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Promo: Hold My Hand

Title: Hold My Hand
Author: Faith Luna
Genre: m/m, sci-fi, romance, serial
Publisher: Juke Pop

Price: Free :)  But it would make me really happy if you’d vote for me!

Blurb:  Until Cross Decker came into his life, Hiroshi knew only war.   Marked from birth as a defender of humanity, he was a captain in the Nightmare Defense. When the strange looking blond conscript joined the base, he had no way to know that his life was never going to be the same.

He had no way to know that love was going to change... absolutely everything.

Love has a way of doing that -
when it’s real.

He would have bet against his being willing to risk his life, his sanity, his very world to save a man he couldn’t explain.

It’s just
love can
do that
to you.


“You know he’s lost,” Commander Farr said without emotion. “We are at war, Captain Honda. How many soldiers have you lost? Captain Decker is not the first, nor will he be the last, to fall to the Dray. All of our lives mean nothing against holding the Dray back. I will never give my approval for a mission to save one life. We don’t recover bodies at this outpost. Doing so only makes more of them.”

“My proposal was a solo mission, Commander,” Hiroshi said, voice cold, the cold of a man who had been military from birth, who had only one thing to lose and that was the one thing that his commander was telling him he’d already lost. “Captain Decker is alive. He’s not a body.”

Farr sighed, leaned back in his chair, fingers templed against each other, dark eyes sizing up his most effective and deadly captain. “I should have transferred one of you before I allowed you to marry.”

“You would have lost us both,” Hiroshi stated, laying his cards on the table. “You support my mission to recover him or you kill me.”

“Do you not value what you do? How many lives do you save when your team defeats a nightmare on ship? You should hope he’s dead, Hiroshi. I can not even imagine what hell being embraced by the Dray would be.  Would you want him to see you after that? A crying wreck of a human being... He won’t remember you. He won’t remember anything.”

Both of their eyes settled on the medallion with a single green light blinking in the center. Cross Decker was alive. Hiroshi reached out to caress the small gun metal monitor. Somewhere deep in the Dray there was another one, one that blinked green for him. The little tokens symbolized their commitment to each other, eternal and without barriers.  The kind of relationship they’d made formal was rare at the outpost staffed by lifers who had been selected and offered by their families at birth and conscripts who wanted only to serve their term and return home.

Cross had come to the outpost as a conscript, but stayed after  his term, accepting a promotion to captain and pursuing the frosty red-headed nightmare captain like he could see some humanity in him that no one else had even looked for. That pursuit had changed Hiroshi’s world. He’d grown up at the outpost, a soldier from birth, an offering from his family, to defeat the Dray, protect their homes.  He’d known his own life was to beat back the Dray’s nightmare creatures, to protect human life. Every look in the mirror, every photo, every time anyone looked at him the violet offering mark on his cheek was there to remind him and everyone else of his purpose. Only his idiot card playing mate ever saw past the priest’s mark.

“I am going after him.”


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