

“Those children are my responsibility. We have to find them. Who are you?”

Duo’s chest hurt for just a moment. “Father Maxwell. Yer Allen?”

“Yes,” he said, as he struggled up to his feet. “Tran! Are you okay?”

“My arm’s broke. The orphan girl talked to him.”

“Is that so,” Allen said, smiling brightly.

With that smile, Duo decided he liked this guy. The guy was tall too. Duo was 5’3” and the guy was at least a foot taller than he was. Duo offered him a shoulder as they moved to get off the bus. Tran followed along and Duo felt like he was in a post apocalyptic zombie movie. He wasn’t sure if the folk he was with were survivors if they were going to turn on him at any moment. He didn’t think Heero would be willing to date him if he were a zombie. He could threaten to bite Wufei though and that would be fun. He could do it with make up sometime, maybe, freak the bastard right out! Now that sounded like a good time! Maybe spike Wu’s tea with some mushroom, then dress up like a zombie. Maybe Q would play along.

Then the little girl started convulsing and Duo really thought he ought to give her  one of his few remaining transfusion packs, but he really didn’t know for sure and god, it was so hard to do the right thing. He bounced her a bit, trying to comfort her as he got his arm around the great big guy and tried to make them walk faster.  His stomach growled. He wanted food to and he was still pasty with sweat and blood from the battle. He would have killed for a McDonalds.

“That was two blocks,” Allen asked.


“It’s a yellow house, roses in the yard.”

“Okay, we’re here.” Duo kicked the gate open, sending it crashing off the evidently fragile hinges. The lights were off in the place, like all the others before it and he guessed that meant that Oz had shut off the electric to the town, or that maybe the guy wasn’t home, which would be okay with Duo, really, because if he could just get decent medical supplies, he could do basic first aid, which though, really, he wasn’t good with fixing internal injuries and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about missing eyeballs. Now a broken arm.. that he could set and shit.. especially if the doc had a decent scanner.

“So Father,” Allen said, sinking down to the porch so Duo could knock on the door. “Your voice is very high. Are you female or very young?”

“None your fucking business,” Duo said moving right to the door to knock politely before moving right to trying the knob. It wasn’t locked and he tried to set the little girl down, but she was clinging to him like he was air, and he figured it was her then. He very gently turned the knob, then pulled his pistol.

“Coach, he’s got a gun,” Tran nearly whispered.

“What? Why do you have a gun,” Allen said, sounding confused and lost, not quite sure where to look because looking wasn’t working for him for a while.

“All the better to shoot people with,” Duo said sweetly, which got a laugh from the little girl. He moved to the side and pushed the door open with his foot. When it was all the way open, a shotgun blast ripped through and took out part of the porch railing. Duo flicked on his laser sight with his thumb and put it right about where he thought the shooter’s head ought to be. “We’re coming in. We don’t want to hurt you or steal from you. We need medical attention. I got two wounded children.”

There was a grunt and the sound of a shotgun being set down. Duo pushed the door open again, waited to see if there would be another shot fired, then entered sideways, the girl on the far side, as if that would protect her if some idiot decided to redecorate his lungs for him. He hadn’t lowered  his weapon though and when an doctor who looked like wrinkled up rice paper turned on some kind of lamp running on some kind of fluid in a glass bulb, gave them a good glare, he really just wanted to shot him and take his supplies.

“Who's paying the bills around here,” he asked, eyes moving from a tattered and bruised Duo, who didn’t look anything like a priest or anything else respectable, to a bloody and ruined teacher who was crawling through the door with Tran not far behind him. “You should turn yourselves in at the hospital. Those who aren’t rebels are being evacuated.”

“Is that what they told you,” Duo asked, holstering his gun. “They’re already broadcasting that this town was destroyed by Gundams.”

“Those bastard swine,” Doc Murphy spat. “I hope they catch and kill the lot of them. Criminals.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Duo said, “But right now you’re going to help DiDi here and Coach Allen, and Tran.”

“I have skills. I worked for them. I don’t give them free and I don’t send bills. Do you have a means of payment?”

A flick of silver caught Duo’s eye and  picked up a flat one piece knife from the table, pointed it at the doctor. “Well, how much will it cost you to have your balls and cock reattached after I cut them off?”

“Son. That’s a butter knife.”

Duo grinned, wicked and a little insane. “You think that’s going to make a difference, old man? You need to make sure DiDi is okay because if she dies, I’m gonna do things to you that they can’t fix, no matter how much money you got.”

“You’re a little monster.”

“No. I’m a great big monster. Now fix these people up.”

Next Chapter


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