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Luck Comic: How was I supposed to know he was really a real cop?

Story: Luck in the Night

Luck in the Night by Julian Maxwell

copyright 2014 all rights reserved

“Good morning, Lucy! How are you feeling today?”  The nurse’s aide asked as she pushed the curtains wide, spilling acidic sunlight over everyone and all over me in particular. “How are we feeling today?”

She was cute really. There were bags under her eyes though so it was either university or a new baby and I hadn’t known her long enough to really feel like asking.

“It’s Luck.”

“Yes, I suppose it is a lucky day, what with the sunshine and all. I’ll be back to get you dressed in just a few minutes, okay, Lucy?”

I have fucking hated people with her level of people skills for about seven decades, but it’s always hard to know just  exactly what the right way to deal with it is. Honestly, it was a lot easier to deal with when I could just walk the hell away. “What’s your name, sweetheart,” I said in my best and sweetest old woman voice, like I just really wanted to be her granny.

“I’m Sabrina! I get to be …

Comic - Frozen Heart - Jealousy

Well... it's better.. it's so not as good as I imagined it though :(
I should have sketched more last night. 
Anyway, it's a scene in a much larger story, the original version of Frozen Heart that I did recently.

It makes me sad that this is as good as it's getting today. I'll work on the story in prose... I'm better in prose. 

comic: chaos vs order

comic: Working Cat

Fic: Frozen Heart 3/3

Frozen Heart 3 by Max
Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

There’s nothing like a bit of high quality oxygen to get a guy’s mind to start working properly.
OH Holy Shit.
I just jumped out of my ship in nothing, but a suit and a hard on for Heero Yuy.
Oh Mary Mother of God.
Yet here I am, just laying on his chest as he somehow does the backstroke (without actually moving) through empty fucking space.  I feel a perfect clarity about it, and I can’t really believe I’m about to die.  I can believe in Heero.
So say yer floating out in space with a limited amount of air and energy - well, yer pretty much dead or so close to it that shit don’t really matter anymore. It’s the ultimate freedom of religion. I can believe in whatever I want.
I can't really  hear Heero's heart beating through an airtight and temp controlled helmet - not to mention that padding his suit must provide - but I can still hear his heart beating. The sound feels warm. I don't know how the beating of his heart feels wa…