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fic: Silent Flowers

Silent Flowers by Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

Notes: Heero POV, Injured Duo, set after the wars by a decade

I loved him then - in the wars. I didn’t know how to label the feeling then. I remember him so vividly from those times.  It was in those moments of falling in love with him that I came to be actually alive. He was so angry then - wild grinning sweetly one moment and acidic death the next.

My god, I was so young and feral like a bit of viciously aimed shrapnel. Before him, I really wasn’t much more than bio-matter shrapnel - then one day he smiled at me - oh my god - that smile. Suddenly violet was my favorite color, when I hadn’t even understood the concept of having a color preference before that moment. My heart beat so quick that a decade later - thinking of that moment and that smile - my heart still beats faster. Maybe love is a little like a virus and with that smile some part of him wrote itself into my being.

I miss his voice when I think about that smile. He us…