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Promo: Hold My Hand

Jukepop took my story! Now... I need to do more with them! And tonight.. I had the best dream of my life!
It's gonna be an amazing day!

fic: Santa Clarita: Conditional Ethics 0/?

Santa Clarita: Conditional Ethics 0 by Pinkwhirlwind aka Max

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gundam Wing. Bandai does
Notes: This is set after the Halloween story, but not by much. If this is the first time you’ve read part of this story... It’s set after the wars - All the boys were found guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced to probation, conditional on high school and reintegration into human society. Quatre and Trowa went back to L4. Wufei went home to rebuilt the Chang. America took Duo and Heero claimed to be American too... Duo was sent to Wyoming and some time after the sentence, Heero has joined him and a rather unusual group home run.

Link to previous bit of story:

Link to bit of comic that comes after:
Conditional Ethics Ch. 0 of ?

Heero couldn’t hear the music that Duo danced too. He stood in the doorway to their …

Pic: Where you are.. there is love

Doujin: Santa Clarita: Conditional Ethics 1

This is set after the Halloween story start where Duo found the cats.
Some of it was colored with copics and some of it was done all digital.  Max

A flower from my garden

Introducing: Robin of Locksley from Making Merry


My name is Addison. I'm the sheriff of Nottingham.  *Evil grin*  Today it is my pleasure to interrogate my lovely prisoner... Robin.

Robin: *lifts his chin defiantly*  "Sod off!"

Addison: "Now is that anyway to talk to the man who will be having you beheaded for the benefit of the crown?"

Robin: *rolls his eyes* "As if."

Addison: "So... in the mean time, let us answer some questions for the court who will pass judgment on you! In your shifted form, have you ever gotten flees?"

Robin: *Eyes huge and wide, looking around the cell he's contained in for any way to escape* "Are you kidding me? How is that even remotely relevant to my activities?"

Addison: *shrugs* "Just answer the question."

Robin: "I never!"

Addison: *snickers*  "What do you fear the most?"

Robin: *Wrinkles his nose* "Making Merry angry. Same as you."

Addison: *shrugs* "A wise man knows his limits. What do you sleep…

Personal: Today

I have so much to get done this weekend!

I'm going to go get my walking in. This will be the 5th day I met my goal of 1300 points.. about two hours of walking or 45 min of running. I can't run yet.. I mean.. I can.. but it kills my knees to death. 
I'm going to write like a fiend today! New story.. not sure what story I'm working on, but I'm going to make great progress! 
I'm also going to clean my room.  The allergies have been intense for a while and I'm going to get rid of all the clutter and dust accumulation... I'm going to throw a way a lot of stuff I don't use anymore. This place will be smooth! 
I think some of the holding onto this stuff is about wanting to hold onto when my kids were little... feeling like I didn't get quite the outcome I wanted.
Life isn't like one of my stories. I can't just keep rewriting things until the ending feels right.

There are a lot of things that can be fixed and changed and moved forward.. but they&…

Promo: Making Merry

Title: Making Merry Author: Nix Winter Genre: yaoi, but it’s not an erotica, per say.. it’s a love story. Rating: PG 13 Buy Link:
A comic with the characters:
Note: OH my goodness! This book has been a long time coming! I started this book when I started transition therapy. That’s been almost two years ago and I haven’t released a book I was really confident in between then and now. The thoughts around that whole process could be a book of their own!

Still today.. I want to share this story with you. It’s not completely perfect. There’s more to the story. The story didn’t go exactly as I wanted it to. Someone once compared my work to wabi sabi. That really resonated with me... not the transience, because I’m not really into that.. but imperfection.  Longing for perfection can lead to silence and fear.

Making Merry is an important story for me…

Being Max

Today is going to be amazing.
My Medifast is supposed to be on the truck for delivery. It should be here soon. I found a really old pic of me.. I’d already lost twenty pounds by the time that photo was taken. I had literally nearly eaten myself to death.
The last time I’d been at a healthy weight before that I was in Montana... my kids were still kids, not teenagers - though that part of our lives were getting started - and that’s a whole book, not even just another blog post. I was 150, doing Body for Life, my hair buz cut... I hadn’t really come to an understanding of who I was yet.

When I was really little, my life had, like all lives, some really ugly things and some really lovely things. The ugly in my early life is probably on the outter edge of reality for most folk in the US or Europe. My granddaddy was a very bad man. His wife was an icon for sins by looking the other way and my mom was paranoid schizophrenic with homicidal tendencies. My probable biological father must have b…

comic: Donuts Heero and Duo

:) This is what I drew today.  I'm not sure the scanner did it justice.. but maybe it hid some flaws too... better art.. I want to draw better art.   d

fic: Judas meets Jesus


Judas shaved another thin layer from the plank he worked, slowly shaping the wood to his will.  Shaping wood had been his father’s trade, his father’s father’s trade. His hands were smaller, but he could see his father’s hands sometimes as he did the same tasks, motions he’d watched as a child. The curve emerged slowly, patiently, as he worked through the morning, pulling the back of the new chair from nothingness into being. Just a chair, just wood, but it pressed itself into the world like a baby being born. He ran a rough thumb over the smoothed curve and smiled. He could hear his father’s voice in his head and imagine the praise was for him.
“Oyi, Judas,” Martha said as she carried his lunch into his workshop. “There’s a man asking about some woman from your town. I saw him in the market, but I didn’t have time to talk to him. I’m sure someone will tell him you’re here. You don’t know anything about a woman who ran away from a marriage, do you?”

Judas gave all his attention t…