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comic: Santa Clarita - Teaching Humility - Cows to Cats

OMG... this took forever! There's at least one type o... ink is unforgiving. I hope you'll forgive me more than it will!


Interview: Kracken

Faith In the Moon: Well, to start with the interview! I'm so excited to have the opportunity to interview you! I've loved your work for a long time! You have quite a few books listed on your site (  Do you have a favorite?

Kracken: Tapping Darkness is my favorite so far. I love Ajay's character. I also love police/detective stories.
FITM: Tell me a little bit about him?
K: He's the lovable big lug, who's so dedicated and focused on his work that he's been a complete failure socially. He never has time for relationships, so it was a long time before he found someone who was interesting enough to capture all of his attention.
FITM: Oh that sounds really interesting!  Is the story set in the contemporary world or is it sci-fi or something else?
K: It's contemporary.
FITM: Awesome! What are you currently working on?
K: I just finished a rather dark romance story called Snow. It's about an undercover snitch who weasels hi…

fic: Santa Clarita- Teaching Humility - Cows to Cats

Santa Clarita - Cows to Cats
by Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

By the time Duo got to the secure to his foster mom’s secure lab door, he was sobbing, head light, panic fighting with the rage, heart racing, and he wanted to beat Wufei’s head with a rock more than he’d ever wanted anything else in his life, at least in that moment, it felt that way. “MARTHA!!!!!!!  NOWWWW!”

Didi bounced into the main living space and straight for Duo, her braids flopping. “Duo! Duo!”

When something grabbed and tugged on his sleeve, his fist doubled up and he was in a whore house on L2, looking up at some guy in the doorway, just as much confusion in his mind then as in the present and the urge to kill a flame of self preservation. That moment in the past was the first time he killed another human being, spilled blood and brain out and loved it.

There was just enough sense in him that instead of recreating that series of punches, he froze. In the very short frozen moment, his mind recognized the…

Atheist Rant: Kill your Son

When I was a kid... I learned the story about how God demanded the sacrifice of Issac... In my trusting child's mind I nodded and felt love towards God when he provided a substitute. 

Now i'm an adult and thinking over that story.. God is a fucking asshole. Not only did he send Abraham's first kid and his poor enslaved mother (That god's answer to slavery and legalized rape for the master's needs was to send the victims out to die ought to have.. you know really clued me in here.) out into the desert to die, but then he told the guy to take his other son up into the hills and kill him.

So let's say God is really a nice guy... wait.. what kind of nice guy wants you to love him so much you'll bring yourself that kind of pain? That you would take the person you love more than life into the hills and kill them with an old fashioned stone knife at that point?

We don't cause pain to those we love.

IF we get off on causing pain to those we love we're either re…

Comic: Santa Clarita - Teaching Humility - Cows

This was all done by hand.. my tablet's too big a pain in the ass. It's so not perfect, but I hope it'll be enjoyable.