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fic: Santa Clarita: Conditional Ethics 0/?

Santa Clarita: Conditional Ethics 0
by Pinkwhirlwind aka Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing. Bandai does

Notes: This is set after the Halloween story, but not by much. If this is the first time you’ve read part of this story... It’s set after the wars - All the boys were found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to probation, conditional on high school and reintegration into human society. Quatre and Trowa went back to L4. Wufei went home to rebuilt the Chang. America took Duo and Heero claimed to be American too... Duo was sent to Wyoming and some time after the sentence, Heero has joined him and a rather unusual group home run.

Conditional Ethics Ch. 0 of ?

Heero couldn’t hear the music that Duo danced too. He stood in the doorway to their room, just watching. The tips of Duo’s braid were paler than the roots and sometimes Heero thought the pattern looked a little like fire, the pale blond past burning with an intensity that pretending to be more serious attempted to mute.  In their room, there wasn’t much that was muted about Duo Maxwell.

He’d gained muscle since Heero had joined him, picked up a little color to his skin over the summer, and as he danced, wearing only faded blue jeans and the new headphones Heero had left as a surprise for him, Heero could imagine his lover’s movements somehow translating to rainbow colors of music around him.  Those hips swayed, bare waist smooth and strong bending, chocolate braid a wild metronome, swaying over a scared back, and Heero’s breath sped up as he watched, imagining the blue of the sky around his lover’s head, along with violet from twilight. Strong arms moved through something that looked like belly dancer movements and Heero imagined sunlight flowing and swirling like plasma streams mixing before a cannon blast, but not destructive - Duo’s dance was more like some ancient god, dancing the world into being.
So then there was that ass, tight and firm, and Heero grinned, remembering the feel of that ass in his hands.

He must have made some small sound because Duo turned then, violet eyes looking over his shoulder, and then his being just rippling around to face Heero. Sunlight commanding hands reached out for him and Heero held his breath for a moment as he shut the door and crossed to him. “You like them?”

“Oh fuck me, ‘Ro, these are the best!” Duo pulled one of the very small, nearly invisible wireless earbuds from his own ear and reached out to put it in Heero’s ear. “I’m so glad you’re here!”

“Um,” Heero said, shivering as Duo’s fingers ran over his arms, up over his shoulders.

The music was poppy, but nuanced, in a language that Heero didn’t recognize. He understood Duo’s body against his.  His body moving against Duo’s hips rocking, steps coming easy, bodies pressed together in mangled tango, he understood life as if he were part of the music, as if Duo’s breath had become the only air worth being in.  Duo’s fingers combed into his hair even has his hands grabbed hard ass.

Their heartbeats synchronized, hyper aware and focused. Heero’s lips near Duo’s, their eyes staring into each other’s eyes, bodies still moving with the music they shared as the beat increased, the sound sharper, until the chorus finished and Duo closed the distance between their lips, his tongue reaching out to slide between Heero’s lips. Heero’s head tilted and he pushed back, his tongue took Duo’s mouth, needing to control, to own for a moment, as if he could capture some treasure as wild as a god in the creative process.

Duo groaned, and groaned again as Heero’s hands cupped his ass, lifting him up.

Heero wondered if he’d feel guilt for wanting to fuck Duo, to have for a moment some measure of control and security that one might not have when one was in love with a wild elemental creature - he wondered if his mind hadn’t been altered if he’d feel something other than just desire that he felt. He gently bit Duo’s earlobe as he carried him to their bed. Duo wrapped both legs around him, arms around his neck, holding him with a mirrored desperation.

The next song was softer, slower, almost sad, but Heero mostly felt mission need as if all the blood in his body had rushed to his cock. “I want to fuck you like you’re mine, like you’re all mine,” he growled into Duo’s ear.

“I am yours,” Duo whispered back, “All yours and I want you to fuck me. God, ‘Ro, please, don’t leave me if I’m stupid sometimes.”

Heero laid him down on the bed, kissed his ear, rubbed his cheek to Duo’s, arms around him still. “I will never leave and you are never stupid.”

Duo made a strange sound that was a little positive and a lot sure that sometimes he was pretty stupid. His hands moved between them, opening his pants.  “Just.. I need you.”

“I need you too. I love to watch you dance.” Heero stood up so he could toe out of his shoes, slip his pants and boxers off. “We have to hurry. We promised to take the little kids out to ‘Trick or Treat’ and then I am going to a ritual with Black Cat.”

Duo had rolled over onto his hands and knees and had the head of Heero’s erection half way in his mouth, tongue wet and sliding around it, as he looked, and then pulled back, violet eyes scowling. “What kinda ritual?”

“It’s to prove I have a soul.”

Duo closed one eye, nose wrinkling. “We got all the proof o’that that we need. Of course you got a soul. You weren’t born with machine parts in yer head.”

“You don’t know that,” Heero said, pulling out the lube from the night stand. “I will require your assistance with stitches afterwards. I don’t want to bother Martha with that.”
Duo swirled his tongue around Heero’s cock again, swallowed it into tight heat for a moment, stroking for a few seconds before moving up to his knees so he could look into Heero’s eyes, to judge how serious the plans were. “You don’t want to hear her bitch at you, you mean. You know I’ll take care of it, but honey, you don’t got nothing to worry about. You’re as human as any and more than most.”

“You love me. You’re biased. I need to do this. You can come.”

“I got felonies to commit.”

“You need help?”

“Naw. I’m good. Very minimal risk. Fuck me.” Duo smiled, laying back on their bed, one knee bent.

“Hn.” Heero half snarled. He pushed a slick finger into Duo’s body, easily passing the familiar ring of muscle.  Duo’s whole body softened in response, lips parting and their heartbeats fell back together. Heero’s hand trembled as he pushed dark bangs back from Duo’s face. “I love your eyes.”

“Yeah,” Duo said, lower lip between his teeth, one leg rubbing against Heero’s naked waist. “Promise you’ll never leave me?”

“I swear on the physics of the known universe that I will never leave you,” Heero promised as the head of his slicked cock pushed against Duo’s body, eager to slide into tight heat, like he was coming home. “I will protect and love you with all that I am, human or not.”

Duo wrapped his arms tight around Heero’s neck holding him close as he arched his hips and tried to push Heero deeper into him. “Oh god, pop me.”

Heero reached between them, his hand still slick from applying lube and stroked Duo’s cock, to the same beat as his hips thrust, trying to match time with the just starting song. The dance was still silent between them, sweating and hard, fast as if war were still deciding their schedule, Duo came, Heero followed and both of them thought about not getting back out of bed for the night.

Heero snuggled down, face against Duo’s chest, as Duo rubbed his back, finger combed his hair. “I must have a soul right? I mean.. if anyone has a soul. If I didn’t, I won’t find you as beautiful as I do.”

“Fuck, Heero,” Duo said, rubbing his back soothingly, “I know I oughta, but I don’t really believe in souls. “If anything was gonna make me believe in a soul - it’d be you. Just because you’re not mentally fucked up like the rest of us doesn’t make you broken.”

“Not being like everyone else is kind of the definition, I think,” Heero whispered.

“Oh fuck that shit,” Duo said, curling up so he could kiss the top of Heero’s head. “Then everyone’s broken in someway. There isn’t anything wrong with you. You’re gonna be safe at BC’s right? Nothing really crazy?”

“It’s an old tradition. There have been no recorded fatalities.”

“Hn,” Duo said, rolling his eyes as he consciously mimicked Heero’s noncommittal sound.

“I love you.”

“I love you too. Shower.”


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