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Interview: Kracken

Faith In the Moon: Well, to start with the interview! I'm so excited to have the opportunity to interview you! I've loved your work for a long time! You have quite a few books listed on your site (  Do you have a favorite?

Kracken: Tapping Darkness is my favorite so far. I love Ajay's character.
I also love police/detective stories.

FITM: Tell me a little bit about him?

K: He's the lovable big lug, who's so dedicated and focused on his work that he's been a complete failure socially. He never has time for relationships, so it was a long time before he found someone who was interesting enough to capture all of his attention.

FITM: Oh that sounds really interesting!  Is the story set in the contemporary world or is it sci-fi or something else?

K: It's contemporary.

FITM: Awesome! What are you currently working on?

K: I just finished a rather dark romance story called Snow. It's about an undercover snitch who weasels his way into drug/gun cartels until he gathers enough info to take the boss man out. He falls for the son of one of the drug kings, but it's a rather hopeless love story because neither of them are good people.

He should be out next month.

FITM: I love that name! I'm a hopeless guy! I hope they find redemption in each other! So there's a lot of talk these days about being indy or going with a publisher! Which path do you prefer?

K:  I'm looking for a publisher that has a large advertising budget and a good staff that puts out quality books. There are too many publishers that do Kindle books and pod printing without much advertising. Until then I'll keep publishing them myself. I do have professional covers/ a professional editor/ and some advertising know how. I make better money and so far sales have been steady.

FITM: That's fantastic! Your covers are lovely!   When I look for you on Amazon though, I was having a little trouble finding you. Are you on there? What book sites do you sell through and what should we search for to find you?

K: My pen name is Kracken. I am on Kindle and Nook. I have an author page on

FITM: Thank you!  Amazon has its ways, but I hope everyone can find you! So we share a love for Gundam Wing, specifically, Heero and Duo, which a lot of my readers also share. Do you have an opinion on Frozen Teardrop?

K: very confusing and I wasn't amused that they decided to age Duo so much. I think it fits his character though, more so than the others. He mentioned in the series that he wasn't a person to stick around and Hilde lamented that he just forgets about people and relationships and goes Walkabout. I am a die hard 1x2 fan so don't even get me started about Relena.

I think people are right that it should be relegated to bad fanfiction.

FITM: So for writers just getting started or writers who don't know how to keep going, what advice would you give to other writers?

K Never fall in love with your own works so much that you aren't willing to change something that is wrong or doesn't fit the rest of the story. A good editor is worth their weight in gold. Have a quiet place to write and set yourself a goal every day. Writing is a discipline and it's hard not to get discouraged when you are on page thirty and you can see all those blank pages ahead of you that need filling. Get out there and experience life. The more you know the better you will write.

FITM:  I think that's great advice!  Give us an excerpt and a buy link please?

K: an excerpt is available there.  

Ajay is a struggling detective still trying to find his place in the world. When Devon Temple, a handsome model, walks into his life, with an unusual missing person's case for him to solve, Ajay finds that it's not only his business that's taking a sudden turn, but his sexuality as well.

FITM:  Great! I'll include that! Is there anything else you want to let folk know?

Indy writers are often innovative and excellent authors who often have circumstances that don't allow them to sign with regular publishers. The stigma against Indy authors is sometimes deserved, but sometimes not, and people deny themselves the chance to read really great novels by painting all Indy writers with the label unprofessional. Take a chance and support Indy authors.

FITM:  Thank you so much for spending time with us today! I'm honored to get to interview you. Your 1x2 work has always been a light for me!
As an indy writer myself, I sure hope people listen to you! Because they should!


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