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fic: Santa Clarita: Alien Christmas 2/?

Santa Clarita: Alien Christmas 2 of ? by Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing

The large silver trailer in the driveway had no lights on in it.

Duo banged harder. “God! What are you? Dead? Get up!”

Green eyes opened the slightest sliver. Thoughts of death did go through Trowa’s head. He wasn’t sure he wanted to kill Duo or if he wanted to kill the foster parents who were, obviously, drugging him somehow. That ought to be some kind of child abuse and if Duo was acting like a child, then he could be abused like a child. “We should sue for custody,” Trowa whispered.

“Lawyers already working on it,” Quatre hissed back. “I’m not sure what kind of drugs they’re on, but I want to find out.”


Duo banged again, hard enough to shake the travel trailer, posh or not. “Get up! Come on! I wanna introduce you to Sandy!”

Quatre arched an eyebrow, his stomach churning, head hurting just a bit. Alcohol might be forbidden, but such rules had never controlled him. “Allah save us. What time is it?”


Fic: Santa Clarita: Alien Christmas 1/?

Santa Clarita: An Alien Christmas by Max
Disclaimer: I so didn’t get the rights to Gundam Wing for Christmas, so I still don’t own it.

Mary opened the door to a petite blond and a taller brunet with a smile like he’d been her dearest friend since before she was born.  She’d known for two months that the Winners were coming for Christmas. The adults in the family had agreed to extend the invitation to them. After all, Duo and Heero turned out to be mostly just kids, with some special skill sets and occasionally really difficult world views, but just kids, nonetheless.  The men on the doorstep presently were not children. For one thing, the taller of them was older than the other three and smile like a sweet and harmless old friend, the house AI had already tagged him as a potential threat and fed the data and recommendations to her even as she smiled her own greeting back. “Welcome! Duo’s just finishing his school work for the day and Heero should be in from the barns in a couple of minut…